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10 Songs You Should Listen to When You Feel Like Giving Up on Life

It's Such a Cruel Cruel World..

We all feel like giving up sometimes, at one point or another in our lives. It's tough when life pushes you to the edge and the whole world seems to be going against you. It's harder when you're all alone and there's no one to turn to. Even harder when desperation and fear cloud your mind. Solutions seem impossible to find. Everything seems wrong, you feel lost.

Take a deep breath. Take the time to just sit back, and allow yourself to just forget about everything for one moment. Forget about the disappointment, forget about the frustration, forget about the resentment. And while you're doing that, allow yourself to listen to some music. Don't underestimate the power of music. Music is a powerful medium. Music can make you feel differently. Music can sometimes move you, make you feel certain way. We all have our own favorite we will turn to when we feel certain way, if you don't, below are my suggestions, the 10 good songs you should listen to when you feel like giving up on life, for the hope that they will somehow help you see things in a brighter perspective.


There's Light at the End of the Tunnel

I listen to Rock music mostly, so my suggestions tend to fall within that genre, but for this I only list down songs that will appeal more to mainstream listeners, which means, they're mostly radio-friendly songs, and most importantly they have strong message in their lyrics. So let's get started with the list!

A great song from one of the greatest Alternative Rock bands out there. This is a slow balladish rock song that could make you feel at ease listening to it. The message in this song is clear; everybody hurts, everybody cries at some points in their lives. This song reminds you that it happens to everybody, that you're not the only one to feel like you've had enough of life, whether you were born rich, born poor, are pretty, are not so pretty, we all feel that way about life sometimes. These things don't only happen to certain 'type' of people, we 'all' tend to experience this one way or another because we're all humans. Life tends to knock us down, but don't throw your life away, hold on.

2. Gold in Them Hills by Ron Sexsmith (feat. Chris Martin from Coldplay)

One of my personal favorites. This is a good motivational song from Ron Sexsmith featuring the singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin. Ron Sexsmith sings in the chorus; There's gold in them hills, so don't lose heart, give the day a chance to start. With the soothing melody and the combination of Ron's and Chris Martin's vocals, the song really does it for me, it allows you to sit back and feel calmer as you listen to it. Just allow every word of the song get into your mind as these two amazing singers sing it for you. Especially the part where they sing; And if we'd get up off our knees. Well then we'd see the forest for the trees. And we'd see the new sun rising. Over the hills and horizon. There's gold in them hills.

3. Hold On by Jet

This is a Pop/Rock ballad, a song by an Australian Rock band Jet. The singer Nic Cester sings in the chorus, my favorite part of the song; When all that you wanted, and all that you had, don't seem so much, for you to hold on to, for you to belong to. It describes how you mostly feel when you're in that state trying to convince yourself that you have something worth to hold on to only to realize that there's nothing.

But to me the wonderful thing about the song is how the whole song is actually describing your frustration and how you feel when you're on the verge of giving up, and then it tops it all off with only two words of courage that really work for the whole song, and which are also the title of the song; Hold On.

4. Iridescent by Linkin Park

This is an Alternative Rock ballad with intense beat and choir on the chorus. It starts with the sound of keys and Mike Shinoda opening the song in his low-key voice. The chorus itself should give you chills as Chester Bennington, the lead singer of the band fairly screams asking if you feel cold and lost in desperation, and asks you to remember it all and then to let it all go. As the title of the song suggests, sometimes you have to let it all go before you could look at something in different angles and perspectives.

5. Beautiful Like You by Lee DeWyze

Even though I'm not a fan of American Idol or Lee DeWyze, there's no denying that this is a good song with some good message in it. The arrangement of the song is good too. What gets me the most is the chorus where Lee sings; If you could only just stop stop stop running, if you could only take a second to breathe it in, everything that you know would be beautiful. Sometimes we try our best to avoid what's in front of us, sometimes looking for a quick release out of the situation and pretend that it never happens, only to ache further and further inside. But if we take a second to see things for what they are, and try to see it in a bigger picture, then only we might begin to see all the beautiful things around us and begin accepting.

This is one heartfelt song. Some people interpret the song as a story of someone coping with addiction, some others interpret it as coping with depression. I think mostly it is about someone who tries to ignore the bigger problem in front of them and just carrying on as long as they can, forgetting that these problems will eventually catch up to them if not being dealt with properly. It could be addiction, it could be depression, it could be anything else in life. This song tells you that you can take control of the situation instead of just carrying on day by day by day.

7. Learn to Fly by Christian Ingebrigtsen

This is a Pop song by a Norwegian singer. The song starts with the singer telling you that "when you feel the dream is over, feel the world is on your shoulders", remember to "never surrender to the dark". This is actually a very motivational song. If you listen to the lyrics of the song, you'll realize how true they are. Sometimes we feel like the path we've chosen in life is the wrong one, feel like by following our dream it gets us nowhere. And when time gets tougher, always we think of turning back, mostly because of our fears, our insecurities, our lack of will to fight, most of the time thinking that it's the end of the road for us. But as the song suggests, if only you give it time, and turn another page, you'll see that’s not the way the story has to end, and you’ll be stronger with each day that you cry.

