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10 Alpha Male Korean Idols

The concept of alpha male came the animal kingdom. In every pack of wolves, there is always a leader, the one that the other members follow. In the animal kingdom, the alpha male's dominance is decided by a physical fight. Whoever wins becomes the leader until another challenges him and wins.

Humans also belong to the animal kingdom but we are on top of it. As such, leadership isn't always decided through a physical fight but through the display of natural ability to influence people.

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Characteristics of an alpha male:

  1. Most of the time, an alpha male establishes his dominance by "managing" people. They have the ability to get people to listen to them or follow them through different means such as reasoning, emotional appeal and convincing power. They have the ability to determine how they can phrase their words to make it relevant to the person or people they are talking with.
  2. Making decisive decisions. While others shy away from making decisions where the immediate or far future of other people depend on, alpha males will take a step forward.
  3. Guiding others to reach a certain goal. Whether it is a minor project or a major upheaval, an alpha male will take lead the path or influence others to take a certain path towards an end. That's why they usually end up being the leader.
  4. Possesses a vision. An alpha male has an idea in his head on the results he wants or end goal. Whether it is a business or a school project, an alpha male knows what he wants.
  5. Having that unexplained x-factor that makes people want to follow him.

An alpha male isn't always the official leader but always an influencer. They aren't always strong and tough but they always prove their ability to take on a path regardless of the popularity of their decision.

In Korean entertainment, male idols are often called "soft". An alpha male may be soft in the inside but have an unbelievable toughness inside. Here are 10 of the toughest in the Korean Pop kingdom.

#10 ZE:A: Moon Junyoung (Lee Hoo)


Moon Joonyoung wasn't even in my radar of alpha males until he battled the CEO of his agency for better benefits, pay and privileges from all of ZEA. He was fearless in exposing his own bank account and called his own CEO names even if he knew he could have been sued and fired.

He knew his members deserved better, he heard the cries of his members and decided to take matters into his own hands for the sake of his members. He challenged the king of the kingdom, his CEO and won.

You don't get any more alpha male than that.

#9 Teen Top: C.A.P. or Bang Min Soo


He is often called the "manliest" of all the members of Teen Top but it is their way of describing the role that he has taken on in Teen Top.

He wasn't even out of his teens when he was appointed the leader but he managed to lead a group of adolescent kids to become one of the most disciplined celebrities in Korea. They don't get involved in scandals and has good relationship with Andy, the CEO of their agency.

This is all due to C.A.P.'s guidance. He was forced to grow up early for his group and sacrificed so much of his youth but that's what an alpha male does when leading a kingdom.

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#8 Solo Act: Jay Park


Some would argue that Jay Park is not an alpha but a simply an a**. Well, he probably is but he is also an alpha male. He wasn't feeling a lifestyle that is dictated by a bunch of people whose only concern is to make money from them even if it meant he didn't sleep or rest for days on end.

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He wanted control over his own career and it didn't matter if he was at risk of not having a career at all. He wanted to be the king of his own kingdom so he built his own.

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#7 Mblaq: Yang Seungho


Seungho is the kind of leader that commands respect and earns love.

He is a real father in the group. He disciplines the boys and advises them. He does all the hard work and protects everyone, from Mir's aching hand to Joon's restless desire to get noticed, he is always there to attend to his members.

He is the oldest, the most talented and the most mature. He is the glue that holds the group together and even after Joon's and Thunder's departure, the two even admit that it is Seungho who nurtured their courage to fly.

Watch how Mir forces himself to not cry when they are asked to give a video message to their leader who was, at the time, resting because of injuries.

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#6 Super Junior: Leetuk


Imagine leading a group of 10 men with different personalities and most of them are also just as strong-willed or plainly and simply hardheaded. How do you lead a group of varied age groups, interests and ambition? How do you lead a group that is popular around the world and managed to be respected and loved?

Leetuk has managed to do just that and in the words of Super Junior members themselves, even if they all argue and fight for their own desires, in the end, the voice of Leetuk prevails.

