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Teaching Sense of Taste to Kids - Five Senses

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Sense of Taste


How to Teach Children About Sense of Taste

Taste is one of the five senses that children begin to learn in Kindergarten. Exploring the sense of taste and how it helps us identify and make observations is a key component of science. Because science requires us to make skillful observations using our senses, kids need to fully understand the five senses before moving on to other science lessons. You can help a child become fully aware of their sense of taste, the part of their body they use to taste and learn about taste buds using the activities below.

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Teaching Taste to Kids

How to Teach Kids about Taste - One of the Five Senses

1. Tell the child that you are going to be learning about one of the five senses we use to observe the world. Tell them they are going to learn about taste.

2. In a mirror, show the child their tongue. Ask them to describe with they see. Mention the bumps on the tongue and explain to them that those small bumps are taste buds.

3. Ask the child to talk about some of his, or her, favorite tastes. Talk to them about the difference between sweet, sour, salty, and bitter tastes.

4. With the child sample many different tastes including:

Salty snacks




Between tasting foods let the child drink water to keep the tastes from mingling together. If the child wishes to close his eyes and guess at different flavors, that can be a fun way to explore taste.

As you are tasting, remind the child that the tongue is the part of the body that is tasting and that they bumps they saw on their tongue are doing the work.

Taste on YouTube

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Worksheets for Teaching Sense of Taste to Kids

The best FREE sense of taste worksheets online ~

Sense of Taste Coloring Worksheet

Imagine you were tasting these foods. Color the foods that are sweet and circle the foods that are salty.

Sense of Taste Worksheet

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Two great worksheets from that will facilitate discussion about the sense of taste. How will ice cream taste? a hamburger? What about a hammer! How will that taste?

Sense of Taste Worksheet


This worksheet prompts children to think of 4 things they can taste and write the names of the items in the boxes, or younger children can draw a picture.

Sense of Taste Worksheet


5 Senses Video

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