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10 Fun Facts and Trivia About Korean Actor Park Bo-gum

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The Rising Star of 2016

Recently, Korean actor Park Bo-gum has gained a lot of attention after the success of his 2016 romantic historical drama, Love in the Moonlight. In this drama, he took the role of the handsome, charismatic, and smart Crown Prince Lee Yeong. Because of his great acting skills and charming performance, many have started to like him. Who wouldn't fell in love with him? His genuine smile is irresistible and contagious! There's no reason not to love him. He's handsome, cute, kind, warm, gentle, humble, considerate, and talented. While we are all very much taken with our new star, we are getting more and more curious about him. Of course, we'd like to know him so well, right?

Here it is! All the things you want to know about Park Bo-gum: his profile, age, height, weight, Instagram or Twitter account, girlfriend, interests, movies, TV shows and dramas, and many more!

1. Profile and Childhood



  • Name: Park Bo-gum. "Bo-gum" means 'precious sword' (寶劍).
  • Born in Seoul on 16 June 1993
  • Height: 182 cm (5ft. 11in.)
  • Weight: 65 kg


  • He is the youngest of three siblings.
  • Sad story: His mother passed away when he was in fourth grade.


  • Attended Seoul Mokdong Middle School and Shinmok High School.
  • After high school he enrolled at Myongji University's Film and Musical Studies Department.
  • In 2015, he represented his university's cultural overseas exchange program where he traveled to cities in England, France, Italy and Switzerland.

Social Media


We are all aware that Park Bo-gum is handsome and extremely adorable. But you'll be more surprised when you see his childhood photos and teenage selcas! Although he is naturally baby-faced, he looked a lot younger and innocent and cute. Of course, now that he's already a young adult, he is more handsome, mature, and hot. Even his pectoral muscles is a popular topic on the internet!

2. He is musically talented


Isn't it amazing that Park Bo-gum is not just a talented actor, but a talented musician as well? Seriously, he can be a popular KPOP idol if he wanted too! With great voice and talent in musical instruments, he might become a top star! He can play the piano very well because he started learning to play it when he was just five years old. He was also a pianist and choir member at their church. Simply fantastic, right? During his sophomore year of high school he sent a video of himself singing and playing the piano to prominent talent management agencies which led to several offers. Originally, he wanted to be a singer-songwriter. But he changed his career path after he was advised to try acting. Also, he had showcased his musical talent in the music teen drama, Cantabile Tomorrow, where he took the role of a gifted student playing the cello.

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3. He's a good swimmer


He's a great actor, and he's musically talented, humble and kind, and also a great swimmer! Just what it is that Park Bo-gum can't do? Having a competitive ability in swimming, he was in the swimming varsity team of Seoul Mokdong Middle School. When the 'Love in the Moonlight' cast went to Cebu, Philippines, his incredible swimming skill was praised by his co-actor Han Soo-yeon. She described how gracefully he dove into the sea! She even said that he looked like the prince of the sea! Check out how Soo-yeon tells her memorable underwater adventure with Bo-gum in the video below.

4. He is Lee Hyun Woo's look alike


Can you tell which one is Park Bo-gum in the picture? At first glance, you might not notice that the handsome guy on the right side is not him. With almost similar eyes and face, you can hardly tell the difference between them. They looked like twins! His look alike is the famous child actor Lee Hyun-woo, and he is popular for his roles in The Return of Iljimae (2009), Queen Seondeok (2009), and To the Beautiful You (2012). It's so good to know that these two handsome guys share a special friendship. Hyun-woo met Bo-gum once, and the moment he saw him he said that Bo-gum seemed 'very familiar'. Indeed, they are like mirrors of each other!

5. He went bankrupt


Our Park Bo-gum always seemed happy, cheerful, and charming. But not all the time, he's feeling the same. Of course, he had experience difficulties in life which are unavoidable. Apart from the loss of his mother when he was young, it was revealed that he also went bankrupt. His agency, Blossom Entertainment, said that the incident happened when Park Bo-gum was young, and because it’s his own personal situation, they do not know the entire details. Good thing, he managed to resolve the situation in six months. He originally went to the Seoul Central District Court at the end of 2014 to apply for exemption of bankruptcy due to a debt he could not pay back. This debt conflict is related to a situation where he was a joint guarantor as a minor due to a family issue.

