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10 Important Things Yunho’s Father Revealed About Yunho (6-10)


This is part 2 of 10 Important Things Yunho’s Father Revealed About Yunho. Click here for part 1.

Aside from the 2009 interview, the only other known lengthy and revealing public statements made by Yunho’s father about Yunho is the official statement he released following the lawsuit that JYJ filed against SM. Although the piece is about the lawsuit, reading it closely and relating it to the 2009 interview would reveal a lot about Yunho.

#6- Honor Has a Price

Yunho rarely gets a chance to have long vacations. His family misses him and so does his childhood friends. After years upon years of non-stop work, Yunho is finally able to take a vacation to his hometown. As a way of giving thanks, he set up a secret fan sign event in an orphanage but the night before the event, SM called him to go back to Seoul and read for a part in a drama. I don’t know about you but when the company that helps me make a living calls me for work, all bets are off. Work is my priority.

Apparently, Yunho’s priority is his word. He made a commitment to the children to spend a few hours with them. There was no way he was going to break his word. He told SM he will fulfill his commitment and he will fly to Seoul to read for the part. If that is unacceptable to the director, then he doesn’t mind losing the part.

DBSK was already a success as a group at this time but much is still desired to solidify their status. Yunho knows the value of the audition and what it can do for his career. Instead, he chose to honor his commitment to the little children.

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#7- His Life is Not Just His Own

Westerners have this certain idea of how they live their life. They are extremely polite but also “selfish”. They don’t believe in “living a life for others” as they take their life as their own. Their only responsibility is to themselves. Making decisions or doing things in order to “serve others” is hypocritical. That’s why many celebrities or artists refuse to take responsibility for how their work or life influence people. As far as they are concerned, they are pursuing their passion, their artistry. How it will affect other people is not their problem.

Yunho, however, gets that when someone gets the level of success and popularity they have, you start taking responsibility for the influence you have on other people. You transcend your celebrity or artistry and become, well, an influencer especially because the fame and success they have is something they pursued. They weren’t bystanders that happen to have been caught by the camera. They sold their craft and willingly performed in front of people.

He is honest that they wanted the fame, now you can’t get anymore honest than that. The main difference is that he also accepts that privileges come with responsibilities. I know that many DBSK fans want to bury the cosmetics business issue, so I will not dive into the details but I want to get this out of the way. Yunho’s resistances towards joining the business is all rooted in, at the very least, how he perceived the business. It was a multi-level marketing company with questionable reputation at best. It wasn’t something he would wanted the name of DBSK to be involved in. He willingly participated in building this reputation, this image and he knew, even though not fully, he knew what he was helping create.

He wasn't going to destroy that for money which is what the cosmetics business was about.


#8- Yunho is Perceived to be a Perfectionist, He Doesn’t Think He is

Yunho has been proven to be a perfectionist and many have sworn by his strict work ethics. Yunho does not deny it but his father provides a deeper perspective on why Yunho has become a workhorse.

Yunho’s father raised him with humility. He was raised understanding that people worked hard to make them who they are now and the only way they can repay these people is by becoming the best version of themselves. Lee Soo Man invested heavily on them and other people have devoted their career to making them DBSK. There are also other people whose living depends on them. Although these are paid to help them, these people’s future and their family’s future rely on the success of DBSK. Yunho knows that these people made a career out of making his career.

He owes it to these people. It is not about being a perfectionist. It's about understanding that whatever they do will affect other people and that's why he needs to do his part and if that "part" is to make sure he gives everything he got in everything he does.

#9- Yunho is His Father’s Son

His father, to a certain extent, suffered the consequences of raising a child of honor, dignity and respect. He raised Yunho the way his father raised him and he finds them clashing in so many ways but because his son is like him, they both know that they understand each other.

He raised Yunho to be strong and courageous in facing the consequences of his actions. Yunho did that when he pursued his dreams to be a singer even if it meant sleeping in train stations and skipping meals. He raised Yunho to be a man of his word. Yunho did that when he decided to keep his commitment to the children in the orphanage even if it mean losing a night of well needed sleep. He raised Yunho to be loyal. Yunho continues to do that to SM, his fans and the name of DBSK.

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It would have been easier if he raised a son that will follow his words like it is the divine law. He didn’t. he raised a man of honor and principle, for better or for worse.

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#10- Yunho is Stubborn

Yunho, once he sets his sight in something, does not take no for an answer. He battled his father for his dreams. He even the unfortunate break up of DBSK as a 5-member group in order to keep the dignity of the name. He even battled destiny.

When Yunho first went to Seoul for the SM audition, they ended up being unable to use the song they have spent more than two weeks preparing. Instead of giving up since the next day was the audition, he opted to search the whole of Seoul for a new song and spend the whole night rehearsing.

A fanart of Jung Yunho

A fanart of Jung Yunho

Last Words

Yunho is a rare breed. I am not just talking about being a rare breed of idol, although he is that. He is a rare breed of man. Perhaps brought about by man’s effort to impose some universal standard of morality, so many laws and practices have spoiled children. In fact, so many law and practices have spoiled people. It is as if, people have the right to luxury and their desires simply because they were born.

I hardly know anyone who knows that their word should be as good as their honor. That they should stand by what they say to their grave. I hardly know anyone that knows the value of a handshake. I hardly know anyone that knows they are not special, that like everyone else, they need to work for what they want to have and that nothing comes for free. I hardly know anyone that willingly take the hard road simply because that’s the right thing to do.

It is perhaps tragic for Yunho to a certain extent, to be a man of his word, to be loyal, to be humble, to be honest… especially because he is popular, talented and smart enough to just live like a prince.

They don’t make them like him anymore. Koreans who want to enter the entertainment business are reaping the benefits of the numerous law suits and public trials. They now demand privileges and some of it are necessary, many spoil them, many take away the necessity of being taught by the greatest teacher, experience. Yunho experienced hardships, the necessary ones, from childhood and that’s why he has ruled his life with humility and hard work.

Click here for part 1 of 10 Important Things Yunho’s Father Revealed About Yunho..


vonniea on May 26, 2015:

I can't be more agree. He's a rare breed. If he isn't, I would be able to see another hot korean namja to be my first bias. But, I won't and couldn't.

Because he's my role model, he's the one. And he never disappoint his fans. He never harm us, he's tough to himself, but sweet to everyone.

I have been liking him since I'm 5th greader of elementary. Now I'm going to be a university student, and still a HUGE fan of him.

Hanna on May 25, 2015:

I can't express how I feel right now. I'm incoherent as I finished this wonderful and heart-warming article. Setting aside the other issues presented here, I need to calm my self first. HUHU

eternisemoi on May 17, 2015:

I like that you pointed out some people are now benefiting from bad publicity, which is something I don't like as well. DBSK was also my first kpop group, so I enjoyed reading this article on Yunho.

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