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10 Trans Youtube Stars

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Gigi Gorgeous


Gigi Gorgeous is one of the top known Youtube stars of today. She first started her Youtube channel back in 2008. When the channel was first created she was still known as a male and went by her birth name Gregory. Gigi first came out as a transgender in December 2013. She went through her transition all while maintaining her channel.

Her channel is based on makeup,fashion,vlogs and more. Gigi currently has 2,534,198 subscribers on Youtube. Her success on the Internet gave her the opportunity to guest star in many shows and even her own documentary by Sundance which was called This is Everything which recently came out in January 2017. You can watch the documentary on Youtube Red. She has also won awards from the Logo TV Awards in 2014 for most Trailblazing Social Creator and from the Streamy Awards for Best Beauty Series in 2015.

Elena Genevinne


Elena Genevinne first started her Youtube channel as a male with the name John Luuu. Her channel started and is still based on makeup, beauty and vlogs. She also posted videos based on her transition from male to female. Currently Genevinne stands at 409,002 subscribers. Her most popular video is "13 Year Old Full Body Transformation Boy to Girl". Her official coming out as a transgender was in March 2015.

Genevinne has modeled for a clothing line for the website Sheinside back in the Spring of 2015.

Trinity Anne


Trinity Anne has a Youtube channel that goes by the name of BeautyWithTrinity. The channel consists of makeup, fashion and videos about her transformation. She currently has 103,999 subscribers on her channel. The most viewed video she has to date is her "Male to Female Transgender Timeline"

She started taking hormones at the age of 15. Trinity fully started her female lifestyle her Junior year of high school.

Julie Vu


Julie Vu goes by the Youtube name PrincessJoules. She does videos based on beauty, makeup, vlogs and claimed fame with her videos about her transition from male to female. Currently the Youtube star has 444,669 subscribers on her channel. Her channel was made back in 2010. When she was 19 years old that's when she publicly started her transformation.

Vu was apart of the Canadian TV show called The Switch. The show is known as the first ever transgender sitcom. She was dropped from the show in 2014 and was replaced.

Elle Bradford


Elle Bradford is a Youtuber who does videos based on beauty, fashion and videos based on her transformation. She currently has 71,463 subscribers on her channel.

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She first came out as transgender at the age of 15. Bradford has also released an article back in the year 2015 for the magazine Teen Vogue that was called "You Won't Believe How Much It Costs to Be a Transgender in America". The article consists of the prices of everything she had to do through her transition from male to female. The prices she had to pay for her multiple surgeries and therapy.

Jazz Jennings


Jazz Jennings is the youngest to come out as a transgender. At only the age of 6 years old she became publicly known. Jennings did not start off with a Youtube channel but created one later on. Her channel consists of videos about her life as a transgender.

Back in 2007 Jennings and her family founded the TransKids Purple Rainbow foundation for transgender youth. She had a documentary with her family in 2011 called I am Jazz: A Family in Transition which was shown on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Jennings has also founded Purple Rainbow Tails which are mermaid tails which is to raise money for transgender kids. She came out with a book for kids about her transgender life called I Am Jazz. In March 2015 she teamed up with Clean & Clear to star in their commercials. That's not all, her family also had a reality series for 2 seasons on TLC called I Am Jazz. Jennings also has appeared on 20/20 an interview with Barber Walters and The Rosie Show. She has modeled for the NOH8 Campaign. This year, 2017 there are plans to create a doll after her.



Maya's channel mostly consist of videos of her transition and some based on beauty, makeup and others. Her channel stands at 140,773 subscribers. Her most viewed video with over 2.4 million views is her video "Male to Female - Transgender Transition Timeline". Before the transformation her name was Markus.

At a trans pride parade is when the Youtuber decided to become a female at the age of 18. Maya decided to go public her choice when she was 19.

Eden The Doll


Eden the Doll who is mostly known for her Instagram fame, started her Youtube channel last year in 2016. You can see a lot of Eden before she started her channel on Elena Genevinne's channel which is her best friend. Right now she has 68,279 subscribers on her channel. On her channel in her Q&A video she posted, she shares why she chose the name Eden stating she chose her style and name from a character named Eden on a show called Nip Tuck she used to watch with her sister. "The Doll" part of her name was inspired by a character in the movie Dead Silence that went by "Robert The Doll".



Bambii has a Youtube channel which goes by the name of "itsbambii Playhouse". She first got attention with her videos she posted on Vine and Instagram in 2014. On Youtube right now she has a total of 640,565 subscribers. The Youtube stars most viewed video is under the title "I Don't Want to Be Female Anymore." She says in her video "My coming out story" that she had her first boyfriend when she was in the 8th grade. In the 9th grade is when she came out as gay. Then eventually started feeling comfortable wearing makeup and changing.

Brittney Kade


Brittney Kade does videos based on makeup,beauty and transformation. Kade currently has 12,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel. Her birth name was Brandon Morrison. She came out to her parents that she was a transgender when she was 14. Kade started to take hormones a year later at the age of 15. Her current goal right now to become a model.


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