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Vermont for Teachers & Travelers

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I am a Christian. I was an 8th-grade American History teacher. I am currently a freelance writer, public speaker, & homeschooling mom of 9.

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Are you looking for fun worksheets and lapbooks, children's books, and YouTube video clips for teaching and/or learning about Vermont? Whether you're a school teacher, homeschooling parent, involved parent, librarian, lifelong learner, or a student searching for ideas and books on Vermont, look no further! This is part of a series of pages I created on each of the fifty states. You can find the links for all 50 states at Teaching the 50 States of America .

What Makes This State Special: Montpelier

Even though Vermont's capital was deliberately placed near the geographic center of the state so that it could be easily accessible for anyone in the state, Montpelier is the least populated capitol in the US, with a population under 8,000 people.

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Our Favorite Picture Books on Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup Season by Ann Purmell was our favorite storybooks. The illustrations are delightful and it provides just enough information to keep the interest of my children, ages 2-9. Sugarbush Spring by Marsha Wilson Chall is another delightful story book on making maple syrup that we all enjoyed. It follows a girl and her dog as they help their grandfather. We also enjoyed Sugar on Snow by Nan Parson Rossiter, Sugaring by Jessie Haas, At Grandpa's Sugar Bush by Margaret Carney, The Sugaring Off Party by Jonathan London, Sugar Snow (My First Little House) by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Maple Moon by Connie Brummel Crook.

Fun Footage on Making Maple Syrup (It takes place in Wisconsin, but it was our favorite video that explained the entire process.)

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What Makes This State Special: The Dairy Industry

Don't forget about Vermont's dairy industry that produces products like Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and Cabot Cheese. Every day Ben & Jerry's gives away almost 2,000 gallons of ice cream waste to a pig farm. The pigs enjoy all the flavors except Mint Oreo Cookie as they are not fans of the mint flavor. According to the contract, at least one pig must be named Ben and one must be named Jerry.

Tour of Cabot Cheese

Tour of Ben & Jerry's

What Makes This State Special: The Green Mountains

Vermont is also know for the Green Mountains, from which American Revolution-era Ethan Allen & the Green Mountain Boys came. During the Winter season, many tourists ski down Jay Peak (pictured in the photo), and during the summer families can enjoy the ski resort's indoor water park.

What Makes This State Special: Granite

Even though New Hampshire is nicknamed "The Granite State," Vermont is home to the world's largest "deep hole" granite quarry, owned by Rock of Ages.

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What Makes This State Special: Morgan Horses

In the late eighteenth century Justin Morgan, a native of Massachusetts, began breeding a new horse, called Morgan horses, for their strength and speed. Vermonters preferred the Morgan horses over other breeds as they were intelligent, obedient, and good at pulling plows and carriages. The Morgan Horse Farm in Middlebury, VT, which is operated by the University of Vermont, continues to breed Morgan horses today. The Morgan horse is the state animal of both Vermont and of Massachusetts.

Vermont State Quarter

Vermont State Quarter

Vermont's State Flag and State Quarter

Vermont's state flag contains pine branches, which were worn at the Battle of Plattsburghnear during the War of 1812. The large pine tree represents Vermont's forests. Vermont's dairy and agricultural industries are represented by the cow and wheat. Vermont's wildlife is represented by the buck's head. The Green Mountains are also pictured.

Vermont's state quarter features maple syrup buckets and Camel's Hump, which is a distinctive peak among the Green Mountain range.

Our Favorite Picture Book on Vermont

When Spring Comes by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock

When Spring Comes by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock

More Good Picture Books Include

When Spring Comes by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock is a delightful story book that follows a girl in rural Vermont as she anticipates the coming of spring. It includes snow, sugaring off maple syrup, strawberries, Morgan horses, wildflowers, sugar on the snow, and more. I'd recommend all the picture books by this author, Natalie Kinsey-Warnock.

A Farm of Her Own by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock is about a girl who spends her summer on her Aunt and Uncle's farm in Vermont. It describes the usual farm activities feeding calves, gathering eggs, etc. When she grows up, she purchases their farm.

How to Draw Vermont's Sights and Symbols (A Kid's Guide to Drawing America) by Stephanie True Peters is part of a wonderful series that combines state geography with art. Each page contains something about the state (a state artist, the state flag, bird, tree, capitol building, areas of interest, and animals.) A photograph will be included along with a brief explanation about that item. Then the page opposite of that includes step by step directions on how to draw that symbol or site. Even my 6 year old is able to follow the drawing directions, and I've been amazed at how well my 9 year old has been drawing each of the state flags as he follows the instructions in the book.

From Dawn till Dusk by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock goes through the work that happens on a Vermont farm during each season: chopping wood, collecting sap, weeding, etc.

Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin is a picture book biography about a Vermont boy, Wilson Bentley, who was fascinated by snowflakes, so he studied them and took many photographs of them during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This book won a Caldecott Medal.

A Christmas Like Helen's by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock describes the life on a Vermont farm years ago before electricity. It includes sleigh rides, harvesting ice, wrapping up in buffalo robes, etc.

