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10 Facts About Jensen Ackles You Didn't Know


If you are a fan of Supernatural, there is no chance that you know not of Jensen Ackles. From season one to fifteen, Dean Winchester was the protagonist alongside Sam Winchester aka Jared Padalecki.

His talent, good looks, and sarcastic personality makes him impossible not to like. Although he has become such a big star, he leads a very private, personal life which means there is lots his fans still do not know about him.

However, if you’re a fan of the show already, some of these facts might be basic knowledge, but if you’re new to the series, be ready to fall in love. Here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know about everyone’s favorite, Dean Winchester aka Jensen Ackles.

10. His Family On Supernatural


Jensen is such a great actor, wonder why? Well, apparently it runs in his family. Both Jensen’s father and sister are actors, and both of them have appeared on Supernatural. His father, Alan Ackles, appeared on the third episode of the eighth season, titled “Heartache,” while his sister, Mackenzie, appeared in two episodes, “Bloodlust” (episode four of season two) and “Slash Fiction” (episode six of season seven).

But that’s not all—his mother was an extra in one of the episodes. And not to forget, Danneel Ackles is an angel on the show! So, we’ve literally seen almost his whole family on Supernatural.

9. Such A Beardo


This is one of the facts that only die-hard Supernatural fans know. Jensen used to grow his beard every summer when the show went on hiatus. He did it for two reasons: first, his wife loves it; and second, he’s not allowed to have a beard during the filming of the show. It’s pretty obvious that this man can pull off both the looks.

It’s sad that we didn’t get to such much of Beardo Dean Winchester on the show. However, in season fifteen, bearded Dean Winchester appears in Sam’s nightmare where Sam kills our macho dude. Now that Supernatural has ended, Jensen is mostly seen with a beard is his photos.

8. Jensen Sings


It’s pretty obvious that this handsome Texas-born actor is pretty talented when it comes to acting. And just as a friendly reminder, that he’s into sports too. But, these aren’t the only talents our hero’s got. Those who really follow Jensen and his work probably know that he’s a pretty good singer. Well, you could have seen that in Supernatural.

There are numerous scenes where his character, Dean Winchester, sings in the car or does karaoke. And if you want to listen to his work, you’ll find a lot of stuff on the internet. Did you know that in Supernatural’s season 15, Jensen Ackles’ track was actually used in one episode? The song was named ‘Sounds of Someday’. Jensen is a pretty cool singer, to be honest. He seriously needs to release an album.

7. A Lead Role In Smallville?


Before Supernatural, there was Smallville: a TV series that everybody was obsessed with. Long story short, this TV series followed the adventures of the young Clark Kent also known as Superman. Jensen Ackles auditioned for the main role and, according to some sources, he almost got it. However, Tom Welling was chosen for it at the end. Instead, Jensen got the role of Jason Teague, Lana Lang’s love interest and Clark Kent’s rival.

To be honest, we are very curious about how Smallville would have looked like if Jensen had gotten the main role. It’s obvious that he would have nailed the role, though. But, we have to say that Tom Welling, did a pretty good job with that role and it would be hard to top that.

6. The Name Jensen

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It is no mystery that Jensen Ackles is indeed a great actor, but, his name’s cool too, isn’t it? Sure, jt makes sense that an interesting man comes with an intriguing name. And with a name like “Jensen,” there is no chance that people won’t be questioning where a name like that came from.

Even his last name is quite peculiar. But did you know that his first name is actually a surname? As an example, I would just take Clay Jensen from 13 Reasons Why. Another lesser known fact is that his parents wanted to name him Justin, but they didn’t because they thought that name was too common. Well, it indeed was a great idea! Don’t you think?

5. He Was Teased By His Classmates


We all know that Jensen Ackles has been in the field of acting for a long long time now. Well, did you know that while he was in middle school, some of Ackles’s fellow students found one of the ads for which he had modeled. After which, they printed numerous copies of the ad before proceeding to plaster it through their school.

Ackles considers it being one of the most embarrassing moments in his life, but considering that he was able to buy a car with the money that he had made from his modeling by the age of 16, it is safe to say that he had the last laugh on the matter.

4. Played Two Characters On Dark Angel


Yes, Jensen Ackles also auditioned for a role on James Cameron’s Dark Angel, which was about the exploits of a genetically-engineered super-soldier on the run from government authorities in a post-apocalyptic world. The girl tries to lead a normal life while eluding capture by government agents and searching for her brothers and sisters scattered in the aftermath of their escape.

He played one of the other genetically-engineered super-soldiers who had escaped at the same time as the lead character, thus making his character a siblings of sorts to Jessica Alba’s character. Later, he played a clone of the aforementioned character, who was much more stable than his predecessor, until the show’s cancellation in 2002.

3. His Most Treasured Possession Is A Necklace


Fans are aware about the fact that Jensen is a very generous man with a very big heart. He’s not afraid to show emotions, which is very nice, but, that doesn’t make him any less manly or strong. We’re mentioning this because when Jensen was younger, he lost his best childhood friend in a car accident when his friend was hit by a drunk driver.

Jensen made a necklace in honor of his friend, to always remember him, and he says that’s his most treasured possession. Isn’t that touching? It indeed is. He does love his off screen friends the same way Dean Winchester loves his buddies.

2. The J2


Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural are brothers and can sell their souls to protect one another, hence, are pretty close to each other. Well, guess what? Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are pretty close friends in real life as well. Sometimes they even compare themselves to the characters they’ve played for over a decade.

In an interview with Telegraph India, Jensen said “I think we do have that loyalty and I can honestly say you know, I’d trust my life with this guy and I guess in relevance to Dean for Sam, I would jump in front of a bullet for him any day and never think twice.” And Jared’s response to this lovely sentiment was, “Unfortunately for him, he’s stuck with me for life now and that’s important.” These on screen brothers are brothers off screen too.

1. Voiced Batman


Batman's popularity is equal to Dean Winchester's love for pies. Jokes apart, the character of Batman is arguably the most popular character of any superhero out there in the business. Legends like Kevin Conroy have voiced the character of Batman in animation and great actors have played it in the movies, be it Michael Keaton, Christian Bale or Ben Affleck. But did you know that our own Jensen Ackles has always had a thing for the character of Batman? Jensen Ackles has posted a number of pictures of him cosplaying Batman and even in Supernatural itself, there's a famous scene of him saying, "I'm Batman!".

Jensen Ackles got to voice Batman in Batman: The Long Halloween (2021) and its other part as well. After the release, fans showered Ackles with all the love they had to offer, it was as if Jensen Ackles was perfect for the character, his voice had that intensity and crisp. He voiced both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Prior to that, Jensen had also voice Jason Todd (Red Hood) in the 2010 animated movie Batman: Under The Red Hood.

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