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10 Cutest Female Pokémon Trainers in the Cartoon / Anime (with Pictures)


I love Pokémon and have been watching the anime/cartoon ever since I was a little child! Pokémon is still popular!


Lillie is one of the most loved characters in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She is the cutest out of all of Ash's Alolan travel companions. Initially hesitant to touch Pokémon because of a bad experience in her childhood, Lillie spent a lot of time trying to overcome her fear. Due to her cute appearance, Lillie trains fairy type Pokémon. Her main Pokémon, Alolan Vulpix, is one of the cutest Pokémon of all time. Toward the end of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Lillie successfully "caught" Magearna. Then, Lillie and her brother, Gladion, started their journey to find their missing father.



Unlike most of the female companions of Ash, Serena secretly has a big crush on our boy. From an early age, Serena dreams of being a Pokémon performer. This type of trainer raises different Pokémon to compete in Showcases and demonstrates their partnership in various activities. The Kalos queen, Aria, is the best Pokémon performer in Kalos. Serena is doing her best to show that she has the ability to get to the top as well.



Nessa is a water type Pokémon gym leader in the Galar region. Loving water at a young age, Nessa is naturally attracted to water type Pokémon. In her youth, Nessa enjoyed playing with water Pokémon and met a Feebas. Many years later, she was doing a photoshoot with Milotic which evolved from Feebas that she met in her childhood. As an adult, Nessa is a dark skinned slender woman with big blue eyes. She is a very pretty woman. Also, Nessa has really amazing flowy hair that just accentuates her beauty.


Do we all love Misty? She is the first female companion of Ash Ketchum and left the biggest impression on Pokémon audience. Being from the Cerulean gym, Misty is a water type Pokémon trainer. Compared to her sisters, Misty is actually the least attractive sister. However, in Pokémon fan's eyes, she is the most attractive because of her personality. In one moment, Misty is calm and nice. Then, the next moment, she gets angry because of something and releases her anger. Misty was finally able to overcome her fear of Gyarados, she became an even more amazing water type Pokémon trainer.



May is Ash's travel companion in Hoenn. Originally not interested in Pokémon, May only wanted to travel instead of training. However, upon seeing a Pokémon contest, she decided that she wanted to be a coordinator. In the beginning, May was clueless about Pokémon and Ash acted as her mentor. As she gained more confidence through the series, May won many contest ribbons. As for her personality, May is very sweet and nice. However, she does have a tough side especially with her little brother, Max. Deep down though, May deeply cares about her Max and her friends.



The champion of Kalos region, Diantha is an accomplished Pokémon trainer as well as a famous actress. With her signature Pokémon Gardevoir at her side, Diantha battles with grace and beauty. Due to her status as a famous movie star, Diantha is well known in the Kalos region for her abilities and unparalleled beauty. With her hairstyle and elegant sense of fashion, Diantha looks a lot like the legendary actress, Audrey Hepburn.



This psychic type trainer looks so fierce with her immense psychic powers and cool attitude. With Sabrina's stern looks, she somehow sets herself apart from the typical cute female Pokémon trainers. Aside from her good looks, Sabrina is an extremely strong psychic type Pokémon trainer. The Saffron City gym is a terrifying place where challengers will turn into dolls by Sabrina if they lose. Twisted but cute gym leader makes Sabrina stand out among female trainers. Fortunately, Ash Ketchum was able to "heal" Sabrina with Haunter's jokes.


Professor Ivy

You might not remember professor Ivy, she briefly appeared in the cartoon / anime. However, Brock remembers her vividly though. Any mention of professor Ivy's name brings unhappiness to Brock. It's really hilarious (just not for Brock). We will probably never find out what happened between the two. But, professor Ivy probably rejected Brock's advances. How sad! Let's hope Brock finds his girl in the future. Professor Ivy is really gorgeous with a pretty face and sexy body. She definitely attracts the attention of all grown men.



Elesa is an electric type gym leader and also a supermodel. The long legged model trains electric type Pokémon to overwhelm opponents and dominates the fashion runway. Aside from her cute looks and killer body, Elesa is also a very sweet lady. She convinced Bianca's father to allow the little girl to follow her dream. What a sweet gym leader.


This character is also marginal. She appeared in the movie, Mewtwo Returns. Although technically not a trainer, she is an elite officer in Team Rocket. The name, Domino, is actually her code name. Domino's real name is unknown. She is a ruthless and cold person that is well versed in fighting and infiltration. With curly blonde hair, a cute face, and nice figure, Domino is definitely attractive. Put her villain status aside, she is one of the cutest Pokémon trainers.


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