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I am a wide reader, I can finish a 400-page novel in one to two sitting, about 2-3 hours only.

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Why Read?

They said that if you have a proper education, you can get the biggest treasure in the world. Whatever knowledge you have that you've got from your education is the only treasure that nobody can steal it from you.

But, what if you don't have that financial stability to have a proper education in college, the worst is even in high school? So, it means, you cannot get a treasure that you want.

However, there is another way to get it. As long as you have access to a public library, you can do some reading. Reading? What if you do not know how to read? They said, that if you do not know how to read, this article is exclusively for you. Whatever topic you want to read, you can balance yourself to have an education by means of reading. Although, not that formal education just like others wanted to have. At least, you have an informal education. Maybe, there will be a chance, that while you are reading in the public library and there's a good heart coming on your way to give you a formal education. That day will be your edge to have a formal education soon.

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Improve your reading

Joseph Addison words of wisdom (Schachter & Whelan, 1964) “Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body. As by the one, health is preserved, strengthened, and invigorated; by the other, virtue (which is the health of the mind) is kept alive, cherished, and confirmed.”

The problems of students when asked to write or talk about what they read were not “reading problems’, at last not as these are strictly defined (Bartholomae & Petrosky, 1999). The students knew how to move from one page to the next. They could read sentences. They had obviously, been able to carry out many of the versions of reading required for their education—skimming textbooks, cramming for tests, strip-mining books for term papers.

Reading problems (Richek & 3 other authors, 1996) are rooted in factors within the individual, factors within the home, social and cultural environment and factors in the school environment. Reading problems may vary considerably in severity within the population of reading-disabled students there appears to be a core of extremely disabled individuals who acquire each word with extreme difficulty. Problems within the individual such as health and emotional problems tend to increase when students live in difficult problems. Poorer mothers are less likely than more affluent ones to seek prenatal care. Why is school instruction often ineffective in helping to solve reading problems? One important reason is that students with reading problems do not read much in school. They found that unskilled readers spend less time reading than do average students, and that low-achieving students read only a third as many words as average students. Students with reading problems are a challenge to teach, but it is important to provide them with the best instruction possible.

And if you have problems in reading, you must need the services of the library.

There are two ways to improve your reading awareness in the library: (1) joining with the booklovers club; and (2) reading the newsletters.

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Image by Lubos Houska from

Joining with the booklovers club

The club is organized with objectives of creating genius among our geniuses by making them spend their spare time in the library reading books, newspapers, magazines and hanging around for the ventilation.

Reading library materials play a great role in creating a wide vision of knowledge. The Library has the vision to help fulfill student’s aspirations leading to success. We can also make the students be the number one beneficiary of our tool of knowledge. Through this program, the students can fulfill the greatest challenge to enhance their knowledgeable creativeness.

According to Santos (2013), you have to hang out with the right people. Birds with the same feather flock together but if you hang out with the crows, you will surely experience a gloomy day. Hanging out with emotional vampires will waste your energy but instead you have to surround yourself with positive people. Supportive, loving and caring people to hang out will make you positive and happy. So, it means you have to hang out friends with good readers not on the people that are always want to go to movies, parks, and the likes.

According to Carol, a US teacher (Fountas & Pinnell, 2001), she advises her students to join to a library club and do the following: (1) Read often; (2) make their own choices; (3) recommend books to others; (4) talk with others about they read; (5) get to know authors, illustrator and styles; (6) read a wide variety of materials; (7) develop personal preferences as a reader and became conscious of those preferences; (8) reflect on their reading; (9) think critically about what they read; (10) see themselves as readers; (11) develop competence as readers through instructions; and (12) develop confidence as readers through successful daily reading experiences.

For your research work

Sometimes we find it difficult (Roberts & Jacobs, 2003), after we have finished reading a work, to express thoughts about it and to answer pointed questions about it. But more active and thoughtful reading gives us the understanding to develop well-considered answers.

Reading is your gateway to make research work better. If you are planning to have a research, thesis, or even dissertation proposals, but you have no time to read, your proposal will not be successful. How to make a research by the way? Student who approaches me in conceptualizing a research proposal for their undergraduate class, I always share this acronym to them. HUNTER.

H = The best research topic to write on will be any topic that is nearest in your heart.

U = Before you totally write that topic you must consider also the usefulness of this topic. You must consider if your topic will be useful or useless.

N = Is it necessity to write your topic or just a waste of time?

T = Is it timely? What if you are writing something that is not relevant anymore in our generation?

E = And if you think that you have all the 4 factors (HUNT) mentioned, do you have the ego to write? Are you the right person to write that particular topic?

R = And finally, you can now start your research.

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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Luis G Asuncion (author) from City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines on November 30, 2019:

I agree with you Devika. Since, I am a librarian by profession, I obliged myself to read also.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on November 30, 2019:

Reading books to improve the language and vocabulary a must for all writers. I read seven books last winter and hope to improve on that number for this winter.

Luis G Asuncion (author) from City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines on November 26, 2019:

Good for you Dale. Thanks for commenting.

Dale Anderson from The High Seas on November 25, 2019:

My wife and I are both enthusiastic readers and we are lucky enough to live very close a used book store. We spend a lot of time there hunting for our next thing to read.

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