6. He's a versatile actor


When I first saw him in Bridal Mask, the first thing that came to my mind is, 'Who is that cute student?' The moment I saw him in front of my screen, I can't just ignore him without finding out his name. That's how attractive Park Bo-gum is. He might not be the main cast of that drama, but his presence is strong enough to catch your attention. And he's merely just a student there! When I saw him in Cantabile Tomorrow, I had a second lead syndrome! Besides, when he had the chance to play the psychopath lawyer in Hello Monster, I couldn't help but sympathize with his character. At such a young age, he became a versatile actor, and his potential for more projects to come is unimaginable. The bottom line is, whatever role he takes, he will always be charming. He's simply irresistible!

Here's the list of his dramas and movies:

  • Blind (2011) as Min Dong-hyun
  • Runway Cop (2012) as young Cha Chul-soo
  • Hero (2012) as Kang Dong-woo
  • Bridal Mask (2012) as Han Min-kyu (Ep. 26–28)
  • Wonderful Mama (2013) as Go Young-joon
  • A Hard Day (2014) as Officer Lee Jin-ho
  • Wonderful Days (2014) as young Kang Dong-seok
  • Cantabile Tomorrow (2014) as Lee Yoon-hoo
  • The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014) as Bae Su-bong
  • Coin Locker Girl (2015) as Park Seok-hyun
  • Hello Monster (2015) as Jung Sun-ho/Lee Min
  • Reply 1988 (2015) as Choi Taek
  • Love in the Moonlight (2016) as Lee Yeong

7. The "Park Bo-gum Effect"


Recently, there's a study about the so-called "Park Bo-gum Effect", a term coined by the Korean Business Research Institute. It refers to the Park's consistent high brand reputation ranking indicating his effectiveness as an endorser across different demographics. Pretty cool, isn't it? Maybe it has something to do with his persuasive and convincing skills which makes people drawn into him. It's like what his Moonlight Drawn By Clouds co-actor Jang Hwang said in Happy Together. Playing the role of Eunuch Han, he said that there's a black hole in Park Bo-gum's eyes. Even if he's a man, he has the ability to narrow his field of vision by the use of his captivating looks! And he even admitted that he is moved into tears thanks to Bo-gum's acting. Wow. He's really great.

8. He is the 'Nation's Crown Prince'


Being a part of the new generation Hallyu Star, he is also popular for his upstanding persona. His colleagues describe him as kind and polite, with advertisers praising his "boyishness and manliness", "easygoing and high-class image" and "bright and positive vibe". He has been gaining a high profile and positive image from the people. Thanks to this, he has been dubbed as the "Nation's Crown Prince" (because everyone loves Lee Yeong, that's why). During his interview when he was praised as the most handsome Crown Prince, he humbly denied it! (watch the video below) He has also been affectionately called the top candidate for "Nation's Son-in-Law" due to his diverse fan-base ranging from pre-teens to grandmothers. He is super lovable!

9. He can't give up taking the subways


if there's one thing he will never stop doing in his life despite the fact that he's become a top star, it's just one simple thing - it won't stop him from taking the subways. Of course, with his popularity continue rising, he will be easily spotted on the subways and it will attract fans that might cause a concern for his safety. But when asked if he could stop taking the subway, he simply answered, “Its fast and on time. The subway is best to take when I have to meet someone. With just 1,300 won, I can go anywhere in Seoul!” Oh, you're incredibly humble!

10. Girlfriend and Love interest


I'm sure that almost every fangirls want to know the answer to this subject. Because of their perfect chemistry in Moonlight, there are rumors about Park Bo-gum and Kim Yoo-jung's relationship. There's no question about it, they look really good together, and their chemistry is just so strong. As they perfectly portrayed their characters onscreen, many viewers believed that it would be so nice if they could end up with each other! However, fantasy is different from reality. They might be a couple onscreen, but Kim Yoo-jung thad recently tried to debunk dating rumors, as she said that Bo Gum oppa is a really warm person, but it doesn't mean that she liked him romantically.

Another dating rumor is with Red Velvet's Irene, his co-host in Music Bank. The rumors started when the two have quickly become one of the most popular music show host duos of all time. But just like Yoo-jung, Irene denied these false rumors. In the show, Kim Gura insisted that “Park Bo Gum is a warm person” but Yoon Jong Shin joked,“but his hands are cold,” causing great amounts of laughter.

That's it!

We hope you enjoy this article. Did you find more reasons to love him? Tell us what you think writing a comment below.

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Shey Saints from Philippines on May 04, 2017:

the song "Forget You" has completely won my heart. How can I forget him? The song keeps on running in my head with that alluring voice that he has.

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