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Seven Magical Tans

Tangrams are geometry made into 3D, creative fun! Print off some paper tangrams or make your own from craft foam. How about tangram toast for breakfast? Then put on your visual-spatial thinking cap as you discover how to arrange the tiles to make animals, people, or objects.

Put away the math workbook and play with tangrams for your math lesson tomorrow. Demonstrate that you understand math vocabulary by manipulating the seven tans.

Tangrams are rather mysterious as no one know exactly how they came to be. We do know that tangrams originated in China. So playing with tangrams can be a nice hands-on activity for a unit study about China.


What Good are Tangrams?

Why play with tangrams? Besides being an entertaining diversion for a few minutes, what are the educational benefits of these seven shapes?

Tangrams are physical objects that children can use to experiment with geometric concepts. Children are concrete learners until around age 12. Using manipulatives such as tangrams is the best way to teach math to children from preschool to age 11. Flipping pieces and moving them around gives learners real experience with the properties of the shapes. Merely looking at a shape drawn in a textbook is not nearly as effective.

Manipulating tangrams stimulates the visual-spatial powers of the mind. Children who are already very skilled in visual-spatial tasks may find great success with tangram activities.

Lots of mathematical concepts are explored through the play with tangrams: congruency, symmetry, area, perimeter, and geometric shapes. Look at this list of 12 advanced mathematical terms that can be taught through the tangrams. (See page205 of the PDF.) Tangrams are not just for small children!


Free Printable Tangrams

  • IDEAS -- Tangram PDFs
    Several choices of tangrams -- black outlines, colored shapes, small or large, and even some pages of designs to create.
  • Tangram Patterns in B&W
    These small and large tangram patterns are simple black outlines in PDF. These are great for templates for making your own tangrams out of craft foam or cardboard.
  • Super Duper Big B&W Tangram Pattern
    The biggest tangram pattern I can find online!
  • Tangram PDF from PBS Kids
    This tangram page is different in that the pieces are patterned (black and white) and are scattered on the page instead of in the typical square formation.

Rules of Tangram Play

Use all seven pieces

Lay them flat without overlapping

Each piece must touch another

But feel free to break the rules in your math explorations!

The Warlord's Puzzle - a fable of the origin of the tangram

This book is recommended by as a living book for math study. Although not based on historical fact, The Warlord's Puzzle delves into the math concepts of the tans in an engaging story.

Pelican Publications shares a free PDF educational guide for this book that includes comprehension questions and activities. (Look a the bottom right of the page for the link.)

Tangrams are Interdisciplinary

Math, art, and language arts get mixed up when you play with tangrams!

Here are photos from an hour of tangram exploration. We used tangram patterns, printed small, to make ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). Sprite even created a series of cards to tell a story about a knight who rides a horse to save the princess from a dragon.

Make Your Own Tangrams

Making Tangrams Tutorial

If you prefer a visual demonstration, try this video. With just paper and scissors you can use folding to make a nice tangram set.

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Print out some of these puzzle pages and let your children try to solve them by making the same shapes using the seven tans of the tangram.

Later, let them create their own animals and people, trace them onto paper, and test each other.

Printable Puzzles to Solve - with Tangram Tiles

  • Rabbit Tangrams
    Three rabbit puzzles to solve. This PDF includes a basic tangram template as well as the solutions to the puzzles. Great for springtime tangram play!
  • The Tangram Zoo
    Goats, birds, a polar bear, a camel, and even a huge rocket!
  • Cleave Books Tangram Booklet
    This is a nice all in one PDF with background information, templates, and puzzles to solve. Just print the pages you need.
  • The Tangram Print and Play
    This is a great starter PDF with a green tangram to cut out, a page of puzzles, and a page of solutions.

Three Pigs, One Wolf and Seven Magic Shapes

Tangram Activities - beyond just making pictures

  • Tangram Notebooking Pages
    These free printable notebooking pages from The Notebooking Fairy are perfect for writing about the math you learn during tangram play.
  • Write Tangram Inspired Stories
    This site offers dozens of examples of student work. Show a few of these to your children, and they are sure to run off, inspired to write their own tangram stories. The illustrations for the story come from images made from the tangrams. Simply tra
  • Tangram Worksheet
    This is a good introductory activity to the tangram -- a list of seven questions to answer about the tans.
  • Area of Tangram Pieces
    Solve the area of all the tangram pieces with this middle level math activity.
  • Tips for Manipulatives -- Tangrams
    This one page PDF has 15 questions that you could assign your students to answer as they work with tangrams. The skills addressed go from basic to advanced math.
  • Tangrams - A Way to Visualize Fractions, Geometry, and Algebra
    Mr. L shares a 4 page PDF with tangram activities including fractions, decimals, percents, geometry, algebra, and language!
  • Primer of Industry
    This book in the public domain has a section on Tangrams, beginning in page 26. For internet users in USA, this book is available for full preview and download.

Tangoes Game

Tangram Patterns to Solve

Tangram Living Book


This fun tangram looking font comes from Dave's Free Fonts; he calls it Litebrite 1975.



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