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10 Free Spirit Manse Moments in Return of Superman

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Background: Daehan, Minguk and Manse are triplets and sons of the actor, Song Il Kook. They are in the show Return of Superman for more than a year now.

"Daehan takes after me. Minguk takes after my wife. Manse is just a free-spirt."
- Song Il Kook

Indeed, it seems Manse came out of nowhere. He has a penchant for doing things his way and is very unpredictable. He doesn't cry a lot and does things for no apparent reason. He is a happy kid and very chill. He has the makings of a very happy person. If he keeps doing what he is doing and thinking what he is thinking and he'll be the happiest person on Earth for no other reason other than being alive.

Here are 10 moments when we witnessed just how free his spirit is.

10 Free Spirit Manse Moments #1- Daehan Minguk Manse!


Episode #: 74

Daehan, Minguk and Manse are off to another adventure and as always, just being together was enough for the three to have a good time. As the three walk towards the play farm with their father, Manse was overcame by his excited free spirit and just yelled "Daehan Minguk Manse!" He also completed his cheer by raising both his hands and putting an emphasis on his name.

There is so much happiness in his voice that it makes you want to yell "Manse!" too.

*Daehan Minguk Manse, when translated in English, actually means Republic of Korea, long live/victory.

10 Free Spirit Manse Moments #2- Crying for Minguk


Episode #: 62

Manse may be the most free spirited of the three but he is also the most empathetic. He proved this when he bawled like his fingers were being cut off when Minguk was being scolded by the monk who was teaching them how to write. Minguk, in his usual naughty self, wrote on the floor despite being asked not to. Minguk was called to the front to be scolded. Minguke cried but was eventually forgiven. Daehan was asked to comfort his brother, being the hyung, by hugging him and wiping his tears.

After the scolding session, Manse was revealed to be at the back crying because his brother is crying. He was inconsolable. It is now one of the most memorable moments in Return of Superman.

*Hyung is the term used by males to respectfully address an older male.

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10 Free Spirit Manse Moments #3- Scared but Still Eating


Episode #: 60

The triplets could be scaredy cats sometimes. They are overcoming many of their fears and we know that as they mature, they will become manly men just like what their father wants them to become.

Despite their many fears, however, they still prove their cuteness and Manse leads the pack. When their father was playing around with them, scaring Minguk and Manse, Manse was crying his eyes out but didn't stop from eating. He would either take a pause from crying to chew or he would simply chew while he cries.

It is one of the earliest legendary moments in Return of Superman. It legitimized just how funny and spontaneous the triplets are.

10 Free Spirit Manse Moments #4- Manse's Mandarin Moment


Episode #: 62

Minguk is the food king. He has never been "outeaten" by his brothers. Manse, on the other hand, is known for being a picky eater (relative to the two) and also a slow one. In fact, he has already been disciplined by his father for keeping the food in his mouth too long. However, Manse can binge especially if he likes the food.

One time, a plate full of mandarins got into his cross hair and he figured out how to peel it. He ate one after another. It got to a point where Il Kook had to ask Minguk to put the mandarins where Manse couldn't reach them. If it wasn't for Minguk, Manse would have finished it all.

10 Free Spirit Manse Moments #5- Manse Poops with a Bang


Episode #:59

They were in Japan and our four boys went to see Tokyo. In the middle of breakfast, Manse said he wanted to poop. Still wearing diapers, Song Il Kook put Manse by the floor to ceiling window and asked him to poop while looking at the view. Manse made some pooping sound and suddenly said "BANG!"

Yup, he just pooped with a bang. Daehan and Minguk thought it was a good idea and said they also wanted to poop with a bang. Il Kook was so embarrased even though "no one" was around.

10 Free Spirit Manse Moments #6- Manse Scolds Appa


Episode #:35

Song Il Kook was playing with Minguk when he suddenly and accidentally dropped Minguk to his head. It was obviously painful and Minguk cried hard and loud. Daehan and Manse could feel the pain of their brother. Daehan said their dad is bad and Manse soon started scolding his father for not being careful.

*Appa is Dad in Korean

10 Free Spirit Manse Moments #7- "Noona take off my socks"


Episode #: 87

In their second camping trip, the triplets met other kids who were also camping in the same place with their parents. They were playing in the 2-level cradle when Manse realized he keeps slipping and he had to take his socks off just like what Minguk did.

However, unlike Minguk, he couldn't take it off by himself. He quickly found a noona, raised his legs to the noona's face and asked her to take off his socks for him. The little girl was embarrassed but how do you say 'no' to a Manse. Well, you don't.

*Noona is a term used by males to respectfully address older females.

10 Free Spirit Manse Moments #8- "Stay Away from Me"


Manse's heart is only for Sarang. Girls are drawn to him because he is easy to be with. However, being a girl magnet is all that peachy for Manse because he can't seem to find some moment alone. When they went to their new kindergarten, Manse found himself surrounded by girls and he just wasn't in the mood because he wants to explore and because they weren't Sarang.

He calmly told them, "stay away from me." He spent the rest of his time shadowing his Daehanie hyung to shake off the girls.

Sorry girls, his heart belongs to Sarang Noona.

10 Free Spirit Manse Moments #9- Manse Teases Appa


When Song Il Kook went to see the dolphins, it was exhausting just to get one boy dressed up in his wet suit. As he decided dress up Daehan first, it left Manse and Minguk naked and free to run around. Manse decided to entertain himself by teasing his dear daddy. While dad is working hard to get them dressed, Manse is working hard to switch the ligh off and make it fun and hard for his dad to dress up all of them in their wet suit.

10 Free Spirit Manse Moments #10- Manse Takes Care of the VJs


Episode #: 85

'Dinosaur uncle' is what the triplets call their cameramen. In the early days of Return of Superman, the triplets felt curious as to what the cameramen were doing following them around. These days, the triplets are very comfortable with the cameramen (Koreans call them VJ which stands for Video Jocks). when the triplets visited the country for farming experience, they get to eat fresh seaweed. As they were eating, Manse handed the VJs some food without being coaxed to do so.


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