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10 OCN Original Thrillers that should be on your Watch List

The world of kdrama introduced me to a whole new dimension of undiscovered comedy, romance and fantasy.


OCN Originals offer a variety of genres in one place. Their dramas range from romance to thrillers and mysteries ranging beyond the concepts of time travel, parallel universes etc. let's look at a few OCN originals you must add to your watch list instantly.

Voice 1, 2, 3, 4


The Voice series now has a dedicated fan base. The drama has become an abode of crime thriller genre in the world of kdramas. If you're looking mind twisting twists, chase and suspense, serial killers and psychopaths; then this series is just for you. The first season has some gore value and is one among the most violence you will see among mainstream kdramas.

Voice follows the story of a voice profiler who creates a Golden Time team which operates along with an emergency task force to attend to immediate cases as the victims call the police helpline. The seasons traverse through psychological issues and other common crimes.



Train is a refreshing take on parallel universes. We usually expect super powered villains or dopplegangers when we hear parallel universe. But our hero isn't Doctor Strange and he isn't fighting Thanos.

A workaholic cop starts investigating a serial murder case midst of which his childhood friend and lover is murdered. As he vows revenge, he becomes aware of the presence of a parallel world and realizes that things may not be as simple as they seem. the plot twists are nice and if you look away from the scientific explanations that you may have in mind regarding parallel worlds, this drama is worth a watch!

The Guest


The lives of three strangers is upturned when they come in contact with an evil spirit which has been murdering people for years. After they grow up, the psychic, a detective and a catholic priest join hands to fight the evil spirit that had wrecked havoc in each of their lives.


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Duel is epic in terms of the thrill and suspense it has to offer. You don't get what you expect as the show keeps turning at every point. What begins as a missing child case develops into a case of human clone, strange experiments spanning through years. This one is a must watch if you're in for an overnight binge, because you won't be able to stop pressing the 'Next episode' button!

The Lies Within


The Lies Within is a slow thriller. It takes its time to develop and show us what is what and that is what is intriguing about this drama. As the plot progresses it gets weirder and exciting. There is no point in the drama that would make you bored.

A detective wishing to return to a quiet life in his hometown after being in the police has his plans spoiled when a politician dies in a car accident. Earlier guessed to be the suspect, the politicians son in law, seems to have gone missing. Things take a wild turn when the daughter of the politician is blackmailed into becoming a candidate for a party while her fathers death is ruled as a murder. The detective and the daughter together work towards uncovering the mystery behind her fathers death and saving her husband.



I'm currently watching Watcher and there has been no moment of boredom. The episodes cut to the chase and don't drag around the plot to fit the length. It has a strong plot and keeps you enticed throughout.

A traffic officer, a prosecutor and an elite detective come together as a part of an Internal Affairs Investigation team only to realize that all their lives had been connected to a particular corruption case that they are investigating.

The Uncanny Counter


Uncanny Counter is a bit different form all the dramas in this list. It has a bit of comedy and light hearted moments to balance out its ruthlessness. There are some violent instances in the drama (violent as per kdrama standards). It s an exciting mix of fantasy, supernatural, mystery and thrill.

A group of people called counters work at a noodle shop by day and fight evil spirits by night. Not one episode goes by without some counter vs evil spirit action. Through their journey together, they grow close like a family and find out about a shared past some of them might share.



Rugal is the most badass out of the dramas in this list. It has assassins, mind blowing action, artificially abled humans and a criminal organization.

An elite detectives life is brought to a stop as his wife and his eyes are gouged out while investigating a criminal organization called Argos. He is considered the prime suspect in his wife's murder and arrested. A special team called Rugal is formed by the NIS to tackle Argos and stop them by recruiting artificially abled humans. The detective gets a pair of technologically superior pair of eyes. Him and his team, who have been victims of the organizations crimes, work together to bring down Argos.

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