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10 Movie Scenes That Teach Us a Lesson

Watching movies is one of many ways for everyone to spend their time, some might even make it a hobby. Of course, there's always a reason why someone chooses a particular movie to watch. Perhaps because of the interesting storyline, there are characters that are liked, or have genres that suit their tastes. In addition, sometimes a movie can give its own impression to the audience because not a few people who feel the movie that they watch is very suitable with their life so as to bring emotional feelings for them. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is always a scene attached to the mind of the audience that maybe because it sounds funny or gives a learning to the people. Here are ten scenes of the film that I personally think teach us something.

1. The Pursuit of Happyness


This is the scene where the main character, Chris Gardner gives advice to his son about a dream. Whatever challenges we face in a process we go through, never make us stop to keep achieving our dreams. It is important that we ignore other people's thoughts to us even more when they say we can't do something for our dreams. Just focus on what we want, what we're going to achieve. Dont let them judge you, let the time give them the result.

2. Before We Go


The next quote comes from a film starring Chris Evans that says about commitment to someone. I personally agree with what he says because commitment means we have a bond with someone and it shouldn't make us turn away from them. Whatever circumstances they experience, whatever happens to them, when you have a commitment with them you will never allow yourself to walk away from them. Nobody is perfect, maybe there will always be a better person and that's for sure but the choice is back to us, looking for what will never run out or come back to the commitment we've got.

3. The Shawsank Redemption


It's important to keep hope, no matter what hard things happen to us. In living life, of course we have a goal to achieve and that goal will not exist without being based on a hope. Hope leads us to a path where we must get through it and as accompaniment so as not to lose direction. Indeed, there maybe times when we are at the point of wanting to give up on circumstances, feeling tired of what is being done, even complaining about life. It's all natural, it's just that one important thing to keep in mind is that we must not lose hope because whatever problems we have, whatever difficult challenges we will face later, when our hopes are always alive, surely we will get through it all.

4. 500 Days of Summer


Sometimes, expecting too much is not a good thing, it's okay for us to believe that but there are limits. Moreover, in a person, never put excessive expectations in a person. Part of what sucks the most is when reality goes against the expectations we want. The person we can most trust and rely on is ourselves because when we put trust in ourselves, no matter what happens, no matter how hard things happen to us, we will never be disappointed, otherwise we will feel proud of having fought for ourselves.

5. Good Will Hunting


We all have bad times, but bad times doesn't mean bad things, sometimes we do need them in order for us to be able to develop and make our mindset mature. Not infrequently, bad times give an advice or learning for our life. When that happens, we will be required to be able to solve the problem, find a solution how to get out of the situation. This kind of thing then makes us a better person. We must interpret the bad times that happen to us and take the wisdom. In fact, often the good things come from the bad times we've been through. It is important for us to have a bad time, so that at least we are able to see our lives from a different perspective.

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6. The Theory of Everything


It doesn't matter how bad our lives are from the eyes of others or even from ourselves, don't let it make us just keep quiet and do nothing. The world is vast, there is always a place for us to do something. Humans are diverse, everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, so do something that we are capable of, something we love, and take advantage of our ability to achieve the success we plan. Everyone's path is different, rest assured what we have is able to lead to our hopes.

7. Begin Again


We have to accept the fact that the possibility of someone changing is true. There are so many things that underlie why people we love, people we know suddenly change. Two things that are certain are the circumstances and times that make people follow-up change. Maybe we don't know what happened to them, something that happened to them that made a difference. And for time, sometimes people's thinking will be more mature, more realistic as time goes on. When these two things happen simultaneously, what might happen is that people change. Either because they have personal affairs or there's a dream they have to achieve. What's certain is that sometimes people change because they realize they have to grow up.

8. Forrest Gump


Life is always about a mystery, we will never know what will happen to us, we will never know what we will become. Not infrequently, what we had planned, what we expected actually never happened. However, the most important thing is that never lose faith, rest assured that no matter what life we get, it is already our destiny. It maybe that what we do not expect is indeed the best thing for ourselves.

9. Her


When we have a relationship with people we love, no matter where they are, no matter how far apart we are, if indeed we love them sincerely, they will always be within us whether it is in our minds or hearts. Maybe it's also called true love, a relationship that won't be fragile by distance and time. We will never seek a better person in relationship if indeed we a have true love.

10. 10 Things I Hate About You


In living a life in this world, everyone certainly has their own ambitions or desires. Even some of them need a hard struggle first to reach it. What is worth remembering is that there will always be people who underestimate ourselves, someone who always going to be against you, as if they know that we don't deserve of what we want. Some of them would probably say our desire is just a fiction that will never happen. And all we have to do is go through the process that we have to go through and keep them quiet with what we've got.

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