Here Comes Darrell by Leda Schubert is about a man in Vermont who always helps others, from delivering firewood to plowing a driveway with his snowplow. Eventually his neighbors must assist him when a storm destroys his barn. This does a good job of showing a friendly Vermont community of neighbors helping one another.

Nora's Ark by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock is based on a real event, the Vermont Flood of 1927. It tells the story of a grandmother who allows all her neighbors and their livestock to stay in her home as the flood waters rise. Eventually they must help rescue her husband who was caught in the flood.

John and Tom (Vermont Folklife Center Children's Book Series) by Willem Lange is the true story of a logger who is saved by his remarkable Morgan horse after a tree pins him down in the cold winter woods of Vermont.

Favor Johnson: A Christmas Story by Willem Lange is about a community in Vermont who help each other out after a man's beloved hound dog is saved by the town doctor.

The Two Brothers (Vermont Folklife Center Children's Book Series) by William Jaspersohn tells the true story of two immigrant brothers from Prussia, who arrive in America separately in the 1880's both end up on neighboring farms in Vermont.

Tricking the Tallyman by Jacqueline Davies is a cute story based on America's first census in 1790 and what happened in a small Vermont town when the citizens were unsure of how they should participate. It is quite humorous!

Best Board Book for Preschoolers, Toddlers, and Babies

More Good Books for Preschoolers, Toddlers, and Babies

Hello Vermont! board book by Martha Zschock follows a parent and child bear as they visit the sites of Vermont including the dairy cows, maple syrup, ski slopes, and more.

Champ and Me By the Maple Tree: A Vermont Tale (Shankman & O'Neill) by Ed Shankman is a cute book written in simple rhyme about Champ, the Loch Ness Monster of Lake Champlain, and a young girl as they romp through the Vermont countryside. The monster is very friendly, and not scary at all. While walk by a number of interests specific to Vermont: covered bridges, dairy cows and cheese, maple trees and syrup, and more.

Our Favorite Chapter Book for Vermont

Justin Morgan Had a Horse by Marguerite Henry - Image is from

Justin Morgan Had a Horse by Marguerite Henry - Image is from

Justin Morgan Had a Horse by Marguerite Henry (176 pages) is definitely worth reading! This Newberry Honor winner is great historical fiction! This is a story of the first Morgan horse and of Vermont during the War of 1812. The story includes the presidential visit at which the former runt of a horse becomes the father of the official Morgan horse breed.

True Colors by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock (256 pages) takes place in the 1950s and is about a 10 year old girl in Vermont who is looking for the mother she never knew. The book includes the daily workings of a small Vermont farm.

A Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert Newton Peck (176 pages) is about a boy taking on the duties of a man including slaughtering his beloved pet pig. It takes place in turn-of-the-century rural Vermont. It does contain a controversial pig mating scene. It is partly based on experiences the author had while growing up.

Kitty and Mr. Kipling: Neighbors in Vermont by Lenore Blegvad (186 pages) is based on a real event: Rudyard Kipling, who wrote "The Jungle Book" while living in Vermont. This story introduces a fictional girl whose family and community find his work to be fanciful and do not appreciate him being there.

A Llama in the Family by Johanna Hurwitz (112 pages) is about a Vermont boy who wants a mounth bike but instead gets a llama.

George Dewey: Vermont Boy (Childhood of famous Americans) by Laura Long (209 pages) is a biography on George Dewey as he grew up in Vermont. He grew up to be a hero of Battle of Manila Bay and the Spanish-American War. This book has black and white illustrations every few pages. My children really enjoy this series!

Jip: His Story by Katherine Paterson (192 pages) takes place in rural Vermont in 1855 and is about two orphan boys and the daughter of the town drunk who befriend one another. They must decide what role they should play in the abolitionist movement.

Soup by Robert Newton Peck (112 pages) is based on the experiences and boyish adventures of the author as he was growing up in rural Vermont in the 1920s. It is part of a series.

The Canada Geese Quilt by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock (64 pages) is a shorter chapter book about a 10 year old girl's mixed emotions about her mom having a new baby.

Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys by Slater Brown is the biography of Ethan Allen, a founder of the state of Vermont. His life was so full of excitement and adventure that his biography will be enjoyed by even younger children. Even my 4 year old son enjoyed listening to many of the parts.

A page from my son's notebook on Vermont

A page from my son's notebook on Vermont

Great Worksheets and Lapbooks on Vermont That We Used When Creating Notebooks on Individual States

All About Vermont provides great links to printable worksheets, book suggestions, and activity ideas about Vermont.

Vermont for Teachers includes wonderful printable worksheets, activity ideas, and book suggestions.

Fourth Grade Vermont Study includes a sixteen weeks worth of lessons on Vermont, all at a fourth grade level.

Lapbook for "Snowflake Bentley" offers free lapbook pages and activity ideas for "Snowflake Bentley" by Jacqueline Briggs Martin.

Maple Syrup Resources includes free lapbook pages, book suggestions, and activity ideas for maple syrup.

Our Favorite Video on Vermont: The History Channel's Documentary "States" - Vermont starts at 33:16.

Four Seasons of Vermont

Where is Montpelier, the capital of Vermont?

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