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9 Facts About Zlatan Ibrahimovic You Didnt Know


1. His Taekwondo Credentials Include TWO Black Belts

Zlatan enjoys two things: scoring incredible overhead kicks and jokingly kicking his teammates repeatedly in the head.

His honorary black belt from the Italian Taekwondo Team has not gone unnoticed.

This complements the black belt he got in Sweden at age 17!

Which is presumably why he is so skilled at frequently kicking his colleagues in the head as a laugh.

2. Football Teams Have Invested $150 Million In Him Throughout The Course Of His Career!

Zlatan has been acquired by teams for more money than any other player ever.

Ibra has cost little less than 150 million pounds.

He began his career at Malmo, then moved to Ajax in the Netherlands, then to Juventus in Italy, then to Milan for Inter, then to Barcelona, back to Italy for AC Milan, then to Paris St. Germain in France, and is now playing for Man United in England.

Nonetheless, he has demonstrated his value by scoring in his debuts in Italy, Spain, and France, AND by winning the league in his first season in each of those countries.

Now he's with United, and he scored on his debut; might this be a positive sign for Mourinho?

3. He Is The Greatest Goalscorer For Sweden!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was birthed in Sweden to a Bosnian Dad and a Croatian Mom, therefore he could have played for any of those countries at the international level.

The fact that he was born and raised in Sweden influenced his decision.

Even though they've qualified for only two of the previous five world cups, it may have been a foolish decision.

He has worked tirelessly for his nation, therefore you cannot blame him! A few months ago, he retired as Sweden's all-time leading scorer with 62 goals to his credit.

4. 570 Career Goals

His 34 career titles make him one of the most decorated active players in the world. He is considered as one of the best attackers of all time. Ibra has scored over 570 goals in his professional life, including over 500 goals for his club, and in each of the previous four decades.

5. Traveled on a Regular Plane.

Once Zlatan signed for Barcelona from Inter Milan, zlatan was transported on a commercial jet instead of his personal private plane, which he firmly favoured in such circumstances. The administrators of Barcelona, notably Pep Guardiola, frequently informed him, "This is Barcelona." You must keep your feet firmly planted on the earth. Even more so, they stressed how this grounded approach distinguished Barcelona from Real Madrid, who preferred to establish a superstar persona around their players.

6. He Has a Football Pitch In The Neighbourhood Where He Grew Up Dedicated To Honor Him.

Zlatan's desire to play professionally originated during his early infancy. In an interview, Zlatan claims that he had to steal food, clothing, and even a bicycle in order to continue his football training.

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Zlatan trained and played soccer in a gravel field located just across from his mother's residence.

After achieving success as a player, he and Nike renovated the field by installing rubber ground and painting the goalposts gold.

The pitch then was formally christened the Zlatan Court and is utilised to cultivate local youth talent.

This was done to offer future generations with greater facilities. Zlatan did not have access to comparable facilities when he was growing up as a footballer. The court provides footballers with a superior environment in which to acquire essential abilities.

7. Ibra Has a Burger Bearing His Name.

A French establishment has named a burger after Zlatan Ibrahimovi. Zlatan is well-known in Paris as a result of his time playing for Paris Saint-German.

There are 600 grammes of meat and three types of cheese in the burger. The restaurant owner regards this burger as being as remarkable as Zlatan Ibrahimovi. The burger's reputation among clients has increased.

Jean-Philippe Grandin, the proprietor of the restaurant, named the burger after the football player.

8. Inside The Swedish Dictionary, There Is a Word That Was Titled After Him.

Zlatan is revered throughout Sweden as a cultural icon. From the time he first stepped foot on the football field, he was a media darling.

Despite coming from a modest upbringing, he achieved great success in his chosen industry. In an effort to realise a lifelong ambition, he trained to play professional football.

His perseverance in the face of adversity earned him a spot in the Swedish dictionary. Zlatanization is a verb that meaning to exhibit or perform to a high level.

The Swedish Language Council included the verb in its 2012 list of new words.

The satirical French TV show where Zlatan played for Paris Saint-Germain created the term.

9. He patented his Own Name.

He has always had a passion for the sport, dating all the way back to his early years. Zlatan Ibrahimovi and Zlatan are both trademarked names.

Zlatan saw a chance to capitalise on his moniker and trademarked it.

For advertising purposes, he put it to use in the realm of athletic equipment. The trademark grants him the sole right to have things bearing his name manufactured and sold commercially.

Zlatan is still a legend, and he hasn't lost his passion for the sport. His love of the game dates back to his early years and has stuck with him ever since.

I Am Football: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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