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10 Best Music Collaborations Between African and Western Artists

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It’s always exciting to see artists from different styles of music and cultures coming together to create a jam. Music collaborations between African singers and those from the USA and UK are nothing new, and it is pleasing to see their continued increase in recent years.

There are way too many exceptional Afro-Western music collabs to incorporate in a listing of just ten. Therefore, I made an effort to narrow the list down by restricting every musician to a maximum of three spots. In no specific order, the following are 10 sensational music collaborations between African and Western Artists.

1. “Own It”: Stormzy featuring Burna Boy and Ed Sheeran

In “Own It” British rapper, Stormzy collaborates with Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy. The 2019 jam is just one of those songs you can’t forget no matter how many years pass by. It’s a feel-good tune with a tremendous flow.

2. “Attention”: Omah Lay and Justin Bieber

Omah Lay is a renowned Nigerian artist while Justin Bieber is a multi-award-winning singer from Canada. The song was let out on 3rd March 2022, and the blend of the two different vocals is lively and innovative. “Attention” is very catchy and both artists are exceptionally gifted.

3. “Peru”: Fireboy DML and Ed Sheeran

The original “Peru” song by Fireboy DML was released by YNBL Nation in July of 2021. In December of the same year, a remix of the track was released as a collaboration between the Nigerian musician and talented English singer, Ed Sheeran. Mixing in Fireboy’s and Ed Sheeran’s voices makes the track a masterpiece.

4. “Monalisa”: Lojay, Sarz and Chris Brown

“Monalisa” came out in May 2022, and it features Lojay (male Nigerian singer), Sarz (record producer and musician from Nigeria), and Chris Brown (North American singer/artist). Chris Brown has worked with many other African talents, including Davido and Rema, and for this I applaud him.

5. “My Oasis”: Sam Smith featuring Burna Boy

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Sam Smith has a long track record of producing beautiful music, and he doesn’t fail in his 2020 music collaboration with Nigerian artist, Burna Boy. “My Oasis” is very underrated, and it probably deserves more recognition.

6. “Somebody’s Son”: Tiwa Savage featuring Brandy

“Somebody’s Son” is an encouraging 2021 song between two talented ladies: Tiwa Savage form Nigeria and Brandy from the United States of America. (I have just one question, does brandy ever grow old?). The voices of the two female artists work together to produce an epic and emotional track.

7. “African Beauty”: Diamond Platnumz featuring Omarion

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz and American singer Omarion came together to produce the 2018 dance track, African beauty. The song has a great beat, meaningful lyrics, and I love it when Omarion sings those few lines in Swahili.

8. “A Million Dreams”: Pink and Ndlovu Youth Choir

Pink, a North American singer, showcases her vocal talent in the breathtaking 2020 song with the South African Ndlovu Youth Choir. “A Million Dreams” is simply beautiful and inspiring.

9. “Come Closer”: Wizkid featuring Drake

Wizkid, from Nigeria, is known for collaborating with a variety of foreign artists. In 2017, he released the track, “Come Closer” with Drake, a Canadian rapper/singer, and it has become a timeless hit over the years.

10. “For My Hand”: Burna Boy featuring Ed Sheeran

Burna Boy and Ed Sheeran have worked together in multiple musical projects over the years, and it would be nice if they made an album together. “For My Hand” is a 2022 song that’s sweet, captivating and calming. Ed Sheeran is truly talented as he never disappoints.

The list above shows a few of the amazing collaborations we’ve seen between musicians from Africa and the Western World. However, it seems that most collaborations involve Nigerian artists; I hope that the other parts of Africa will also be included in future projects.

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