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10 Best to Worst Couples from "The Boys" TV Show

10 Best to Worst Couples from The Boys TV Show

10 Best to Worst Couples from The Boys TV Show

The Boys is popular for its outrageous drama and superhero series. In the program, there are a few couples who are making out well.

The storyline of the show focuses on the superhero and couple drama plot. A few days ago, the second season of "The Boys" show started. Furthermore, there is some couples look well onscreen.

However, the other couple's relationship on the screen looked toxic. Have a look at the top 10 best to the Worst pair in "The Boys" Season 2 TV show.

1. Hughie and Annie

Annie and Hughie are the youngest couples in the show's second season. The team is not always together. Still, Hughie and Annie both love each other, and their presence positively impacts the audience. Hughie is making strong efforts to bridge the gap between The Boys' team and Annie.

2. Robin and Hughie

The first couple that arrived at the show is Hughie and Robin. Due to the script demand, the audiences do not get many memorable moments of the couple together. While they are connected for a long time, it looks like Hughie is in love with Robin.

3. Billy and Becca

Becca and Billy are making substantial efforts to rekindle their relationship. Still, they are struggling to manage their relationship issues for long. Billy is Becca's husband, who believed that his wife was raped and murdered by Homelander eight years back. He found Becca with Homelander's child in the house. Becca is in love with Billy; still, he does not want to leave the child.

4. Elena and Queen Maeve

In the past, Queen Maeve was once in a relationship with Homelander. Then, the Queen realized that Homelander is not the person she loved the most. Queen Maeve loved her former girlfriend, Elena. They have not seen each other after the end of the first season.

However, in the second season, Maeve is afraid of Homelander as he could harm Elena. She comes with a plan so that she can save Elena from the evil plans of Homelander. It is unclear what happens in the next episodes. Will Maeve and Elena come together or not?


5. Popclaw and A-Train

There is a thin line marked between the unhealthy couples and the good ones in The Boys' second season. A-Train and Popclaw are together due to the circumstances that are responsible for their romance.

Still, A-Train kept a secret in him about his place in the Seven. He realized that Homelander could harm him due to his connection with Popclaw. Then, he killed Popclaw to save himself from the terror of the Homelander. He grieved in pain for a long time after losing his love partner.

6. Deep and Starlight

In The Boys, Chase Crawford is as Deep and Erin Moriarty as Starlight. For the first time, both of them looked like associates.

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Then, Starlight made a confession she used to have a crush on Deep from childhood. However, Deep manipulates with the love feelings of Starlight. Then, he left her shattered and felt disguised.

Soon, Starlight accepted that she could bear the anger and aggression of Deep. The better option is to leave him and move on in life.

7. Becca and Homelander

Most of the relationships between Homelander and Becca appeared off-screen. There is no romantic union between the couple. Becca mentioned to her husband, Billy, that Homelander raped her. Again, Homelander revealed that Becca was an agreed companion.

He did not force her to do anything with him. Homlander behaved with Becca in the usual way. Both of them decided that they have a son.

The things happened between them in an average case. No one forced the two of Becca and Homelander to stay together in a relationship with a son.

8. Homelander & Queen Maeve

Everything ended between Queen Maeve and Homelander. Both of them damaged everything in their relationship. Homelander wants that Maeve should live with him. However, he does not wish Meave to look for other guys to start her relationship.

He used many ways, manipulated, and disregarded Queen. Due to his beliefs, he did not help Maeve and the other people who died in the airplane crash. At that time, Queen was helpless, as she could not do anything for them.


9. Stillwell & Homelander

Homelander and Stillwell have a twisted relationship. Madelyn Stillwell manipulated Homelander to the bidding work of her. On the other hand, Homelander is treated as a loving figure and a mothered figure at the same moment.

It looks like a strange mix as you treat your partner as a motherly figure. Homelander killed Stillwell when she lied about her son to him. With the help of the shape fit superpower, he had a good time with Madelyn's version. He liked the version because she took care and was attentive towards him.

10. Stormfront & Homelander

It is a big mystery that Homelander and Stormfront will become an idol couple. Alternatively, their relationship will end as a big disaster. Still, considering their chemistry in the show "The Boys," the second situation in their relationship will come soon.

Homelander and Stormfront are the two persons with violent tendencies. A wonderful thing about Stormfront is that she determined to get Homelander with her.

On the other hand, it is going to be impossible to comment on anything about their twisted relationship. Let the future decide the destiny of the couple in the show. Watch the latest episodes of "The Boys" to get all updates too.

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