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Kanye West Knows What He’s Doing

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy. I write about anything I put my mind to.

Kanye West

Kanye West was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. He moved to Atlanta in pursuit of a rap career. Things were hard as he pursued it. He spent late nights in the studio and more. One night while coming from a session, he was in an accident that nearly killed him. He was stable. His mouth had to be stitched shut. Instead of making that an excuse, he used it. He recorded a song with his mouth wired shut and called it "Through the Wire." Now, he's a billionaire. One that many thinks has an issue. In this article, ten things will reveal he is a genius. Many just misunderstand the guy. There is no reason to believe he doesn't know what he’s doing.


10. Through The Wire

This is the same guy that recorded a song and called it "Through the wire." Currently, it is one of the best songs in history. He mumbled through his pain and became a success. The guy is a genius. He took the pain and used it for gain. Why think something is wrong with this guy? He rose above adversity just like R.Kelly and many more from his city. Many in the industry. Anyone that could pull that off and make it sound great is close to superb. It's sad things like this remain distant. It's also sad when a black male or woman sees the truth. Most of the haters are your very own kind.

9. Mistreat By His Own

Kanye reported numerous times about this. Those that did it weren't the white man but his kind. He wasn't even given an easy shot for Rocafella records. Damon Dash decided to give him a chance. Dash did not regret his decision. Now he's one of the most successful artist ever. Things were great when he did for the black culture. Soon as he supposedly stopped, it wasn't. It's not too much of the whites but his people. Nobody hates on their own better than black people. Whites don't do these things.

8. Unique Strategist

Anyone that could take old music and turn them into samples deserves respect. Being a great producer isn't all. He's a great businessman. Of course, he's made mistakes. Most did in the past and the present. Like them, he doesn't stop. He is in charge of a few ventures of his own. One of his clothing lines he put in stores. His idea was quite unusual. He took the clothes from a clothing line in the store in large bags. The employees from the store hung all the clothes up. Instead of being happy, he was angry. Everyone wanted an explanation from West. In the end, many figured it out. He wanted the rich to get a feel of what it feels like digging in a bag. That was of his many Unique Strategies. It separates him from the other major brands.

7. Unpredictable

Kanye is an innovator. He's not afraid to try new things. If they fail, it's something else. He backed away from the stores. The billionaire went to re-ignite what seemed to have died down. It was his trump supporting antics. In my opinion, they aren't antics. Trump does have black supporters. Author Candace Owens made it no better. Both of them blew up the internet wearing white lives matter shirts. That is one of the many things up next. On his clothing line, he'd have white lives matter sweaters. That sparked controversy within the black community. Despite it, it was a great idea. Kanye is so innovative he's unpredictable.

6. Unbias

Over his career, he has proven to be unbiased. He's not one of the ones to just do things to please the black. In my opinion, I doubt any black celebs do. Many say a little of what is wanted. The truth is all work with one another. That's how it shall be. He is not one of those celebrities. Kanye lets them know he's a trump supporter and much more. As a businessman he cannot be biased. The black community will not damage the billions he fought to get.

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5. The Bright Light

Chicago was already known for its soul. Artists like Robert Kelly, and Donnel Jones are from there. They're known for their Rhythm and Blues. They're known for their soul too. The hip-hop talent, not so much. There are no major labels there. Artists like Da Brat, Common, or Twista are from there. The artists often branch out. It was a longshot but, but Kanye wanted that changed. He was a bright light around the city. West rapped and produced. Currently, he's still that light. He played a significant role in putting Chicago on the hip-hop map. He's shining even brighter now. The darkness around him has increased also.

4. Hurt Feelings

Some maybe ask "What do you mean by Darkness?" I guess that's because he's rich with beautiful kids. They figure he has nothing to worry about when he does. There was a song called "Mo Money more problems" back in the day. Kanye is experiencing that right now. He has to tell the media to back off from his kids. He has to walk outdoors with a mask. Many walked right by him in Atlanta, GA. He was at a tennis match in midtown. It's a waste of time trying to figure out why. There is always an understandable reason. Many know who he is. Despite it, they are still taking his actions out of context. In addition, they take his words and defame who he is. That's the darkness that's around him more than anything. As a response, he's acting out. Wealth doesn't hide hurt feelings. It never has.

3. He's Relentless

Kanye did an interview saying he would ask GOD why'd he allow it. All of those people that call him crazy were out of line. For his Chicago brother R. Kelly, it's no different. He and Kelly pleaded on Live TV in tears. More black women were on that surviving R.Kelly show than whites. Now that he's in jail, you hear nothing about them. For him, it was more of his own calling him crazy when he ran for president. He wasn't going to win anyway. That just shouldn't have happened. He was hurt deeply. Those hurting him were too. Sadly, they don't know why they are hurting. Despite the pain, he remained relentless.

2. Changing the Narrative

Kanye is not the only black man to wear that. Numerous blacks have worn a white lives matter shirt. He's just the biggest one. I stood on the streets of Atlanta with a sign saying it. I went live on Facebook doing it too. I almost got into an altercation with a black man that saw me. I'm almost sure that he maybe thinks a lot told in our history books is a lie. His comments prove it. It wasn't all on them slave owners. We talk back too much now and during the time. Organizations like Black Lives Matter is making it no better. Kanye is using his platform to try to change the narrative.

1. We Aren't Entitled

Do you see a white lives matter organization? Do you see whites with a history month? Do you see whites putting white-owned on their business? Do we call whites European Americans like they do calling us African? No, we do not. If we could call them white, they could call us black. We blacks have too much. Sadly, many of us are too ungrateful to realize it. Many are still not satisfied. If Kanye could fight to be wealthy, we could too. It's enough proof out there that we can. We have much more privilege than we think. Kanye just wants to show you we do. We aren't entitled to anything.


Black Privilege

In previous articles, I have spoken of our black privilege. Millionaire athletes, award-winning actors, actresses, and musicians define it well. We have our own. Even those that could get away with slandering their kind. I'm talking about the rappers. I'm talking about those killing their own. I'm talking about those calling one another coons. It used to be the Klu Klux Klan against us. Today, it's us. We mistreat each other daily. We also get away with it. Kanye is just another mistreated by his kind. It's nothing wrong with him. Him losing deals and athletes is all about of his growth.

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