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10 Samurai Anime with Best Visuals

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It’s hard to pick the best samurai anime on the basis of the storyline. Each of them comes with their own style of comedy and action that’s hard to find in another similar anime. However, we can categorize them on the basis of their visuals. From the origin of anime, the visuals have been drastically transformed such that more than half the number of times it's the visuals that affect the anime rating. Considering the action anime, in particular, it’s tougher to come up with the stunning aesthetics. Taking in all the factors, here is the list of ten samurai anime with amazing visuals that you can’t deny.

10. Oda Nobuna no Yabō (The Ambition of Nobuna Oda)

Yoshiharu Sagara, a high school student, suddenly finds himself in the middle of a battle during the Sengoku period. Giving his own life, the legendary warrior Hideyoshi Toyotomi saves Yoshiharu. While taking his last breath, he asks Yoshiharu to replace him as the feudal lord.

The course of history changes, though he vows to prevent the timelines from deviating any further. When he rescues the general, he learns that the general is actually Nobuna Oda’s female counterpart. He soon realizes that he has been transported to the alternate universe where the historical Japanese warlords are now the cute young girls.

To preserve the history and go back home, Yoshiharu agrees to become a part of Nobuna’s troops. As the campaign begins, Yoshiharu figures out the similarity between the war and the video game “Nobunaga’s Ambition” that he used to play.

Using his gaming skills, he predicts the future events and thus, helps Oda clan’s beautiful generals achieve their dreams. Also, winning women’s hearts everywhere.

9. Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox (Battle Girls: Time Paradox)

Yoshino Hide, better known as Hideyoshi, is an average blonde girl. She is tied up with troubles, wherever she goes, it follows on its own.

One day, she visits a local temple to pray for her upcoming test. Clearly, another horrifying test waits for her within the place. As she enters the shrine, she notices a bright blue light from within the Shrine, which is a magic spell performed by a mysterious person (Date-sensei, Yoshino’s teacher).

Unaware of her steps, she trips on a small bell and crashes directly into the shrine. The stranger instantly takes hold of her causing the magic spell to disperse.

The uncontrollable magic spell takes an unexpected turn and sends Yoshino in the past during the time of the Sengoku Era.

She meets Akechi Mitsuhide, who looks like her school friend and Oda Nobunaga, an aggressive red-haired woman. But unlike the legendary history, Yoshino discovers that everyone in this era is female. Unable to go back home, she agrees with Nobunaga to help her locate the Crimson Armor. The armor is said to be powerful enough to let its wearer conquer the whole of Japan.

8. Hyakka Ryōran: Samurai Girls

Great Japan is known for its exemplary beauty and prosperous citizens. Due to which, it is the envy of all the countries. Japan’s only defense is the mysterious guardians called the Master Samurai.

Muneakira Yagyuu, a young samurai, arrives at the Buou Academic School on the behalf of the student council. The school is run by Tokugawa Shogunate. It is dedicated to teaching children about the aristocratic education needed to run the country.

On his arrival, Muneakira unwillingly becomes a part of a terrible altercation. Amidst that, a white light disperses in the sky and a mystical girl called Jubei Yagyuu comes down and kisses Muneakira. Through which, she activates a mysterious power to protect them both.

This incident makes him question her identity and her sudden appearance from the sky. He lands up in an entangled fate of his country and a tragedy that is about to befall.

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7. Hakuouki

Chizuru Yukimura is traveling to Kyoto to search for her missing father. Meanwhile, she gets attacked by a group of madmen. Before they could do any harm, they are stopped by the members of the Shinsengumi. Despite Chizuru being innocent, Shinsengumi members take her into custody for inquiry.

They discover that Chizuru’s father is a doctor who is known to create the Water of Life elixir. They decide to keep her safe since they, too, are looking for the same man. The Water of Life elixir is said to make its user invincible and turn them, into bloodthirsty berserkers called Rasetsu.

As Chizuru starts to learn more about Shinsengumi, she develops bonds with each one of them, especially with the vice-commander Toshizo Hijikata (becoming his lover later in the story). Things soon turn sour when they come across Oni (Demons).

Later, it is revealed that Chizuru is also a pure-blooded Oni, who can heal anyone with her blood. She also has a strong sixth-sense. Moreover, his father’s reason for developing the elixir is to create Rasetsu in order to destroy the human race.

6. Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)

Hitokiri Battousai was a legendary assassin who lived during the last years of the Bakumatsu era. Labeled as a merciless killer, no one dared to match him. He mysteriously departed when the Japanese Revolution was at its peak. It’s been ten years now, people are living a peaceful life, still, whenever someone mentions his name, terror runs through the veins of war veterans.

