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4 Underated Halloween Movies to Watch on Disney Plus

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Can of Worms(1999)


Probably one of the weirdest Disney movies on Disney Channel, Can of Worms is about a distressed teen who pleads to get off Earth and a bunch of aliens end up visiting him. The movie is a fun and weird watch especially in the middle of the night. The aliens each have distinct characteristics and colorful bodies. This movie is pretty underrated especially for Halloween.

Rated TV PG and suitable for all ages

Girl vs Monster(2012)


When a Skylar finds out she is a 5th generation monster hunter, it may be too late because the monsters are already coming for her. The main character Skylar has some good character development especially when it comes to overcoming her fears of monsters. This is a fun Halloween movie to watch with the family. Also the soundtrack is a jam.

Rated TVPG and is suitable for all audiences

The Scream Team(2002)


The scream team is about siblings who stumble on this halfway house full of ghosts who need help being redeemed so they can go to Heaven. They help these ghosts finish there unfinished business so they can move on. The ghosts all have quirky personalities and are fun to watch. This is a fun and touching film for all audiences.

Rated TV-PG and is suitable for all ages

Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire(2000)


The Hansen kids have plans but they are grounded until they are able to find there mother a date for the night. When the kids accidently set there mom with a vampire, a lot of antics arise. A vampire hunter helps them hunt the bloodsucking. Charles Shaughnessy does a fantastic job at portraying the vampire. This movie is fun from start to finish.

Rated TV PG and is suitable for all audiences


Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on October 02, 2021:

I've not seen any of these films, but Can of Worms looks like an interesting film.

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