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8 Life Lessons Olivia Benson has Taught Us

Law and Order: SVU airs on NBC, Wednesdays at 9/8c

Law and Order: SVU airs on NBC, Wednesdays at 9/8c

8. You Do Not Have to Apologize for Being Yourself

As women, we are supposed to be nice and compliant. Benson is anything but. Does Benson apologize? HECK NO! When she sees an injustice she does everything in her power to make it right, and will not take no for an answer. Benson is a bad ass, who gets the job done. She is fierce and assertive. #GirlBoss. So remember, just be you and never ever apologize to anyone for it!


7. Telling Your Story is Empowering

Holding onto painful experiences and memories does more harm than good. Telling your story can not only help you, but it can also empower the people who hear it. When we tell this painful story, a weight is lifted from our shoulders and we are able to live a more free life. When someone else hears of your experience it can inspire them or make them feel a little less alone. So remember, telling your story can help others heal as well.


6. There Are Good Guys

While Benson focuses her life's work on catching the bad ones, she reminds us that they are not all bad. Not all men are rapists or violent towards women. Benson has had a few romantic interests, while most of them did not last, they proved that you can trust men. Benson's current love interest is an officer within Internal Affairs. Keep your minds and heart open ladies, Benson does.


5. Your Voice Matters

Stand up for what you believe in. Whether it was standing up for victims,voicing injustices, or arguing with the District Attorney, Benson always sheds light on what she believes is wrong. Benson knows that voicing her opinions is important. She stands up for victims, and will be their voice when they are treated poorly. Benson has stood up to University Presidents, lawyers, doctors, probation officers, political figures, and anyone else that gets in her way or the way of justice. She even stood up against the man that tortured her and held her captive. So remember, stand up for what you believe in because your voice matters!

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4. Be Vigilant, Not Afraid

The fear of violent criminals should not keep you from living your life. With that said, precautions should be taken. Try not to walk alone, but if you are walking alone you could get the SafeTrek app on your phone. You hold a button until you are safely at your destination. If you stop pressing and then do not enter your passcode within a specific amount of time, local authorities will be contacted and sent to your location. When you are out walking around keep your eyes open for things out of the ordinary or something that makes you uncomfortable. You can keep mace or a whistle on your keychain. Taking self-defense classes could also be useful, or look up videos on Youtube. So, go out and live your life, but be mindful.


3. You Really Can Have it All

Olivia Benson proves that you really can have it all: a successful career, a child, a relationship, strong friendships, and her sanity (kind of). Is Benson superhuman or just a super woman? Either way, the way she manages her life is pretty impressive. Benson is a shining example of if you work hard and fight through adversity, you really can achieve your version of "having it all". Which does not mean, there will not be bumps in the road, even when you do "have it all". So, keep fighting and stay grateful!


2. It's Okay to Admit When You Are Not Okay

Olivia Benson is a strong woman, but even the strongest people break down. Even Benson needs help sometimes. Even if your life experiences are not as extreme as Benson's (being kidnapped twice, almost being sexually assaulted while on an undercover job, or seeing the worst in humanity every day at work) you have the right to break down. One of Benson's biggest revelations in therapy was that she was also more focused on saving others because she could not save herself. Sometimes when you are having a rough time and a close friend asks if you are okay, it is okay to tell the truth. So, if you are having a bad day, veg out on the couch, have a glass of wine, and a shed a tear, it does not make you any less of a bad ass.


1. Being a Good Friend is Important

Olivia Benson will always be there for you (insert Friends theme song). But seriously, she gives all she has to the people she loves. She got Rollins out of gambling and referred her to a therapist after finding out about her rape in Atlanta. She was always Elliot Stabler's foundation. She was not afraid to tell him when he was being too much of an ass and even saved his life on multiple occasions. Let's be honest, our girl power hearts swoon a little every time there is a crossover with Chicago PD and we get a dose of Erin Lindsey and Olivia Benson working together. So remember, whatever you put into the world comes back to you! So, just be kind!

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