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10 Awesome Yearbook Theme Ideas

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Pick from one of these 10 great themes for your next yearbook.

Pick from one of these 10 great themes for your next yearbook.

Picking a Yearbook Theme

Ahh yearbooks, that time of the school year that signals the end of the school year is near, running from friend to friend making sure not to miss a single signature.

A yearbook is so much more than just a book of pictures for friends to sign; it’s a piece of your history to look back on years later to give you feelings of nostalgia, to look back on all of the great times you had growing up.

There is a lot that goes into the process of making the yearbooks: school pictures, candid photos, notes from staff and students, club pictures, and sometimes even baby pictures!

One thing that is not particularly thought about by the average student is the theme of the yearbook.

A theme is the one single element of a yearbook that appears from cover to cover; it may be something relevant to that school year, it may be something that’s a blast from the past, or it may be something that has nothing to do with anything other than to make the yearbook look pretty.

The process of acquiring a theme is not automatic and the theme will not pick itself; therefore if you are on the yearbook committee, this task lies in your hands.

The list of 10 awesome yearbook theme ideas below has been compiled for your reference:

School Spirit Yearbook Themes

  • Showing Our True Colors: Another theme that uses the school colors. Fill this yearbook with your school colors from cover-to-cover. Include many pictures of students dressed head-to-toe in their school spirit, at pep rallies and school games.
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  • Year of the (Mascot): The school mascot is always an important part of the school’s image, so why not incorporate the mascot into the yearbook? This is a great way to use your school spirit in the design of the yearbook. Include things such as the mascot, of course, and the school colors. Get creative and use real pictures of the school mascot and different types of clip art.
  • Sealed in Gold: This is a theme that works really well, especially if gold is one of your school’s colors. If gold is not a school color of yours, this can still work out fine. The entire yearbook should have a consistent gold tone throughout, and can include pots of gold, or anything associated with gold that you can come up with.

Fantasy Yearbook Themes

  • It’s Magic: It’s surely been a magical year for some of the students at the school so this theme is always a suitable theme for a yearbook. Swirls of pixie dust, magic hats and white rabbits can adorn the pages of a yearbook with this theme. Who doesn't like magic, anyway?
  • Happily Ever After: Find inspiration in fairy tales for this fun, beautiful theme. Decorate the pages with swirly pixie dust, glass slippers and pumpkin carriages. Your imagination will take you very far when pondering yearbook theme ideas related to fairy tales.
  • Roll Out the Red Carpet: If your school has some aspiring movie stars and photographers, this theme would be perfect for your yearbook. Use Hollywood-related pictures such as the red carpet, clapboard, film reels and of course the Hollywood sign. Have your yearbook committee act as paparazzi to get many good, candid pictures to fill the yearbook.
  • The Paths We Choose: It’s no surprise that students will travel many different paths throughout the school year and beyond. This theme can be as simple as pictures of pretty paths lined with flowers or anything you can think of

Unique Yearbook Themes

  • To the Moon and Back: There are many yearbook theme ideas inspired by astronomy but a theme such as this one symbolizes a journey to a faraway place, then back to earth, such as a student’s journey learning many things throughout a school year. With this theme, the universe is the limit when it comes to filling the pages.
  • Any Way the Wind Blows: Inspired by Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” this theme can include some of the quotes from Queen’s hit song, along with artwork showing things blowing in the wind, such as dandelions. This can be a truly breathtaking theme as some of the lyrics from the song can caption photos perfectly. Choose lyrics carefully, though. If you are not very fond of the song, inspiration can be found in the title alone.
  • Out With a Bang: It always seems like the schools years just fly by, and this theme will certainly amplify that feeling. Use things that go bang, such as fireworks, cannons, or drums. Fireworks, in particular, make great artwork for this yearbook theme.

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