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10 Rules for a Great Asian Love Story Movie

A scene from the movie, A Moment to Remember, a must see Asian Love Story movie. It's a story of how a young couple fights for their love in the face of a disease that will make one of them forget the other.

A scene from the movie, A Moment to Remember, a must see Asian Love Story movie. It's a story of how a young couple fights for their love in the face of a disease that will make one of them forget the other.

You have to admit, when it comes to horror and love stories, Asian love story movies take the cake. However, there is a formula for it. If you want to create a write a story as legendary as the Asians, take the tips below.

Bad Guys is one of the most brilliantly written TV drama to have ever come out of Korea.

Remember, not all movies apply these but most of the “good ones” do.

#1. The guy has to be damaged

Extremely damaged. He needs to have issues that are too deep and too complicated and too messed up for anyone to really understand. It doesn’t matter if he brought it upon himself or he was a victim of circumstances, as long as he is damaged.

Why: It’s one way for the women to fall in love with him, wake up their nurturing motherly side.

There is this one movie where the guy was a fireman. His wife asked him to come home because he wasn’t feeling well but he couldn’t because they were rescuing several people. Apparently, his wife called for an ambulance and no one came because all of them were in this other accident scene where the guy was. The wife died.

There is another film where the guy thought his girlfriend was cheating and asked her to go with this guy he thought he was cheating with. The other guy drove off with the girl and they got into an accident that killed the girl.

There is another one where the mother of the guy told him she had him to blackmail her then boyfriend and now sells sex for a living. Stuff like that.

Note: There are some Great Asian Love Story movies when it’s the girl that is damaged but that’s rare.

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#2. The girl’s love has to be unconditional

The girl’s love should always be greater and more profound. She needs to understand the hang ups of the guy and would just continue to give love even if he rejects her and her love. She also needs to love him the right way. She should not suffocate him and insist on being with him. She just needs to offer her time, her ear and whatever else she can offer whenever he needs company and help.

Why? This is meant to make others to aspire to feel that kind of pure love or receive it.

In fact, she should understand his feelings and situation more than he does.

In one movie, it was the girl who asked the ex-girlfriend to just try to forget the past and to get the guy back because it’s the only way for the two of them to know whether they are meant to be together.

#3. The guy has to leave her as a sacrifice

When they do finally get together, he needs to leave her because it’s the best thing for her… at least in his point of view. As much as possible, the girl shouldn’t have any idea why he left.

Why? An Asian Love Story should make women swoon and aspire to receive that kind of love from another guy.

In one movie, the guy left because he had a debilitating condition that will eventually make him lose control over his muscles. He didn’t want the girl to suffer with him.

In another movie, the guy left because he needed to take care of his bedridden brother 24/7.

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#4. There should be another guy willing to make the girl forget

The girl should have an equivalent, someone willing to give her the kind of love she is giving to the guy. Sometimes, it’s her bestfriend or the guy’s bestfriend or someone else. It doesn’t matter but it’s better if it is a character connected to the two.

Just don’t explore the character of this guy too much or you might have more sympathy for him than the lead guy.

Why? Asian Love Story should cover all bases. There are some who would hate the girl because they will be possessive of the guy and others will hate the guy for doing it to the girl. Having another guy would balance things out.

In one movie, this other guy actually help the two to connect when the two couldn’t get their bazingga together even though it is hurting him. When the lead guy left the girl, he told the lead guy he will give him a year or to two get his bazingga together and he won’t make a move on the girl.

In another movie, the other guy took the lead guy’s place in order for him to go back to the girl.

#5. The girl has to wait

When the guy leaves, the girl has to wait… no matter how long. She has to wait without question and condition. She has to wait even when he shows no sign of ever going back. She just waits and she needs to contain her sadness and continue living her life even with very little happiness.

Why? To prove that her love is true. It’s a must in an Asian Love Story.

In one movie, the guy just disappeared for 5 years and she waited with no question. In another movie, the girl didn’t just wait, she also took care of the people he left behind for him.

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#6. The girl has to be “bright”

The guy is already angsty so the girl has to be “bright” and perky. She needs to be childlike and always seeing the positive side in everything.

Why? Because it gets sympathy for the girl. Seeing her so hopeful would want others

She needs to be the one that brings smile to his face and do things that bring out the softer side. When he is down and angry, she should be able to do and say things that will make him feel better. Sometimes, she is clumsy so that he can always “rescue” her and scattered so that he feels needed.

In an Asian Love Story, the girl is always dropping things she carries and the guy ends up picking it up for her. In another movie, she was a light designer. That’s taking “bright” in a literal and figurative level.

#7. The guy has to be a loner or with very few friends

He has to be angsty, mysterious and a loner. No one seems to be able to reach out to him no matter how hard other tries. The thing is that he chooses to be that way. He has very few people around him and even those that are close to him don’t know him completely. He should rarely smile and rarely talk and a little bit of an asshole. He can be rude to other people and shouldn’t care about what other people think of him.

He should start being rude to the girl too but also does things that are sweet so that the girl will continue falling in love with him.

Why? Because it will be used in a montage, how they fell in love and what made him like her when they separate. That’s a standard in an Asian Love Story.

#8. The girl confesses first

Yes, it is more effective when the girl confesses first and he rejects her.

In one movie, the girl told the guy she is falling in love with him right at that moment when he was talking about his ex-girlfriend. In another movie, she told him she is in love with him while he was yelling at her because he was so irritated with her. In another movie, she told him she was in love with him just as when she revealed her real face to him that turned him off.

Why? Because it’s cute for the girl to have the guts to spill her feelings for the guy.

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#9. The girl will allow herself to be in a relationship with the guy even when he is not over his hang up

The girl should accept that when she fell in love with him, she also had to “love” his hang up. At some point, she will let him use her to forget his hang up. Totally effed up, right? That’s the sacrifice people makes for true love apparently.

Why? It’s another demonstration of her love for him.

In one movie, the girl let the guy talk with her addressing her as his ex-wife. In another movie, she helps him preserve her memories and did so until it was him who put them all away.

#10. The girl’s family and background should be loosely narrated so that her world revolves around the guy

Don’t explore the girl’s past and family life too much. The center of her world should be the guy. In one movie, I never saw the girl’s family. Her parents were never shown nor talked about. Her house was shown but not her parents.

In another movie, the parents appeared in the beginning for like 2 seconds and then disappeared forever.

Why? This is to make the guy the center of her universe. He is her only occupation.

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