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How to Make a Trifold Minibook


Simple folds make one handy book.

A trifold is one of the simplest and most versatile minibook out there.

It's called a trifold because it's folded in thirds just like you fold a letter to put into an envelope.

This lapbook option can be large or small. With lots of empty space inside, trifolds are a good option for most any topic of study.


How To Make a Trifold Minibook

Take any rectangular shaped sheet of paper, and fold it evenly into thirds. This book works well with any thickness of paper from copy paper to cardstock.


Here is the book closed.

The simple trifold can get fancy with a few alterations. For example, here I trim the closed book, adding a head shape at top.


Add in some simple drawings and you have a great trifold appropriate for a biographical minibook.


The book has lots of space for adding content.

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Trifold Variations

cut your trifold to resemble some special shape, thus creating a shaped trifold

change the orientation -- open horizontally or vertically

use colored or patterned paper

cut small or large; use different shapes of paper

Trifold Book Directions - from Live & Learn

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Trifold Variations - from Live & Learn


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@groovyoldlady: i can definitely agree!they were so helpful and so easy to understand!

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Perfect. I love the clear directions and all the examples of finished books. There's so much creative potential here!

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