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“Causeway” 2022 Movie Review

What’s The Synopsis

Causeway it’s the story of a wounded soldier named Lynsey (Jennifer Lawrence), who coming back from a horrific accident in Afghanistan. She comes back to her hometown of New Orleans after recovering from a traumatic brain injury. She now has to find a way to return to normal life and cope with her ongoing struggles from war, in hopes she can return to the military. on the way, she meets James (Brian Tyree Henry) And forms an intimate friendship and finds he has struggles of his own.

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Do I reccomend

I highly recommend this film.

Why Do I Recommend

Beautifully written, and it was devastatingly beautiful. The story is an intimate portrait of a soldier struggling to adjust to life after a traumatic accident. It's rough and uncomfortable to watch at times but nevertheless very necessary. It's incredible to see Jennifer back in her element. Jennifer Lawrence pulls out all the stops and hits hard and makes you feel such intense emotions. Some of her best work. It's a terrific performance by Brian Tyree Henry, and the two make for an interesting and engaging team. The pair work incredibly well together and deliver heartfelt performances. Impressive job for first-time director Lila Neugebauer. The film might be a bit slow-moving for some but nonetheless a very moving and beautiful film.

What The Movie Did Right

The first thing I loved was how they didn’t have to have any traumatic flashbacks to get the point across. You still felt how much of an effect the accident had on Lynsey. This is mostly due to the fact of how talented Jennifer Lawrence is. Secondly, I loved how the relationship between James and Lynsey evolved over the course of the film. It's beautiful to see how they looked out for each other and helped one another through the trauma. lastly, the emotional toll the film takes is incredible but also subtle and quiet. overall great work.

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Lila Neugebauer


Jennifer Lawrence, Justine Polsky, Joshua Bachove




Jennifer Lawrence, Brian Tyree Henry, Linda Emond, Jayne Houdyshell, Stephen McKinley, Henderson Russell Harvard


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