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Getting Rid of Headaches Permanently

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Headaches are very disturbing. Once we experience headaches it feels like the whole World stops its life and activity. But we all experience it in life. More than half of mankind complains about headaches, however, headaches might not be necessarily a big threat to humans' health and life regarding those who go through that.

Kinds of headaches

Headaches might be primary and secondary. The primary kind of headaches is not based on certain diseases, but it is sourced by other inner and outer cautions such as nerve issues, overactivity, blood circulation issues, etc. Meanwhile, the secondary kind of headaches is based on certain diseases or accidents such as tumors, strokes, different infections, sinus blocks, and so on.

As for the migraine kinds, migraine is a normal kind of headache but sometimes it may cause the person who is experiencing it weakness, fevers, nauseous feelings, deep sensibility towards the light, aromas, food aromas and may make the person stay on the bed.

Causes of headaches

1) Dehydration
Dehydration might be the main causation of headaches.
People who drink water during the day, experience fewer headaches than those who do not.
It is recommended a certain amount of water to be consumed during the day. Seven to eight glasses of water per day to prevent headaches.
Despite that, a well-balanced diet of carbs, fats, proteins may contribute as well to keep stable the level of sugar in the blood. So that we might experience fewer and fewer headaches over time.
2) Stress
Stress is also another causation of experiencing headaches.
Stress consumes a certain amount of mental energy, when this energy runs out during stressing momentums it turns out in headaches.
The fastest way of reducing stress might be, meditation in the fresh air, massaging, yoga, jogging, having aromatherapy baths, while when it comes to food, one of the food that reduces stress is the orange, it reduces stress by 70%.

3) Irregular sleep patterns
Lack of sleep or irregular sleep patterns lead also to headaches. Those who sleep less than seven or eight hours are more exposed to headaches than the others.
That is why it is recommended to sleep seven to eight hours.
For a better and more peaceful sleep try drinking chamomile tea before going to bed.
4) Smoking
Cigarettes contain Nicotine.
Nicotine is responsible for narrowing the blood vessels which leads to headaches.

5) Digestive issues
According to Chinese medicine, all of the headache issues are connected to the digestive system. So it is advisable to consume light meals instead of heavy ones.
6) Air Pollution
The polluted air by different chemicals contains substances that might cause different toxins in the body, these lead to headaches.

Ways to release headaches

1) Taking walks and exercising
Long walks help the blood circulation, so therefore it makes it possible to release tensions and headaches.
2) Massaging
Massaging is helpful to help blood and lymphatic circulation especially massaging the acupressure points in your face and neck.
3) Consuming Caffeine
Taking a certain amount of caffeine can reduce headaches.
The sources of caffeine are chocolates, coffees, cocoa.
But hold on, yet it is not advised to overdose your organism with caffeine because it creates addiction and dependence.
4) Combine coffee with lemon juice.
This is a Chinese technique for releasing headaches naturally at home.
Once the coffee is made you can add also some lemon juice.
Mix it well before drinking.

5) Drink more water

Even the slightest form of dehydration may change the way of thinking and function at certain people by making them feel weak or experience headaches.

That is the reason why being hydrated is so crucial.
6) Drink more herbal teas.
Consuming herbal teas might be a great way of hydration, for headaches is recommended the lavender tea.
The lavender tea reduces migraines.

Supplements that prevent headaches

Omega 3
Omega 3 fights the inflammation of brain tissues. Sometimes can be the inflammation of the brain tissues causing headaches.
The lack of Magnesium may be another causation of certain migraines. Have a diet with more magnesium, start consuming more nuts and almonds.
Vitamine E
The lack of Vitamine E is more evident in women while menstruating, so it is recommended to be taken, this way it can improve the hormone balances.
Vitamine B
Vitamine B-6 and B-12 are more recommended as long as contribute to the betterment of blood, and blood circulation.

Food that prevents headaches.

Corn is rich in Vitamine B3. This Vitamine helps the blood vessels and relaxes the nerves. It is claimed as a miracle maker for headaches.
Potatoes are a great source of Kalium. And sometimes headaches may be caused by a lack of a certain amount of Kalium.
Linseeds are rich in omega-3.
Almonds are a great source of Magnesium and Magnesium is a great element that helps the relaxation of tensions.


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