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Bathroom Designs with 3D Room Planner Software

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The 3D virtual bathroom design software is a unique design tool that gives you the opportunity to easily design any room in a home.

This article is about bathrooms designs you can create with such simple to use programs.

When designing a new bathroom, it is important to see what can fit into the available space to use. The bathroom design software includes a library of the most popular sizes and shapes of bathroom products and sanitary wares such as baths, shower enclosures, bidets, sinks, toilets, bathroom furniture and accessories.

Bathroom design created with 3D home design software.

Bathroom design created with 3D home design software.

The use of the CAD bathroom design software program ensures that the best possible use can be made of the available bathroom space that you may have.

Bathroom design software can be used to produce designs for all types, themes and styles of bathrooms, ranging from the classic country bathroom to art deco themed bathrooms, cloakrooms and wet rooms.

The speed and flexibility of bathroom software allow you quickly and easily create completely different designs for every bathroom in the house. So all bathrooms in homes can have varied styles or even be of different periods or eras.

Why You Need The Bathroom Design Software

Many homeowners are aware that the most important rooms in a home are the kitchens and the bathrooms.

Whilst shopping for a new home, or if planning to build a new house, these two rooms subtly play an important role when it comes to making the final decision about purchasing a new home.

Your home may be due for an upgrade. Whenever you start to feel your bathroom looks drab, 'dank' or boring, or if you feel it simply looks so 'yesterday' and you've become tired of a particular theme or colour scheme, you know you need a bathroom makeover.

You can design your bathroom yourself using a bathroom design software, if you are familiar with using simple home improvement design tools. Home and landscape design software are very simple to use, highly versatile and allows you view your designs in 3D.

You can design a bathroom in minutes with bathroom design software. This is unlike the days when using the drafting table was the only way to design.

It takes about half an hour or thereabouts, to produce a simple design using a bathroom design software program.

And you can make as many changes as you wish, at the click of a button.


Bathroom Design Software - Important Features

There are many exciting features in this software program that greatly aids even a novice, to come up with professional looking bathroom design ideas.

Amongst the many exciting features of bathroom design software are:

  • A library of the most popular sizes and shapes of bathroom and sanitary products.
  • Inclusion of interior elements such as windows, doors and extra walls that may be utilised to alter the shape and layout of a bathroom design.
  • A detailed library of beautiful and luxurious finishes.
  • Colour palette with a wide choice of hues.
  • The ability to see all the different viewpoints of design creations.
  • Full pricing details, so a design layout can fit 'snugly' into any budget
  • Help section where the designer will find a button saying 'Local Bathroom Supplier', a click away to the nearest stockist that can supply the products selected.

Who Can Use the Software?

  • If you are in the bathroom remodelling business, this tool is for you. Customers now expect to see 3D visualisations of their bathrooms designs. This is part of a great marketing process.
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  • Interior designers will always find the bathroom design software very useful whilst carrying out interior design services.
  • The design enthusiast that is a do-it-yourself(er) expert in home improvement tasks. It is a simple software to navigate and work with.
  • Online interior design firms that are web based designers also utilise the bathroom design software.

And for bathroom fitters and installers, purchasing bathroom design software may be one of the best things they'll ever do for their businesses.

How To Use The Bathroom Design Software

It is so easy to use, and simple to implement bathroom design ideas and creations. You can start to work on your bathrooms upgrade all by yourself. And the fun and exciting way to approach this is to work using software tools, putting your ideas on 'paper', all done and printed out within an hour.

To use the design software, follow these simple steps.

  • Open the 'room planner' or choose 'create a new room'. Choose a room shape that mostly resembles your room by clicking one of the room outlines. There are different room shapes provided where you can choose the shape closest to the shape of your bathroom. There are the classic square and rectangular shapes, and then the L-shape left, the L- shape right, the U-shape and a few others. Just click on the shape of a room that best suits your bathroom needs.
  • Once you've made that selection, you will find text boxes along each wall. Set your overall room size by entering your own existing (or new) room measurements into both text boxes.
3D view

3D view

  • Once you have set and filled in your measurements, you click the 'Create Room' button to build your floor plan. Your precise room shape and size is now down on 'paper' so to speak. This allows you to begin your bathroom interior layout.
  • A new screen display of the bathroom design software shows your bathroom floor plan. This is where you start to place your products. Take note of the areas that carry the plumbing, and keep the sink close to it. You don’t need to re-direct your plumbing unless you are having a major upgrade. Place your products and bathroom furniture into your desired positions.
  • You can add room elements such as doors and windows, internal walls or people (remember the bathroom design software is very versatile). Click on the elements you need to include in your bathroom. For example, to add a door, click the 'Doors' button in the elements menu. Select either a left or right hand door from the options that are displayed. Or if you want to add a window, click the 'Window' button in the menu. Then enter the width (imperial or metric, depending on which part of the world you reside), of the window and then click 'Add Window' or 'Add Door'.
  • You can add products to your room by clicking the product types in the 'Add products' menu. Start with a complete bathroom suite or add individual products such as basins, WCs, baths, shower enclosures, furniture, floating shelves and heated towel rails. Selecting a product type will display a menu containing products listed by specification or style. By moving your mouse over items in the menu, an image and more information will be displayed at the top of the screen. Click on a product and add the product to the centre of the room. If you select a product suite, all the products for the chosen suite will be added to the room. Drag and drop the items into your desired positions.
  • After you have finished planning your bathroom and placing all your products, click 'Save'. Now you can click the 'Print' button to print the bathroom you have designed. Details of all the products you have added to your room will also appear on your bathroom plan printout.
  • Once you have finished your bathroom plan, using the bathroom design software, you can click on the 'Local Bathroom Supplier' button, to find your nearest bathroom stockist who will be able to supply the products you have selected. Finding bathroom dealer nearby allows them to help you turn your design creations into reality.

Further Reading

It’s Use Is As Simple As 'ABC'

Most bathroom design software programs include a 'Bathroom Design Guide'. This is beneficial in the event that you wish to make enquiries, or to get in touch, if you are 'stuck'.

The quality, flexibility and ease of use of bathroom design software  will also contribute significantly towards a  bathroom company’s  growth and success, even in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

Bathroom design ideas produced will include details of all the finishes, colours and different viewpoints.

Bathroom designing can at times be challenging because pace is frequently at a premium, and the bathroom designer must often work with the existing placement of pipe works, plumbing and electricals.

However, with the use of the innovative bathroom design software, there is always the assurance that the best possible use has been made of the available bathroom space presented.


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Excellent Program

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cartechz on December 28, 2009:

People who live in apartments may not have the options to renovate as extensively and as creatively as you did. So, bravo to that. You're quite detailed about your renovations, and I like that. It's always good to read about people who take their home renovations into their own hands, instead of relying on blind faith (a decorator and a contractor). Good stuff. I'm into home improvement myself.

viryabo (author) from Lagos, Nigeria. on December 11, 2009:

WilfordSy, thanks for your visit and nice comments. Good thing we no more have to worry about drawing/drafting on paper to create great design ideas. Great thanks to technological advancements. Using software for home designs is so exciting and opens up tons of creative ideas for a user.


WilfordSy from The Bahamas on December 10, 2009:

Wow. This looks great. Thanks for sharing this. I think taking advantage of a modeling architectural software to design your bathroom is a great idea.

viryabo (author) from Lagos, Nigeria. on October 05, 2009:

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Thanks you for the visit.

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