He does not use force but reason. He does not dominate but listens. He does not overpower his members, instead he supports everyone of them so they can shine brighter.

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#5 Solo Act: Jang Geun Suk


He just won't take sh**. He is an outspoken, honest, no nonsense person that makes it a point to speak up. He gives people a piece of his mind and rarely filters what his brain tells his mouth to say. His domineering personality is, in fact, too much for Korea but instead of apologizing and softening up, he decided to just be based in Japan and only come to Korea when he needs to do a project.

Nope, not even the pressure of an entire country is enough to make him bend. He rules himself, you go and be sorry for yourself if you can't bear it.

#4 Big Bang: G Dragon


Yes, he is a diva and narcissistic but it is undeniable that he has the ability to make four other individually successful artists to do what he tells them to do. That's a lot to take on.

He is the leader of the biggest start in one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea and he holds his spot well. He has decided, early on, that he will be personally involved in all their songs and will make direct decisions when it comes to concert production and other matters that concern him and Big Bang as a group. He wasn't even launched yet and he already managed to convince the president of YG that he got what it takes to do their own music and decide on their own career.

#3 DBSK: U-Know Yunho


U-Know Yunho's alpha male character is well-documented. He was known for using the iron hand in the early days of DBSK on his members. He later explained that he did it because he wanted them to be tough and ready for what awaited them. He entered the entertainment industry at such a young age and he knew just how hard it was going to be.

He also lead by example. He is known for giving everything he got in EVERY performance. His passion, energy and dedication can be felt in very snap, every stomp, every move and every note. He gives his best and he expects nothing less from his members too.

Yunho also has a very clear vision of what he wants and how he wants things done. He doesn't like wasting time and that's why he applies a no-non sense approach to things.

The result is what DBSK now, the most successful idol group to have ever come out of Korea.

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#2 Solo Artist: Rain


He was rejected for years in every audition he goes to but that didn't stop him from pursuing the career he wanted. He eventually succeeded but didn't settle for that. He built his own company and drove himself to a Hollywood career. So far, he is the most successful Korea-based artist in Hollywood.

He has a full feature Hollywood film under his name and continues to make Hollywood movies. He owns his own company and is managing several artists.

No one can tell him what to do. He knows what he should do best and he has proven that he is, most of the time, right.

#1 Shinhwa: Eric Mun


Although Rain and Yunho can potentially become the best alpha male from Korean entertainment, no one can hold a candle against Eric as of yet. Eric lead Shinhwa in their battle against SM for the rights to their names and songs. He was the one who made a strategic plan on how to keep everyone together and break free from SM. He put his own money just to get that freedom and the results are:

  1. unconditional respect from the rest of Shinhwa
  2. the longest running idol group in Asia
  3. creative control over the career of Shinhwa


Fairlane Raymundo (author) from Los Angeles, CA on July 26, 2015:

@six16 who would replace in the top 5 for Leeteuk?

six16 on July 24, 2015:

I very much agree on Eric holding the #1 spot. Shinhwa will never be Shinhwa now if he didn't "fought" for their group, his members, and their rights. =)

But I would have to disagree on #6. Leeteuk should have at least break into the top three spot. He deserves more acknowledgement than what he is getting now. Just imagine the issues, scandals, and concerns his group has to go through almost each year since debut (2005 - called out as "recycle group", 2007 - KH / EH / LT's car accident, 2009 - Hangeng's departure and legal battle with SM, 2010 - Kangin's issues and early military enlistment, 2011 onwards - members enlistment) and yet the group still managed to be on top (still the group who holds the most number of daesangs) and be the global idols who are considered to be the ones who opened the doors of K-Pop to the rest of the world and not just Asia.

So yeah, I think, Leeteuk deserves more.

kpoplover on July 22, 2015:

Oh yeah with those awesome boys/ men. Talented, loyal, sexy, good looking and best fighter. Sounds perfect!! Clap…clap…clap...And totally yes for the most handsome male idol Shinhwa Eric. Even he is known as one of the alpha korean male in actings field too.

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