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How to Make a Three Fourths Book


Paper and Scissors are All You Need

A three fourths minibook is a simple fold for your lapbook that offers plenty of space inside for writing text or drawing pictures.

Three fourths minibooks aren't just for lapbooking. Use one for a writing assignment or book report instead of boring lined paper. Or your children can use them for unique note paper.


Directions for a Three Fourths Minibook

Start with any square or rectangle of paper. This book works fine with copy paper or cardstock. Your closed book will be one fourth the size of your original piece of paper.


Fold your paper into fourths.


Cut out one fourth and discard it. Fold the book as you desire! It's that simple.


Here's the folded/closed book.


The first flap opened.


The book totally open.

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You can use the three fourths book as a base for other minibooks. Here I've placed the four corner minibooks inside a three fourths book.

For a PDF page with directions for making a three-fourths, book click here.

Three Fourths Book Samples


From these pictures you can see both the 3/4ths book as well as some variations of it.

Notice the cross shaped book -- fold a paper into ninths and cut away all four corner segments. There are many variations to this minibook.

Nikki used the three-fourths book when her children did reports on a novel they read for school. See their projects at Joy in the Journey.

Directions for a Two Thirds Book

a variation of the three fourths book

This type of minibook will work with lots of different fraction divisions. Here's another example.

Fold a piece of paper into thirds and then into half. Cut away two sixths (one third) of the paper.


Here's how this book opens up.


Bookmaking Reference

Three Fourths Variations

try different sizes and shapes of paper

fold into various fractions

cut out different parts and fold in different directions

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Three Fourths Minibook Guestbook

It’s awesome on February 19, 2018:

I love hub pages so helpful with the homework

Mortira on May 07, 2009:

Great idea for a quick craft! The left over squares of paper could be reused to make cut outs, too! Sounds like a lot of fun, thanks for the instructions.

groovyoldlady on October 27, 2008:

Another cool idea! security word is "dogbook". Is that a sign from God???

(Groovy runs off to make a dog 3/4 book, which is way better than a book about 3/4 of a dog.)

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