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The Thing Is, There Are Positives to the Coronavirus Pandemic

This pandemic has negatively affected a lot of people! In this article, I attempt to list some of the positives of the pandemic!

You know, there are positives to the Coronavirus pandemic

Obviously, the pandemic has been horrible for a lot of people. People have lost their jobs and people have lost their lives. People have lost family members and friends. People also have had terrible health effects from Coronavirus.

I am not attempting to discount any of that by any means. I personally try to stay positive. So, while all of that is terribly disheartening and I am deeply sorry for those negatively affected, I intend to bring some of the positive aspects of the pandemic to the surface.
Disclaimer: these benefits are not in any particular order.

A Healthier Earth

Coronavirus Masks

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, we were only increasing our carbon footprint. As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, much of the world was in lockdown. This has caused the levels of nitrogen dioxide to decrease. The air quality of China has improved dramatically. For the first time in years, the skies are blue in Delhi, India.

Traffic has gone down as well. This has caused air pollution to decrease up to 20–30% in some major cities around the world. Another positive part of traffic decreasing is that it has been reported in some states that traffic accidents have gone down as much as 50%.

Essentially, putting the economy on hold has had a positive effect on the environment. The use of fossil fuels has been cut dramatically. If politics weren’t at the forefront of this time (prior to November), our leaders would possibly be smart enough to use this time wisely.

Covid19 Coronavirus Workplace Posters

Appreciate the important things

Before Coronavirus and masks, it seemed the entire world was always in such a rush to do everything. This pandemic has forced us to slow down. In doing so, we have also been forced to prioritize the important things in life, such as family and close friends.

People are going to appreciate their family and close friends more now that we have been forced to spend time with each other in an unexpected way. No more working late because most people are working remote. No more children running off to school because school is remote.

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I believe it will help us to realize how interconnected we really are in the long run. Coronavirus shows us really how much we can truly affect one another whether it is an ill or a joy.

Parents are becoming more involved with their children. I believe virtual schooling has benefits, such as a parent being able to understand their child more as a student. A lot of the parents complaining just don’t want to. They’d rather someone else do it, but I believe there is a lot of beauty in being more involved in every aspect of your child’s development. It is your responsibility as a parent.

Mental health is more in focus than ever

People who aren’t even affected by coronavirus can still be affected by mental-health issues. Depression and anxiety has definitely gone up during this pandemic.

I believe the demand for mental-health support now and in the future will likely be greater than ever. Remote therapy is also getting a boost and has been shown to work. I believe this opens the door for an entirely new group of people who will be willing to seek help for mental-health issues.

This pandemic has shown us it is possible to give mental-help remotely. This opens there door to help more people with less resources required to do so.

Less unnecessary travel and meetings!

This pandemic has truly highlighted where we waste time as a country and as a world in general. Why were spending so much time traveling to and from work? Or to and from meetings? We see now that many of our jobs can be done remotely. And all meetings can be done remotely. We should make better use of the technology that we have. What is more valuable than time?

We have reassessed our priorities through this pandemic (or if you haven’t you should take the time to. I’ll tell you what: after the pandemic, you better pay me more if you expect me to return to an office when I know I can do my job from my house. Pay for my gas, or don’t expect me to travel to an office when I can work remotely.

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