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Writing Spiders

Writing Spider Spinning A Web

Close up of Writing Spider and her web.

Close up of Writing Spider and her web.

Black and Yellow Garden Spider Is Also Called A Writing Spider

The woven pattern of "silk" is easily seen as the Writing Spider busily works to spin its web but the larger portion of the web may not be that easy to see and you could even walk right into it.

The Writing Spider is not aggressive and is not poisonous to humans but can be a little scary due to it's intimidating size. They can eat insects twice their size and are found all over South Carolina (and other places, too) in the summertime. Please continue to scroll down to learn more about the fascinating Writing Spider. I am not one who usually likes spiders or anything that is "creepy, crawly" but I do love to watch the Writing Spider.

It is sometimes called the Black and Yellow Garden Spider but we have always referred to them as Writing Spiders.

What Are Writing Spiders? - Big, Beautiful, Black and Yellow Spiders with gorgeous webs

Facts About Writing Spiders

Facts About Writing Spiders

Readers Add Their Thoughts

A Prof.K signed my guest book and said that actually Writing Spiders were not usually harmful to humans but that they do have venom which is harmful to insects and spiders.

emangle left this helpful comment: Latin name (just in case you like to add it into your text): Argiope bruennichi - we call them Wasp spider

What do you know about Writing Spiders?

Video of Writing Spider eating a Night Crawler in Mrytle Beach SC - by Cathooker2 on YouTube

Writing Spiders are fascinating creatures. I look forward to their arrival every summer.

Audubon Field Guide of Insects and Spiders

Learn More About Writing Spiders With This Field Guide - Just click the book to go directly to Amazon to purchase or to browse around for something else

I think this would be a wonderful Field Guide to own especially if you are in an area with lots of insects. It is always good to be able to distinguish between the good ones and the bad. Yes, I think this needs to be in every household and everyone needs to be familiar with the spiders of their area.

Do you have a good reference library in your home? Nowadays, I guess most people just refer to their Smart Phones to find the answers to any questions they may have. I do that, too, but still think it is important to have a Reference Library in the home. They are also wonderful for teaching your children and grandchildren about the wonders of Nature.

A Little Video of One of Our Writing Spider - Have you seen a Writing Spider lately?

Actually, I can usually look out the window at a Writing Spider as I type. I watch him as he eats something large and he is really working hard on his web. Amazing.

I often wonder if he sees me watching him and puts on a show just for me. I like to think he does.

My Writing Spider

Picture of our Writing Spider - Writing Spiders are fun to watch

This Writing Spider is right outside my office window.

This Writing Spider is right outside my office window.

Our Writing Spiders Show Up In The Same Places Each Year

It seems that the Writing Spiders find the same places to make their home each year. Sometimes it is August before we start seeing them and I always know where to look. They usually will spin their webs around the same place every year. I have one that spins his right outside my office window and I love to watch it grow each day.

Great Shot of a Writing Spider - A Friend of Mine Posted This One On FaceBook

My friend, Blain, shared her close up photo of her Writing Spider

My friend, Blain, shared her close up photo of her Writing Spider

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A Friend's Writing Spider

I have noticed that a good many people are posting pictures of the writing spider on Facebook and was glad that my friend gave me permission to share this one. Thank you, Blain!

Photo Credit: Blain Medlock Young

Male Writing Spiders Are Much Smaller Than The Female Writing Spider

Informational Video About Writing Spiders Found On YouTube - by gardenmagik

Melissa said:

I put this video on my garden show called "Back To The Garden" with Melissa Allman...

it's a local tv channel 16 here in historic Walton County, Georgia,

Interesting Video by Garden Magik

Very Informative Video (above)

I really enjoyed this informative video. I had never heard the story about the Writing Spider and baby Jesus. She explains that we put tinsel on our Christmas Trees to symbolize the spiders web that created its web at the entrance to the cave where Joseph and Mary were hiding.

Wow! Look Closely at This Spider Web - A Work of Art

Writing Spider Web by Mark Ligon

Writing Spider Web by Mark Ligon

Was Charlotte a Writing Spider?

Do you think Charlotte was a Writing Spider or a Barn Spider? - I think every child enjoys reading Charlotte's Web and watching the movie, don't you?

This treasured classic would make a wonderful gift for a special child.

Actually, Charlotte was a Barn Spider who could write but I always think of Charlotte when I see our Writing Spiders.

YouTube Video of Writing Spider eating a Bumble Bee - by dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee found on YouTube

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All comments are appreciated! I would love to hear what you think about the Writing Spider.

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Dev on December 31, 2014:

I need to check this out I am so arachnophobic it's ruiiculods, and like Babs spiders are the only creatures I see. I seriously just about go into meltdown every time I see one bigger than a nickel (and seriously, do they hatch that big because those are the only ones that seem to make themselves known!) because I HAVE to kill them! I just can NOT live knowing it's alive in my house, probably laying eggs in strategic places I feel like crying just thinking about this. *sigh*

Nancy Tate Hellams (author) from Pendleton, SC on September 22, 2014:

Annieangel1. I have never heard that but maybe that is why he likes to spin his web right outside my office window.

Ann from Yorkshire, England on September 07, 2014:

interesting - in mythology the spider is the patron of writers said to be the one to invent the alphabet - nice to meet the guy!

KathyZ1 on October 16, 2013:

Great lens, thanks for your sharing!

Nancy Tate Hellams (author) from Pendleton, SC on September 19, 2013:

@sierradawn lm: I sure am glad that you think of Charlotte as a Writing Spider, too.

Nancy Tate Hellams (author) from Pendleton, SC on September 19, 2013:

@flinnie lm: They just amaze me. The rain washed away the large web that I had been watching but I think they are creating another one.