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10 Best Naruto Characters


If you've ever watched the popular anime Naruto, then you of course realize how many amazing characters there are. With obvious favorites like Naruto and Sasuke, many find themselves attached to other characters as well. Below is listed my top ten favorite characters from Naruto.

Naruto Uzumaki


We start off in the first season with Naruto as a little brat who can't even make a shadow clone accurately. You can't help but absolutely love this guy as the anime continues on into Shippuden, where a more mature and powerful Naruto goes up against stronger enemies in order to keep the Hidden Leaf Village and his comrades safe. His can-do attitude and loyalty to his friends and superiors is impressive. Even as he fails at something he keeps trying until he succeeds. Not only that, but he encourages others as well. Overall Naruto is a great guy who any kid should look up to as a role model.

Sasuke Uchiha


The mixed feelings surrounding Sasuke were very strong for me up until recently. At first I thought he was cool. I mean, he is THAT cool kid that everyone knows and wants to be like. He is stronger than everyone in his classes and he has a don't-care attitude that is desirable. His dark, loner personality leads him to pursue his older brother, Itachi in order to gain vengeance for the murder of the Uchiha clan. He then joins up with the notorious Akatski. I found myself missing the old Sasuke after he did all of these things that "good guys" aren't supposed to do. However, for his character development I believe that his bad behavior was necessary in order for him to grow.

Lord Orochimaru


You may be thinking, 'Why in the world is this creep on the top ten character list?' Well... to put it simply, because he's one of the creepiest villains I've ever encountered in movies/tv shows/anime. Would I want to be best friends with Orochimaru? Ha! No. However, I find myself fascinated with his gross experiments and lack of remorse. He's not only creepy, terrifying and gross, but he's insanely strong. Not to mention he has to be a genius to come up with so many experiments and ways to stay alive.



I found myself conflicted as to whether or not I should include Sakura on this list. Many Naruto fans don't see her as a favorite character just because she doesn't do much throughout the anime series. I disagree. She is there for both Naruto and Sasuke. Not only is she an awesome healer like Tsunade, but she believes in her comrades. This can go a very long way in a world where survival is difficult and friends hard to come by.



Aside from the fact that he is just plain amazing, Minato is Naruto's father. He was a former hokage and he sacrificed himself for Naruto. He believes in Naruto with all of his being, and this is something that helps Naruto progress as he gets stronger. Though Minato gets killed on the day of Naruto's birthday, his reanimated spirit comes back and helps Naruto throughout the story.

Jiraiya/Pervy Sage


The beloved sensei! Aside from Kakashi, Jiraiya is one of the men in this anime who influences and teaches Naruto the most. Not only is he one of the coolest old ninja guys EVER, but he also is a really good guy! He helps Naruto learn to become stronger and gives him lessons on life. Not only that, but he was also a teacher to Naruto's father, Minato. Although he can be seen chasing women and writing perverted novels throughout the show, Jiraiya is a well-respected and incredibly powerful teacher and member of the Hidden Leaf Village. Because of Jiraiya, Naruto is able to learn about Sage Mode and become stronger than I imagined possible. Though he is killed by the antagonist, Pain, Jiraiya lives on through Naruto's memory.

Itachi Uchiha


I absolutely fell in love with Itachi throughout watching this anime. Why, you might ask? For starters he has that Sasuke don't care attitude. There's also the obvious answer that he is extremely strong and powerful. However, these things are not what makes him stand out among the many characters of Naruto. Itachi sacrifices everything for what he believes is right and will help his home, the Hidden Leaf Village. Though he brutally assassinates everyone in his clan except Sasuke, Itachi's reasoning behind it is what gets me every time. The Uchiha clan was getting out of control. If they would have been allowed to keep existing there would have been civil war and chaos among the Hidden Leaf Village. Oh course in real life this would not be a good thing to do. But come on, it's a fictional story so why not? Itachi's devotion and love for his little brother, Sasuke, is another thing that puts him on this list of great characters. He sacrifices being the big brother that Sasuke wants in order to help him become stronger. Itachi knows that the only way that Sasuke can become powerful is to push him to his limits. What an amazing guy! He even sacrifices his life for Sasuke!



Hinata is one of the characters throughout watching Naruto that you might not notice very much. She isn't shown nearly as much as the main characters, yet she is still in the background rooting for Naruto. Her love for Naruto is similar to the love that Sakura has for Sasuke. They both believe in their men and will follow them to the ends of the Earth. Multiple times Hinata puts herself in harms way in order to try and protect Naruto. She encourages him and eventually professes her love to him. Though she seems shy and quiet, Hinata is a character I personally could relate to.

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Kakashi is one awesome ninja! Given a sharingan from Obito as a young boy, Kakashi is an amazing mentor to Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. His humorous character can be seen racing Guy up mountainsides, his ultimate rival and friend, yet he can be a very serious fighter and teacher. He is similar to Jiraiya in that he loves to read perverted novels. This funny and intense character shows that even a ninja can have fun from time to time.



The former jinchuriki from the Village Hidden in the Sand, Gaara is one of the most serious characters in this anime. His terrible past has hardened him to the world. Only Naruto is able to break this pattern of behavior and help him to become a good person and kazekage. He is wise beyond his years when it comes to leadership and strategy. Once he overcomes his difficult past, Gaara becomes one of the powerful heroes of the story.

What do you think?


Someone (Lol) on March 02, 2017:

I think that one of the other best characters is Tsunade cause she didn't let the other villages kill Sasuke and was always very helpful.

Ivy Kay from Bitola, Macedonia on December 24, 2016:

Well, I couldn't really choose between Kakashi, Naruto, Hinata, Gaara, Itachi and Jiraya. I love them soo much and happy they got included in your list. ^_^

Dat Boi on July 23, 2016:

It seems he's frequently left off these lists, bu Deidara is my absolute favorite

bhushan on May 25, 2016:

I m also a huge fan of Naruto

sergio on May 04, 2016:

kakashi favorite god damn character amazing kakashi of the sharingan

jr on September 12, 2015:

you left off madara, and hashirama

Pat Servin on July 09, 2015:

I am a huge Naruto fan. My favorite female character is Hinata. I could relate to her a lot. I was ecstatic when she ended up with Naruto despite popular opinion that Naruto and Sakura would end up together. I was a fan of Sasuke when he was younger. As he got older he just became more of a jerk, lol. I was hoping that when he got older he would soften up. I am a little disappointed that Sasuke didn't become kinder.

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