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10 Best Novelty Websites

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Fun Websites

We all know about YouTube, Social Networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and Article sites like this one. This is a list of novelty and fun websites I have come across over the years.

Websites to Visit When You're Bored!

Not necessarily in order of novelty value, here are the sites:

  1. You can buy music on this site just like on iTunes. The novelty value is in the fact that you can sing or hum a tune and the site will try to identify it for you!

  2. You are shown a series of photos and have to guess the age of the person. You can upload a photo of yourself and be flattered or annoyed as the case may be when someone guesses your age!

  3. Ever wondered how to do something? Well then this is a site which should satisfy your curiosity

  4. This is a commercial site and although the site may not have novelty value, the gadgets certainly do!

  5. Although not specifically a "novelty" site, it is very interesting and you can look at loads of old news reels

  6. Uncyclopedia The tongue-in-cheek whacky, content free, non-PC, parody of Wikipedia which provides you with disinformation!

  7. Wave PD1 AKA Wavepad A virtual online theremin which you can play by sliding your finger on your touchpad. This doesn't appear to work on Firefox or Internet Explorer. It works fine on Chrome and it is supposed to run ok on Safari but I haven't tried it

  8. One of the many online AI entities although not really very clever!

  9. Ever looked up into the sky and wondered where that jet is heading? gives info on the source and destination of flights, speed, aircraft type and more. is a similar website which uses AIS (Automatic Identification System) to display ship identities and locations.
  10. Have fun stretching images of your face captured from your webcam
  11. Fart Machine - Soundboard City Lots of good, clean toilet humor from this sound effects site

© 2012 Eugene Brennan

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