8. Wait For A Miracle by Jason Castro

Do you believe in miracle? Some people say there's no miracle, just 'luck'. Some others say that luck itself is a miracle. If you believe in God, whenever you feel like you are weak inside, turn to Him, ask for guidance from Him. You'll never know you might be a second away from a miracle, that's what Jason Castro is saying in this song. Sometimes you think you are strong, words of wisdom help keep you going, but sometimes by holding on to words of wisdom alone is not enough.

9. Beautiful by Eminem

This is a soothing to the ear Rap/Hip Hop song by Eminem, the only Rap/Hip Hop song in the list. I don't really listen to Hip Hop and Rap except Eminem. Many of his songs have personally inspired me, helped me through my hard times. I guess mainly because he's honestly telling his life story in most of his songs and most people me included could relate to what he's saying in his songs.

My favorite line in this song is this; We have to take these cards ourselves, and flip them, don't expect no help. It gets me every time. Sometimes we're secretly hoping and expecting someone to come to our rescue or something to come our way and change our lives, except that it won't happen that way. If we want something to happen, we have to make it happen. Eminem made it happen for himself, which is why he's such an inspiration to many. He's also telling you in this song that you are indeed 'beautiful' no matter what other people say about you.

10. Whatever You're Doing by Sanctus Real

For the final song in the list, I choose this Alternative Rock song from Sanctus Real, as this song is a perfect closure for the list. After you can finally let go of your frustration and disappointment, and after you can finally breathe again, it is now time to move on, time to fix what's broken, time to make right what's been wrong, reevaluate who we really are, and time to begin again. That's what Matt Hammitt, the singer of the band is saying in this song.

11. Never Too Late by Three Days Grace

There shouldn't be number 11, but I decide to just include this song in the list for Rock music listeners. This is probably the 'heaviest' Rock song in the list IF you are not used to Rock and screaming vocals, which is why it's eleventh in the list. There's a chance that mainstream listeners wouldn't like this song much, but I include it in the list because despite the fair screaming in the chorus, it still sounds very radio friendly on verses, and it's also a very good song lyrically and melodically. The song is about someone who is frustrated about life, somehow desperately wanting to relive the good times he's ever known from the past, except that those good times are gone, and the only life he knows now is the complete opposite. The song is intense on chorus, screaming to you that it's not too late, it's 'never' too late to turn it all around.

It's Time to Begin Again

Now that you have sat down and listened to the 10 (+1) songs suggested in the list above, maybe it's now time to reevaluate yourself. Probably it's time to stop the blame game. Stop blaming yourself for everything that happened. Stop blaming others. Once the headaches have subsided maybe you could see everything in a whole different view. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Stay strong and live on!


Duino on July 14, 2015:

Hey nufoundglory, Interesting List.! It would be even awesome if you listed Eminem's "Not Afraid" :)

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PhanTrash on June 11, 2015:

Another good song to listen to is "Welcome to the Black Parade" by a rock/alternative band called My Chemical Romance.

nufoundglory (author) from Asia on April 08, 2013:

Thanks, rey! If you didn't mention collective soul, i would've totally forgotten about the band. Used to listen to them religiously back in the days...

rey on April 06, 2013:

collective soul The World I Know

mikeydcarroll67 on April 01, 2012:

Great list!

DeclaredInsane on March 26, 2012:

Nice list!

Musically the best songs to listen to when sad, feeling down or what to give up on life is Rock music, specifically Modern Melodic Rock example, Papa Roach.

Modern Rock music's Rhythm and Melody are usually based on the PowerChord and Pentatonic Scales. A PowerChord is constructed by taking a major scale of a note and then combining the Root Note and the Five Note in the scale.

e.g. C Major Scale CDEFGABC - Powerchord CG/CGC.

This creates a Powerchord, there are other variations though. When combining notes certain types of sounds are created, depending on the notes and how they are combined for example Dissonance. PowerChords creates the sound or as some would coin it "Feeling" of resolution. So if you are emotional connected to music you'll feel like you have resolved or can resolve anything, you feel like you can overcome your obstacles.

Naturally this depends on you preferred style of music.

It's very interesting how these different sounds can help or manipulated our states of being.

nufoundglory (author) from Asia on July 18, 2011:

No problem. Thanks for stopping by to read my hub.. :)

Simone Haruko Smith from San Francisco on July 18, 2011:

Ah, music, the fantastic cure-all. Thanks for sharing these suggestions!

nufoundglory (author) from Asia on July 17, 2011:

HJ, I have a friend who is a big fan of American Idol and she always pesters me with her suggestions of songs from her 'Idols'. That's why you see Jason Castro in the list too, he's from American Idol, right? My friend is a big fan of him. But anyway, good music is good music. Anything that helps you move on. :)

HJ on July 17, 2011:

I'm curious about something....if you're not a fan of Idol or Lee DeWyze how did you come across Beautiful Like You? It barely had any promotion so I'm wondering where you heard it? Thanks! BTW I also LOVE Lee's rendition of REM's Everybody Hurts...Idol Studio version is awesome :)

LK on July 17, 2011:

Beautiful Like You sung by Lee Dewyze- it is my go to song on a daily basis- It always makes me feel more at ease with my life- something about his voice on this song and many others that has that effect.

Donna on July 17, 2011:

Big fan of Lee DeWyze and love the song too. His music soothes me and is my most played cd!

Kj on July 17, 2011:

Big fan of Lee Dewyze not so much idol beautiful song.. Sang perfectly and with heart by Lee..

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