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10 Things Foreigners Believe About Rich Americans (+Donald Trump)

Krzysztof is a lifelong future tech junkie investigating the latest stories from companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, and Amazon.

1. Republicans Are Like Donald Trump

Billionaire Donald Trump doesn't represent all republicans!

However people like him have fueled the idea that if you're a United States republican, then you have a lot of money.

  • Your political party affiliation does not indicate how rich or poor you are.

If this American stereotype was true, then we would never need to have an election because only the red states would win due to a lack of funds from the other party.

The wealthy are perhaps drawn towards the Republican party because they're business oriented versus democrats, but this doesn't apply to everyone.

Keep the politics away from your bank account.

2. Wealthy Americans Are Money Hungry

Oh that's right once you're rich, the only thing you care about is getting more rich.

Nobody and nothing else matters as long as the cash flows like a violent river. At least that's the assumption among us mere "commoners".

I understand why people feel this way considering the aggregate of news stories about fraud, insider trading, tax evasion, embezzlement, and other various forms of white collar crime, but it's mostly media driven.

Of course the same can be said for other forms of criminal activity we see by people of all economic classes. Criminals are not bound by their party, and to be fair, I highly doubt they even care.

It's unfair to categorize wealthy Americans as being selfish especially since the richest donate the most money and do it frequently.

3. They're Narcissists

Even worse than being selfish is that some believe rich people only care about themselves (or are in love with themselves).

While it may apply to some, every person has a different personality, hidden layers, and experience various trajectories throughout their lives.

  • If all wealthy people were narcissists, then why would charities, charity events, and donations even exist.

I know it might seem crazy to think that celebrities, CEO's, and athletes care about regular people but believe it or not, some really do.

I bet most of us wouldn't even give a crap about a lot of these charities and organizations had our favorite celebrities not been involved or discussed about it.

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I also realize that not everyone is genuine because some rich people who are involved in charity events are either attention seekers or do them as a form of damage control for their careers or personal lives.

4. Their Wealth Is Inherited

There's more than one way to become rich and/or famous, but many countries believe wealthy Americans inherited their money from parents or grandparents.

While this may be true for some, a ton of successful people today had to start from the bottom.

People refuse to believe that a person might have had an ingenious idea or worked hard to get to where they are today.

  • They assume wealth inheritance because of the mass income disparity felt by the lower and middle class.

Well guess what?

Even wealthy people had to work hard in the beginning, but they became successful because they didn't settle and went above and beyond the routine.

They turned thoughts and dreams into reality while we refused to step out of our safety zone due to the terrifying prospects of failure.

For most If you don't take risks, then don't expect to escape society's mundane, routine lifestyle.

5. Lying Politicians

Why listen to an opulent politician right? They can't mean what they say.

They're only playing a character and they're nothing but disingenuous, fake people preying on the poor.

That's a common worldview of American citizens who make a lot of money and sometimes this assumption is correct, but often they'll perceive it to be correct.

Others also adamantly forget that people of lesser status can be just as fake, if not more fake than the rich.

It comes down to the individual.

Not all affluent politicians are evil and fake and not all lower/middle class people are angels, so this jealousy needs to stop.

6. Immune to Criminal Justice System

This stereotype applies to police/criminal activity but also towards trivial actions like disrespecting someone/something of importance.

Again if wealthy people could get away from everything, then we would never see them go to jail, pay massive fines, go to rehab, or go bankrupt.

  • They're not immune to the criminal justice system despite beliefs that they are.

I can't speak for everyone because there have been instances of celebrities getting off easier than the average Joe, but that has happened to lower class citizens too.

I've seen "ordinary" people get away with a lot because of a friend/familial connection, bribes, and blackmail so these loopholes aren't entirely exclusive.

Rich people may get more access to things we wouldn't, but that doesn't mean they get away with unlawful actions.

7. Spoiled Rotten

When I say get everything they want, I'm talking about non-monetary gains.

I realize that the richest or the rich could nearly purchase everything, but I don't think they could write a check to buy the "Statue of Liberty".

  • There are limitations to what they can/can't purchase or access.

Some events or historic buildings are off limits to even the wealthiest celebrities, and there's no amount of money they can give to gain entrance (a relief for many countries).

Likewise they can't gain the impossible such as the cure to cancer or aging no matter how much money they throw. On the other hand, they could donate money to find a cure for the greater good.

It's true what they say that money doesn't buy everything (or happiness), and it definitely can't buy them a quality relationship (gold diggers).

8. Bad Attitude Towards Lower Class

This stereotype portrays wealthy American celebrities as human monsters who stomp on other countries' fans.

I feel people who think this way have had a bad celebrity experience where the famous person either refused to sign an autograph, take or picture, or even ignored them.

These minor incidents pertaining to a person of higher status shouldn't apply to everyone, and even then the incident/s itself might not have been what was perceived.

However there are definitely people of high class who do act superior or better than everyone.

For females, (and some males) the term "diva" could be allocated to those individuals.

Still not everyone of status, celebrity, or power is like this, and these generalizations showcase a poor, static thought process.

9. Political Instability

You may think people of class and power are a bunch of cheating, horrible, scandalous human beings...

And you'd be correct...

However there are some who live happy, quiet lives with their families (shocking).

  • You'll never hear about peaceful, upscale families because the media (and us) prefer dramatic stories.

So when you see a few scandalous tales, then you may believe it pertains to everyone in that position.

Sorry to disappoint you but no, not every rich wife or husband cheats on their spouse, not every marriage ends in divorce, and they don't all get involved in political or social scandals.

The ones that do, however, draw mass headlines that get stored in the archives.

After all the world will never forget the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal will they?

10. Gifted and Talented


People actually believe the prosperous are talented and highly intelligent. Well they got rich somehow, so they must be smart, creative geniuses right?

Not necessarily...

This stereotype is different from others because it paints a "positive" image of wealthy folk, but that doesn't make it correct.

  • This is where inheritance, famous for being famous, and other no talent tactics come into play.

How could some of those reality stars become rich and famous? How could terrible actors and sketchy politicians become millionaires?

Corruption, criminal activity, misguided or inexplicable fame and fortune (lottery win) have molded some of the wealthiest people we know.

In other words, these are the kinds of rich people that deserve the hate and the type of rich Americans most countries believe to be true.

Negative Stereotypes

With this list it's clear that stereotypes, bad or good, are character killers.

How much money you make shouldn't determine your personality, political affiliation, or other aspects noted above.

The high, middle, and low classes are not as different as we perceive them to be though I understand where the hate comes from.

We all have a responsibility to be good people and it's our character and actions that determine who we are and who we'll become.

The United States shouldn't be judged so harshly and not all rich people stereotypes about them are true, so other countries need to understand that not all wealthy Americans are all like Donald Trump.

Your Thoughts!

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