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10 Reasons Ohno is the Perfect Leader for Arashi


Satoshi Ohno. The reluctant leader.

He became the leader of Arashi after winning in a rock papers scissors battle. He didn't want to be one but inadvertently became one. Despite his doubts, he managed to gain the respect of each member by proving that his unauthoritarian approach to leadership is the kind of leadership Arashi needs.

Below are some of his characteristics that allows him to lead five talented and domineering men.

#1- The group needs him more than he needs the group


Ohno Quotes:

The times I’ve spent with Arashi are very important. I treasure it. We get really precious memories in every concert. In the “Here We Go” concert, we had one night where we talked till dawn. I came to get to know the members deeper. I understood their thoughts. I understood what each of us want to pursue and it allowed us to plan what we want to do with Arashi. After that, I felt “from now till forever we have to do this together, the five of us”. Knowing that everyone treasures Arashi, I am really happy.

Fans know Ohno is a loner. Outside of activities, he does his own thing. He is a painter and loves other activities that requires serenity. He shuns the limelight and even when with the group, he doesn't mind not being noticed.

He doesn't need the group but happy and willing to be a part of it. He is looking forward to when the group breaks up but he is will hold on for as long as he can. He accepts that other members shine more than he does at times and he is fine with it.

He is okay to be alone but his members aren't okay with him.

#2- Ohno accepts each member for who they are


Ohno Quotes:

To my members, Am I alright the way I am? If you have something you want to tell me, please say it. If you want me to fix something, please let me know. I will do my best!
Also, I’ll treat you guys one day. Someday.

He doesn't get frustrated and gets along with everyone because he accepts each members' good side as much as he does the bad side. He does not seek to change people.

He welcomes everyone for who they are and that's why people feel comfortable around him. He doesn't criticize people, he accepts them.

He tries to fill in for the shortcomings of other members if he can but he does not complain about others' mistakes.

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#3- He accepts the fact that they will break up


Ohno Quotes:

During happy days, during tough days, we always try to understand each other. the 5 of us gathered by chance, but I think it’s actually fate. And I am very grateful to the fate that has brought us together.

He is actually looking forward to it because he knows each member will explore new things as a soloist.

He recognizes that they cannot be Arashi forever and he also recognizes that other members can become more if they have the freedom and time to devote to their solo careers.

He loves Arashi but respects the fact that each member has more to offer.

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#4- Ohno is satisfied with who he is and what he has


Ohno Quotes:

You know, it’s really reassuring, when Nino is with me.

He never thought he will become this successful and will be given the opportunities to pursue the things he love. He is happy where he is and does not ask for more. He doesn't feel the need to hog the screentime and willingly gives it to other members.

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#5 - True talent


Ohno Quotes:

Through our hard work, we want to be the pillar of support for people who have lost their self confidence or have low self-esteem of themselves. We want people to look at us and think ‘These guys, they are just ordinary guys but they are doing great things, so we can do it too.

#6- He can stand his ground against Hakai


He was supposed to be launched by Johnny's as a soloist. After recording a song for Arashi and being asked to teach the other four members how to sing it, Johnny's put him in the group. He is now known as Arashi's golden voice and he sings like no other.

No one can match the soul he reveals when he sings. There is no put on, no effort to show off, just pure emotions.

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Satoshi Ohno Quotes:

I want to go to a desserted island with Ninomiya Kazunari.

Ohno is sometimes accused for being cold and detached. Maybe he is and people don't always like that. However, it allows him to be able to be intimidated by no one.

His most famous rivalry is with Nakai of SMAP. He never starts the word war but he doesn't back down either. He beats Nakai physically and verbally.

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#7- Emotional strength


Sakurai Sho Quotes:

I think there’s no doubt that the man called Ohno Satoshi is 1 of the greatest factors in keeping harmonious atmosphere in our group”

He really is the glue that holds the group together. Whenever problems and conflicts hit the group and they seem to hit a wall, they run to Ohno. He talks sense. MatsuJun remembers a time when the group was so tired and wanted to quit. Ohno reminded them that he is the one in the group that is most hesitant at being an idol but he gives it his best. If he can do it, so can everyone else.

#8- The members trust him


Satoshi Ohno Quotes:

No matter when, let’s smile. No matter what, let us 5 overcome it together. And in the future that lies ahead as well, let’s stay as 5 forever.

The members know that Ohno has no mean bone in his body. He gives. He respects. He is tells the truth. That's why the members trusts him. When he says something, he says it with the purest of intention and that's why they follow him. All doubts they have disapper when Ohno makes a decision.

#9- He can rise above any occasion


Satoshi Ohno Quotes:

People usually say things like “I can’t cook” don’t they? There is nothing you can’t do.

It is a known fact that Ohno is not comfortable of being an idol but he gives it his best and does it well. In fact, he does this in everything he does. Johnny's can put him in any show, against any one and he will rise above it. That's the kind of artist he is. He gives it his all.

#10- He can break Johnny's rule


Satoshi Ohno Qutoes:

Talking about myself changing, I guess I’ve become more enthusiastic, even my voice became higher, it’s unbelievable, isn’t it? In my impression, when guys grow older, our voice tend to be deeper, but now I feel my voice is just like Nino’s, although his voice is naturally very high. But when I listen to the CD, I feel like it’s quite similar, I was shocked (laugh). But working in this field, you rarely get to socialize with other people. I do feel lonely too, cause I was cheated once. Then my self-protectiveness comes, and instead it’s the person who is worried about me. And there are also times when I’ll think “isn’t there any way out?”, it’s really lonely to think about those times.

Everyone knows this by now. It is a rule in Johnny's that all their talents do a backflip but when Johnny asked Ohno to do one, he refused because he didn't know how to and he didn't care. Everyone thought he would be fired. MatsuJun may have been the member that was handpicked by Johnny but Ohno is the only one in the history of Johnny that didn't follow Johnny's rule and is still there.

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