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Top 10 Coronavirus Rap Songs

Justine works and writes from her home in Michigan. She loves to encourage others through her writing.

Tom Macdonald - Coronavirus

#10). A sort of independent artist out of Canada who now resides in Los Angeles he is a rapper who doesn’t fit the typical stereotype but has been gaining traction on YouTube. He raps about a grocery shortage due to panic buying, and the stock market crash. He complains about being trapped inside for months and the government lying to everyone. The schools being closed and breaking the law by leaving your home. Believe it or not , his “Coronavirus” video on YouTube has over 10 million views. An article at claims Tom MacDonalds Coronavirus song may actually be worse than having Coronavirus itself.

Turbo, Gunna, & Young Thug - Quarantine Clean

#9). This song is all about relaxation and laying back. They rap about flossing and being clean. They stay with a common theme among rappers during coronavirus lockdowns and that is stacking up money, it seems most rappers agree it’s the perfect time to stack up that paper. They mention taking care of their boys and staying locked up inside to stay out of trouble and keeping out of jail.

GMAC Cash- Coronavirus

#8). Detroit Rapper GMAC Cash raps about real life corona struggles with a really catchy hook you’ll be singing in your head. The whole song is about telling people to stay away and he's not messing with you. He’s just going to stay in the house and play the game. He even talks about telling authorities on you if he thinks you got it. He seems like a bit of a germaphobe in this video , but aren’t we all at this point?

Lil Tjay - Ice Cold

#7). Since this rapper is from New York and raised in the Bronx, he probably knows a few things about lock downs. This song lays out a smoother laid back melody. The young rapper sings about losing his friends and being unsure if he will make it to 18. The title Ice Cold sort of references the emotional state of the world and how it feels during COVID. He talks about life on the street and being kicked out of school. Showcasing the struggles of the younger generations during these times.

Tee Grizzley - Corona ( Feat. Lil Baby)

#6). Tee Grizzley raps about the whole world being on lock down making life feel like a movie. Asking the world what about the artists and what they are supposed to do. He claims he’s been spending a lot of time playing Call of Duty which a lot of gamers like me can relate. Lil Baby comes out talking quick about stacking cash, which seems to be a common theme during corona and spending time with his kids. Grizzly finishes by propping up the essential workers and says he'd rather do the lock down thing at home than be in jail.

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Juicy J - Hella Trama (Enough is Enough)

#5). Juicy J has had enough. The North Memphis Rapper is fed up as he raps about racial injustices and unfairness in our system. He raps about having rights taken away, crisis actors being paid, and being lied to by our leaders. He wishes the killing in the streets to stop. He promotes freedom of speech because he has gotten pretty rich off his beats. Juicy even asks haters if they are going to hate their whole lives. He is pretty much the King of Banger songs. Well done.

Eminem- Gnat

#4). Of course Eminem shows off his fast paced rapping skills he’s so known for. Full of humor Eminem raps about the virus jumping from martians to humans, and compares the virus to fighting off a gnat with a machine gun. Totally full of lyrical spins he raps of Lysol, social distancing, pneumonia and literally going viral. He also mentions heroin , hydrochloriquine and a sort of violent reference to Vice President Pence. In the music video he dawns a yellow rubber bio-hazard suit while fighting off and then taking a bite out of a bat.

Young Dolph - Sunshine

#3). One of the best on this list because of his positive outlook on the future. In the music video Dolph begins by answering the phone and talking about the Chinese Flu to one of his homeboys. The video and lyrics are super relatable to what’s going on now in our everyday life’s. Dolph raps about spending too much time working and now spending more time at home with his children and how much they enjoy it. He mentions buying stocks while they are low and gives homage to our healthcare workers by asking God to watch over them. He stresses on stacking up your money during these rough times and soon there will be sunshine.

2 Chains & Mullatto - Quarantine Thick

#2). Rapper 2 Chains featuring Mullatto in a sort of gangster love song for today’s era. He claims his girl is getting thick from eating quarantine snacks all day, so he wrote a song about it. I’m not going to lie, I was feeling the beat drop on this one. 2 Chains makes this track super relatable to his fans and can make anything a banger. Unlike some of the other songs on my list I think maybe some artists are trying too hard to write songs during Covid but 2 Chainz & Mullatto definitely nailed it with lyrics we can all relate to in our normal everyday lives.

Wiz Khalifa and Tyga - Contact

#1). The number one song on this quarantine hit list is from the king of work hard, play hard. Wiz Khalifa and Tyga go back and forth and rap about different contacts. Whether it’s business or pleasure and getting a contact from all that good weed they smoke. It’s got an old school beat that is totally club worthy. Wiz and Tyga make a quarantine banger any girl can get down to. The music video takes place among colorful hot air balloons as they party with a bunch of beautiful women. This will make you bob your head and think of good times. Hope you enjoyed this list of 10 Covid Inspired Rap Songs and let's hope things get back to normal sooner than later.

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