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5 Anime for “Game of Thrones” Fan

PS has been watching anime as long as she's been living. For her, it's a perfect getaway to the cherished world where everything's possible.

Game of Thrones Season 8 (Final Season) Poster

Game of Thrones Season 8 (Final Season) Poster

From the year 2011 to 2019, Game of Thrones strongly captured everyone’s TV screens across the globe. Becoming one of the highest-grossing series of all time, it’s tough to say goodbye after 73 episodes. To maintain your endless entertainment, here’s a list of five such anime that share a similar storyline as “Game of Thrones”. Each of them primarily focuses on royals who would do anything to win back the throne and commence their reign once and for all.

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

1. Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Somewhat similar to The White Walkers in the Game of Thrones, the anime describes humanoid creatures called Titans. Titans have invaded humankind, who are now on the verge of extinction. The worst thing about these creatures is they don’t savor human flesh to kill hunger but do it merely for the sake of entertainment.

To protect themselves, humans decide to live within the enormous concentric walls. It’s been more than 100 years since any Titan attacked them. However, their peaceful life soon comes to an end when a colossal Titan successfully breaches the impregnable wall. And once again the fight for survival begins for humankind.

After witnessing the death of his mother by a Titan, Even Yeager decides to join the Survey Corps to ensure the eradication of monstrous creatures. Survey Corps is a military unit that fights with Titans to prevent them from entering the wall.

The anime is based on award-winning manga Shingeki no Kyojin by Hajime Isayama. It revolves around the story of Eren, his adopted sister, and mega-fighter Mikasa Ackerman and his friend Armin Arlert. Three of them work together with other members of the Survey Corps to protect humankind from extinction.

Berserk (Kenpuu Denki Berserk)

Berserk (Kenpuu Denki Berserk)

2. Berserk (Kenpuu Denki Berserk)

The anime focuses on the life of a young mercenary named Guts, whose lifestyle is quite similar to that of Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones. Jon Snow’s original name was Aegon Targaryen. He was Lyanna Stark’s son who soon died after giving birth to him. Similarly, Guts is born from the corpse of his mother. From a very young age, he is involved in battles to ensure his survival. Whether night or day, he indulges in instant bloodshed to make enough to meet his daily requirements.

One day, he runs into the Band of the Hawk, an intimidating gang of mercenaries. Griffith, the leader gang, recruits him and nicknames him as the “White Hawk”. Within a very short time, Guts quickly manages to climb the ladder, eventually becoming the leader of the offensive faction. He becomes a mighty member of the gang by overpowering Midland like a storm. As he continues with the gang’s lifestyle, he discovers the real hardships of life and learns it's far away from the black and white concept that he once concocted.

The story is set in the medieval era. Quite similar to the storyline of the Game of Thrones, the anime is a dark and nerve-wracking tale of a man’s struggle to find the right path, while supporting others who lust for power. Alike Jon Snow, Guts also has to face unexpected tragedies that drastically changes his wheels of fate.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

3. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion 1 & 2 (Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch 1 & 2 )

Code Geass is about the life of a high school student named Lelouch Lamperouge. Lelouch’s life is quite similar to that of Targaryens in the Game of Thrones. Despite being heir to the Britannian empire, he was exiled by his father at his young age. After that, he is forced to live a common life.

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One day, due to unexpected circumstances, Lelouch finds himself caught between the Britannians and the Area 11 combat forces. Area 11 is a new name given to Japan after its defeat in the battle against the Britannian empire. To his relief, Lelouch manages to escape from the scene and meets with a cryptic girl named CC who offers him the power of Geass, also called the “Power of Kings”.

Thrilled by the newly found power, Lelouch, under the disguise of a masked hero named Zero, decides to take whatever measures possible to get his revenge once and for all.

Not only the beginning, but Lelouch’s end is also quite similar to Daenerys Targaryen of the Game of Thrones.



4. Overlord

The anime is about a powerful wizard named Momonga, who is also the master of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown. Watching the anime, you’ll realize Momonga’s determination and desire to shut each of his enemies down is quite similar to that of Arya Stark in the Game of Thrones.

It’s the last hour of the virtual reality game Yggdrasil. Momonga is busy spending the last few moments with the popular game before all the servers shut down. Unexpectedly, at exactly midnight, Momonga realizes that his character is still alive. In fact, many non-active characters are also brought into play with the personalities of their own.

Stunned by the bizarre situation, he contacts his loyal servants to help him out with the investigation. He is now on an operation to rule the newly developed virtual world by figuring out the reasons for the sudden modifications.

The Twelve Kingdoms (Juuni Kokuki)

The Twelve Kingdoms (Juuni Kokuki)

5. The Twelve Kingdoms (Juuni Kokuki)

In the Game of Thrones, Gendry is a blacksmith and has developed expertise in the same. Later, in the series, he is confronted by Melisandre, “The Red Lady”. She discloses the fact to him that he is the son of the former king of the Seven Kingdoms and thus, the rightful heir to the throne. Sounds like a fairy-tail? Though, it isn’t.

Similar to Gendry’s life, Youko Nakajima is very much satisfied with her normal life. She is a class president, most talented among all, and does what she’s asked. She readily helps her classmates whenever needed. Due to her feeble attitude, her classmates often take advantage of her. This leaves her friendless and all by herself.

One ordinary looking day, a man named Keiki arrives from another world and bows down before Youko. He claims her to be his master and the rightful heir to the throne of his kingdom. Their meeting is interfered with by mythical beasts called Youma. Keiki manages to escape with Youka to his own realm. However, he unknowingly also bring Youka’s friends Yuka Sugimoto and Ikuya Asano with him.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more problems waiting for them as the beasts’ attack separates them from Keiki. With this twisted fate, they have to adapt to the changes and learn to live on their own.

Game of Thrones is filled with multiple themes that can't be covered solely in any one of the series. This is an effort to put together the stories that best fit the theme of the most popular series ever.

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