Unknown to all, Battousai now lives a life of wandering swordsman as Kenshin Himura. He is remorseful for his past sins and bloodstained lifestyle. As Kenshin, he has dedicated his life to protect the weak.

One day he confronts Kamiya Kaoru at her place terrorized by a fraudster claiming to be Battousai. Kenshin interferes and saves Kaoru. In return, she allows him to stay at her place.

For more than a decade, Kenshin has successfully lived the ideal life of a protector. However, no one knows if this peaceful wandering life will continue when he will face enemies from the past as well as the present.

5. Gintama

Aliens from outer space called Amanto have disturbed the peace on Earth and have taken control over Japan. Under their reign, several rules are forcefully established such as a ban on swords from carrying in public. As a result, no respect for the Japanese samurai.

But as it is said, exceptions are always there. There’s one man named Gintoki Sakata, who still prides himself on living the life of a samurai. However, it’s tough to realize it due to his immense love for sweets and work as a freelancer.

Despite being a samurai, he’s known to do odd jobs accompanied by like-minded people such as Shinpachi Shimura, a boy who wears spectacles and carries a strong heart, Kagura, who never leaves her umbrella behind and Sadahary, an oversized dog.

Their odd jobs are never simple, though, as they always fall in conflict with police, rebels, assassins. Most of the time the situations are humorous but always come with unfortunate outcomes.

4. Samurai 7

The setting is in a distant future. There’s a war between samurai who have automated their bodies happening on a plant similar to the Earth. After the merciless war, people now live an average life.

They are starving and live an abducted life at the mercy of fearsome bandits called Nobuseri. Overwhelmed by the torture, the farmers of Kanna village make a bold choice to hire a samurai for their protection.

Three villagers Kirara, Komachi, and Rikichi embark on a journey to find a samurai who would willingly help them. However, the only thing they can offer in return is meager harvests.

With several near-death experiences and a tiny bit of luck, they manage to hire seven samurai with unique specialties. They now prepare themselves for the battle against the bandits and their masters.

3. Mushibugyo

The story is set in Feudal Japan during the Edo period. The inhabitants are surrounded by giant insects who are destroying the land. To solve the problem, the government establishes the Insect Magistrate Office. All the powerful warriors are assembled to defend against the rage of pests.

The anime describes the life of a young man named Jinbee Tsukishima, who yearns to become a master swordsman just like his father. To amend for an unforgettable tragedy that happened due to him, he wants to work in his father’s place as a warrior of the Insect Magistrate office.

During his mission, he meets his love interest Haru. She is a young lady who helps in her family business of running a teahouse. Jinbee works hard to save her from a grim fate. His act of bravery helps him earn a place in the Insect Magistrate. Though, he is a good swordsman but is he powerful enough to stop the horde of insects from swarming in?

2. Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

After his father’s death, Tanjirou Kamado, who is just 13 years old, assumes the position of the family head. He supports his family in every way possible. They live an impoverished life on a remote mountain, yet as a family, they live a peaceful and happy life.

To ensure their sustenance, Tanjirou decides to go to the local village to earn some money by selling charcoal. It takes him a full day to complete his errand. Thus at night, he is forced to take shelter in an unknown man’s home. He warns Tanjirou about the flesh-eating demons that linger at night to hunt for humans.

The next day, Tanjirou goes back to his home. Baffled by the silence, he comes across a terrifying sight, he discovers his whole family has been slaughtered. The sole survivor is his sister, Nezuko, who is transformed into a bloodthirsty demon.

Filled with rage and detest, he vows to take revenge for his family and protects his younger sister at all costs. He runs away from the remote mountain to find another dwelling place. He is confronted by a demon slayer who helps him join the Demon Slayer Corps.

No working as a demon slayer, he will do whatever it takes to wipe out the demon race and preserve his sister’s humanity.

1. Brave 10

Isanami is a young priestess of Izumo. She is forced to flee away after witnessing her temple burnt to ashes by the group of ninja, also killing the people within. By fate, she meets a masterless ninja, Saizou Kirigakure, from the Iga school.

They both travel to the Ueda Castle to take help from the feudal lord, Yukimura Sanada. They, then, embark on a journey to find ten brave warriors who are willing to serve under Yukimura’s name.

They have to travel long distances, go through sleepless days and nights, and at the same time, have to fight the dark power chasing them.

Amidst this chaos, Isnanmi discovers the mysterious and destructive power concealed within herself. Her powers are so dark and godly that it gave her the title of the Goddess of murder and slaughter.

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