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10 Best Romantic Comedy Anime

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Romantic comedy anime has a good vibe driven on it, so people tend to prefer this genre. In response to this large fan-base, anime producers and manga artist try to make their anime infused with a little or sometimes exaggerated comedy to boost its audience. Some anime were successful in getting these criteria, but some were somewhat a downer and disappointing.

Now here we are to list the most favorable romantic comedy themed anime based on my judgment as a fan. As with my previous hubs, this list will be in no order. So, without further ado, let's start!

1. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster)


My Little Monster's story revolves around Shizuku Mizutani an anti-social study bug which only cares about her grades and Haru Yoshida who got suspended on his first day of school when he beat the hell out of an upperclassman who bullied a freshman.

Shizuku's apathetic attitude became useful when her teacher forced her to deliver handouts to the then suspended Haru and also brought out a warning of expulsion if he fails to attend school the next day.

The story later became stupidly entertaining when the oblivious Haru whom can also be classified as a delinquent became attached to the study bug Shizuku. Haru was arguably the top examinee of the batch, which made Shizuku furious as she studies a lot while Haru always plays around her. These events later became the foundation of their love story as the two reconciled their differences and became closer to each other.

Though as crazy as it goes, this anime should receive a credit to show that love can develop in significant ways, even weird ones. The comedy is fantastic, and the art style is unique. I also like how the story handles its supporting characters.

2. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (Love, Chuunibyou and Other Delusions)


Chuunibyou, also known as the Eight Grade Syndrome. It is not an actual sickness but a stage where adolescents believe that they possess supernatural powers, usually contributed by anime and games.

To forget this shameful past was the primary goal of our male protagonist Yuta Togashi. His plan was to make his high school debut to be as "normal" as possible. His plans, however, was foiled when he met Rikka Takanashi, our female protagonist, whom still experiencing chuunibyou. She idolizes Yuta because she believes his "Dark Flame Master" delusion was impressive. However, Yuta nevertheless, wants to change his life so badly that he confronts Rikka to keep his past a secret. These fun turn of events lead our protagonists in creating a strange club whom the objective was to study superpowers, but the truth, though, it is only a cover-up in order for them to play and eat freely.

As the story progresses, Yuta realized that he became infatuated with Rikka and decided to express his feelings. They did but do chuunibyou, and romance mixes well? Find out on this 24 episodes' anime.

Honestly, I love this anime more than any anime that I've watched. The relatable factor was that I also had the chuunibyou thing when I was younger but it's all in the past now, but still the urge to "Kame Hame Ha" (from Dragonball Z) still lingers in my veins.

3. Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! (This Art Club Has a Problem! )


The art club was a place to practice their skills on artwork, or so it seems. But in this anime, the art club has weird members ranging from a lazy club president who always sleeps, a wealthy, cute underclassman troublemaker, a beauty suffering from chuunibyou, an otaku who paints anime rather than real paintings and lastly, a girl whom wants to do actual work but struggles to do so.

Mizuki Usami, our female protagonist, has feelings for Subaru Uchimaki. But our male protagonist, though, was addicted to the world of "waifu" - ironically, a cute anime form of a wife. Mizuki was the only one in the club who wanted to do actual club work but struggles to keep on it because of its oblivious and club members. The romantic comedy factor was that Mizuki was secretly admiring Subaru, but this guy was as dense as he can be, leading to hilarious and shameful misunderstandings.

Charming and funny characters. Slice of life and oh, the wonderful high school life. These were the factors that lead putting this anime on this list.

4. Working!


"Workplace romantic comedy." Best three words to describe this awesome three-seasoned anime. The main story focuses on our male protagonist Souta Takanashi who loves small things. He also thinks small insects like lice were cute and adored. However, this weird fetish of his came in handy when he was asked to work on Wagnaria, a coffee shop, by Popura 'Poplar' Taneshima.

She successfully persuaded Souta into working in Wagnaria, where he met Mahiru Inami whom can automatically set herself into a boxer when he encountered a man - a symptom of androphobia (fear of men). The receiving end of the punch, which mostly Souta himself decided to help Mahiru cure her disorder. However, Souta and Mahiru became curious about their feelings to each other. How could that be? Souta only loves little things, and Mahiru hates men. Will this fantastic love story workout? Will their crazy workmates get in the way of their love-hate story?

This anime, by the way, has an ongoing spin-off titled WWW.Working where the setting is the same but the characters are different, and so does their craziness and weirdness.

5. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (Yamada and the Seven Witches)


Superpowers were fantastic. But if your superpower was to switch bodies with others, what will you do? This power was the dilemma our male protagonist Ryuu Yamada when he unsealed this power after he accidentally tumbled over and kissed Urara Shiraishi, our heroine.

Ryuu was a former delinquent. He was determined to change his image, so he chose a specific school, which incidentally have seven secrets. These "secrets" had remained secrets even when Ryuu accidentally switched bodies with Urara. These two stayed in this state for a long time, for a reason on cheating on exams, until they found out that their powers were part of the seven secrets of the school - the seven witches. Ryuu also searched the truth of his power.

Ryuu and Urara then became a member of a secret club who's the primary objective was to find the identities of the seven witches. The love story factor was, Urara and Ryuu have chemistry. Urara, with her calm attitude, had developed feeling for Ryuu and the latter, however, had been in love since their first meeting.

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This anime was great; I love the character designs. I also like how the anime presents them. The casual kisses to transfer powers? I would love to have that in real life.

6. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou (The Kawai Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior)


This anime was all about Kazunari Usa who tries to lives by himself due to his parents working in a different area. He stumbles upon this boarding house named the Kawai (Cute) Complex where he encounters various eccentric characters who ranges from a masochist to an alcoholic office mature lady.

When he first set foot on the new domain, he met this mysterious female protagonist Ritsu Kawai whom inadvertently stopped Kazunari from leaving. Kazunari became interested about Ritsu and started following her to the girl's area. However, boys were strictly off limits to the girl's area that various weapons against men lie in the hallway. Kazunari, who nearly fell as a victim learned his lesson not to cross the borderline.

Ritsu has a hobby of reading books. She loves books so much that it influences her attitude and limits herself talking to others. Being aware of this, Kazunari tries to get close to Ritsu by trying to do her hobby. Unexpectedly, Kazunari gets a positive response from Ritsu, and this will be the start of their love story, which takes a little bit far from an exchange of vows.

Overall the anime did a great job of delivering the story. The realistic portrayal of an attitude of a boy being in love The art style was extreme and splendid. A must watch.

7. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei (Engaged to the Unidentified)


Kobeni Yonomori, just turned 16, an ordinary teenager receives a surprise that she was engaged to Hakuya Mitsumine a countryside man who moved together with his younger sister Mashiro Mitsumine to strengthen their family bonds. However, Kobeni was reluctant to the engagement. She believes that she have just met Hakuya, but for him, it is the opposite. According to Hakuya, Kobeni's late grandfather promised Hakuya's family that the two would be married when Kobeni turns 16. Kobeni, however, didn't remember any of this ordeal but remained open-minded about the issue.

Kobeni's family seems okay with the engagement, so they've let Hakuya and Mashiro live in their abode. Mashiro, the little one, had doubts that Kobeni was not a good candidate for a wife. However, her intuitions took the wrong turn since Kobeni was actually an epitome of a real housewife.

Kobeni's relationship with Hakuya deepens with concurrent memory flashbacks of Kobeni's accident. However, Kobeni after then finds Hakuya and Mashiro's secret.

Cute and cuddly as I describe this anime, the love story behind the light comedy is very refreshing and relatable. However, please be guided that Mashiro's cuteness will test your manliness.

8. Lovely Complex


You probably standardize a relationship as the man being taller than the woman. But, it's not at least in this anime. Risa Koizumi, our female protagonist, was unusually tall for a high-school girl. She wants a boyfriend, but her objective seems to be unattainable because of her height. Her heart was again broke into pieces when she found out that her crush, on the other class, had a girlfriend.

Atsushi Ootani, our male lead, was shorter than the average high-school boy. It appears to be unlikely that he will be getting along with Risa, though unprecedented, they did. They became close, though, Atsushi didn't want to fall in love again, because of his experience of rejection for the ridiculous reason of height difference.

However, as the story progresses, their exchange of insults had become the foundation of their unexpected romance. Determined to express Risa's feelings, she did everything to become the girlfriend of Atsushi.

This anime is 26 episodes long, the characters have the Kansai accent, the comedy is outrageous, and the love story is dainty.

9. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun)


Let's cut to the chase. Chiyo Sakura, our heroine was in love with Umetarou Nozaki. On her way of confessing her feelings, Nozaki misinterprets the confession for an autograph. Nozaki was a mangaka or a manga artist. Because of that misunderstanding, Nozaki recruits Chiyo to be his personal assistant. Chiyo still doesn't know Nozaki's job when she entered his abode and blindly working on his projects. But on the way home, Chiyo remembered a manga which has the same autograph she got from Nozaki and found out that Nozaki was part of the Weekly Girl's Manga Magazine.

As the day passes, Chiyo continued assisting Nozaki because she can use her art skills there. However, being close to her crush, Chiyo became more attached to Nozaki leading to more attraction. Chiyo and Nozaki became so close that crush evolved into love. Though, Nozaki was not quite a perceptive type so he can sometimes leave Chiyo hanging.

With the happy barrage of weird characters, this anime is worth checking since it has the comedy and it's cute to observe an underclassman to be noticed by his senpai.

10. Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!)


Takeo Gouda was not your average high school boy. He had big muscular build. He has the traits that girls, seems to dislike, but these were not the case when it comes to Rinko Yamato, an angelic, innocent, typical high schooler girl who was saved by Takeo when a grappler tried to harass her on the subway. The "heroic" rescue made Rinko fall in love to Takeo on the whim and started searching for him.

Intimidating as he looks, Takeo was a good man. Together with his best friend, Makoto Sunakawa a cool, handsome guy with no interest in falling in love with women who insults his friend Takeo. Makoto became the bridge of the two and then on a fun turn of events, Rinko confessed her love to Takeo in an unusual way - Takeo overheard her.

Later, they started dating. But do an intimidating large man can sustain a good relationship with a petite cutie? Found out in this wreck of anime.

Thanks for reading!

Hope you've read the article until the here. I do love sharing my thoughts on how good these anime are. At the end of the day, it is in your hands to decide if you follow this list or not. If you like it, please leave a comment. If you have more anime that you're wanted me to check out or just wanted so hi, leave it to the comments. I'm going to check it as soon as I get some time to watch it.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for reading my hub. Hope you all are doing well, and God bless!

© 2016 Joween


Joween (author) from Davao City on January 13, 2017:

Hi, Ivy thanks for your feedback. Glad to help. :)

Ivy Kay from Bitola, Macedonia on January 13, 2017:

I started watching 'My Little Monster' thanks to your list and I fell in love with it, probably one of my favourite animes I've watched so far. Thanks for the recommendation. (:

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