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10 More Shows To Add to Your Netflix Watchlist (Nov. 2021)

Jaeda recently graduated from college. She loves animals, reading, writing, watching Netflix, online shopping, and drawing!

Three years ago I wrote an article where I recommended 15 shows to watch on Netflix. Here is that article Here are 10 more shows to add to your watch list on Netflix.

DISCLAIMER: I include my own opinions and descriptions of shows. These are in no particular order.

1. Schitt's Creek


Schitt's Creek is a six-season sitcom that will make you laugh, HARD. Schitt's Creek is a show about a family of four whose lives got flipped upside down. After the family suddenly find themselves losing everything they have including money and belongings, Johnny Rose is told that he still has one asset that is untouched, the town of Schitt's Creek. The family ends up leaving the luxurious life and move to the tiny town of Schitt's Creek. The family gets to live a middle-class life, and they hate it. This show is worth the watch just for the laughs, but it has a great story too.

2. Outer Banks


Outer Banks currently has two seasons on Netflix. Outer Banks is about a teen called "John B." who lives on the outer banks of Florida. John B. is a pogue, which means he lives on the outer part of the outer banks, and comes from a family in the working or lower class. He and his other pogue buddies uncover a mystery and get involved in a lot of crime. John B. and his friends try their best to survive and uncover the truth. Season two leaves you on a major cliffhanger, and wanting season three to come out, like, yesterday.

3. Shameless


Netflix has all eleven seasons of Shameless ready for you to start streaming ASAP. Shameless is about a family who lives in the more run-down part of Chicago. Fiona is the oldest sister of the Galleghers and raises her five younger siblings. This family experiences problems with drugs, mental illness, medical issues, money problems, gangs, gun violence, and more. This show can give those who are not members of the lower class a look into what it is like. This show is very good and worth all the time of watching eleven seasons.

4. All American


Netflix currently has three of the four seasons of All American. This show is about a boy named Spencer James who is a rising football star in South Crenshaw Heights. Billy Baker is a coach in Beverly Hills and asks Spencer to come to play football for his team. Spencer is not allowed to play on the team without living in Beverly Hills, so he ends up moving in with the Baker's. Spencer experiences bias, racism, gangs, gun violence, romance, and more. This show has a lot of football and is a great watch.

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5. Firefly Lane


Firefly Lane currently only has one season, but season two is rumored to be coming out soon. This show is about two girls named Tully and Kate who met on Firefly Lane when they were middle schoolers. This show shows the up and downs of a longterm friendship starting when they were young. This show was made from its book, and both are worth your time.

6. You


Netflix JUST released season three of You, and, wow, it is great. This show is about a man named Joe Goldberg and his plainly obvious obsession with girls that he is in love with. He stalks them and is just all-around creepy. Yet, for some reason, his character is extremely likeable. This show is a psychological thriller that deals with murder and many other crimes. It is so good that it is hard to stop watching, in fact, I binged the first episode in ONE day. Definitely, give this show a try.

7. Umbrella Academy


Umbrella Academy is one of the most unique shows I have ever watched. Currently, there are two seasons on Netflix. Season three is currently set to come out sometime in 2022. Umbrella Academy is about seven children who were adopted by a billionaire who creates the Umbrella Academy. 6/7 of the adopted children seem to have superpower-like abilities. When the siblings are teenagers the family falls apart and they all go their own ways. They are reunited by the death of their father and try to work together to solve his mysterious death. There are lots of twists and turns that make it easy to keep watching!

8. Private Practice


Private Practice is a sort of spinoff show from Grey's Anatomy. All six seasons are currently on Netflix. We follow Dr. Addison Montgomery (formerly Addison Shepherd) as she leaves her ex-husband and Seattle for a new start in Los Angelos. She starts working at a clinic run by two of her best friends, Sam and Naomi Bennet. Dr. Montgomery is a neonatal surgeon, so most cases deal with pregnant moms and their unborn babies. This show is very well written, and the characters are great. This show is also where we get to know Dr. Amelia Shepherd, who becomes a major character on Grey's Anatomy.

9. The Circle


The Circle is just slightly different than the rest of our suggestions because it is reality TV. Currently, Netflix has three seasons of The Circle but there will be more coming. The Circle usually starts with eight contestants who all live in separate apartments. "The Circle" is a social media platform that contestants use to communicate with one another. Some contestants catfish and some just go as themselves. The goal is to be popular and be voted into the first or second position to become an influencer. The influencers then get the power to "block" someone and end their journey on The Circle. The prize is $100,000, and to win this you need to hold the number one position in the last round of voting! It is such a fun watch.

10. Bake Squad


Finally, my last suggestion is Bake Squad. There is currently only one season on Netflix, but hopefully, there are more to come. There are four incredible, professional bakers who are given an event and a few key details about the person(people) that the event is for. Then they are given the day to design and make their edible creations. The person planning the event then comes back and chooses their favorite creation to be a part of their event. The bakers are all amazing and want the best for one another. They provide competition but also support to one another. This is a fun watch and I definitely recommend it.

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