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study techniques for students - memory enhancement

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Study techniques usually deals with the process of memorizing data's. Memorizing can be done by anyone. But recollecting those memorized data's stands out as a major factor which decides the power of your memory. Here you are going to learn about memory and techniques to improve it.



What is memory?
It is the result of learning process. It is the combination of three vital process namely encoding, storage and decoding.

Classification of Memory:
Memory is classified as follows:
. Qualitative
. Temporal

Qualitative Memory:
It is further classified into
. Declarative
. Procedural

. Declarative Memory depends on our consciousness. It includes semantic and episodic memory. Semantic includes the memory of names, etc. Procedural includes memory of events such as marriage, etc.

. Procedural memory is independent of our consciousness. It includes our habitual actions such as driving, swimming, etc.

Temporal Memory:
It is further classified into
. Sensory memory
. Long term memory
. Short term memory


Memory process includes three vital processes namely
. Encoding - Process of reception of data's
. Storing - Process of retention of data's
. Decoding - Process of recalling data's


The reasons for forgetting includes
. Poor listening
. Improper preparation
. Not paying enough attention
. Improper understanding of subject
. Boredom
. Tension
. Nervousness
. Tiresomeness


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Study techniques - 1

Study techniques - 2


Memory techniques include
. Mnemonics
. Acronyms
. Associations
. Rhymes and songs
. Chunking
. Sentence framing
. Concept cards
. Story method
. Recitation
. Writing with your left hand
. LOCI method
. Questioning

- Using colorful images/symbols to represent information.
- Create jokes on data’s.

- Associate two things together. For e.g: Using car image to remember "Carlos ".
- You can associate images/smell/taste with things you want to remember.

- Create abbreviations for things you want to memorize.
- Example: 1) VIBGYOR - To remember rainbow colors.
2) IPMAT - To remember cell growth stages [I-Interphase, P-Prophase, M-Metaphase, A-Anaphase, T-Telophase]

Rhymes and Songs:
- Good for Auditory learners.
- Make a tune or rhyme of the things you want to remember.
- Beware of not spending more time in creating tunes/rhyme.

- Breaking information into bits/parts to ease memorizing process.
- Useful for memorizing numbers. E.g.: To memorize a number 98765432, you can divide it into parts such as 98 76 54 32 or 9876 5432.
- Humans have a capacity to remember 5 to 9 things in short term memory.

Sentence framing:
- Similar to acronym, use the first letters to frame sentences.
- E.g.: To remember Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Genes and Species, You can employ the use of sentence as King Pato Calls Obelix "Stupid ", where the first letters of each word points to kingdom, phylum, class, order, genes and species.

Concept cards:
- Concept cards are nothing but flash cards.
- Steps:
. First take 2-3 pieces of paper depending upon the length of the information.
. Note down the topic, page number of the book, key-terms [acronyms / acrostics to help in remembering process] on the first page.
. In the second page, write about the topic [what have you learnt] in your own words.
. In the third page, draw diagrams/tabular columns/flow charts associated with the topic. You can even try pasting pictures related to the topic.
. Make some time to see them often as they can help in retaining information on that topic. Make it a practice to have at least 2-3 cards always with you, so that you can use them whenever you find time.

Story method:
- Creating story is great job. It’s easy for students too.
- Eg: In order to memorize these words UNCLE, FOOD, DOG, SOFA, TV, NOTES, BEAT....Create story with these words as.....Uncle gave food for his dog. He sat on the sofa and started watching TV. Dog sees notes of uncle lying on the floor and starts playing with it. Uncle gets furious and beats it.....Isn't it interesting? Try this; it will make your learning process a fun-filled one.
- Here Right side of your brain gets a chance to develop. Creativity increases.
- Visualization helps in registering this information.

- Loud reciting helps in registering information better.
- Eg: Have you ever thought how small children remember their rhymes even though they do not know their meanings? This is mainly because of loud reciting, where all your senses are awakened, which makes remembering process an easier one.

Writing with your left-hand:
- Make use of your left-hand [for right hander] or right hand [for left hander] to practice writing equations, formulae’s, theories, etc.
- By doing this you get more concentration which results in good registration of those data's in your memory.

LOCI method:
- It is the process of linking two information/things together.
- Eg:
1) Pen and paper - pen and paper are essential for writers.
2) Alexander and movie - Movie on Alexander was great.

Asking Questions:
- A partner is a must here. You can have your friend/parent/brother/sister as your partner here.
- Instruct your partner to ask questions from the topic, you are studying.
- Try to answer them.
- This helps in identifying the areas where you are lacking.

To study effectively, SQ3R method is useful. To analyze about yourself, Then try out SWOT analysis.


In order to improve the memory process, SQ3R method can be employed.

SQ3R Method:
. S - Survey
. Q - Question
. R - Read
. R - Recite
. R - Review



- Analyzing the subject data’s in a precise manner.

- Take 5-10 minutes to find facts about the lesson.

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- Asking questions to help in the process of remembering.

- Questions such as “What have I learnt from this?” can help in learning effectively.



- Reading the subject vividly.

- You can employ the usage of highlighters to highlight the important points.

- You can use pencil to write down the essence [key points] of the subject in the book itself.



- Recollecting information by reciting them often.

- Read information’s loud.

- This process helps in transferring information from short term memory to long term memory.

- Teaching others or imagining as if you are teaching others can help in this process.



- It helps in retaining information.

- It is an essential process.


SWOT analysis is done to analyze one's Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.
It should be done by the student itself to help him/her know about them in a better manner.




- Use your strength properly.
- Know your weakness exactly and try to rectify them.
- Think of the opportunities You have and grab them at the earliest.
- Think of the threats and find solutions to counter-act them.



To enhance the memory, healthy diet is a must. Diet should include
- Antioxidants
- Vitamin-C rich foods such as blueberries, sweet potatoes, etc.
- Red-color fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, watermelon, etc.

Intake of water should be more. This helps in cooling your body while you are learning.

Avoid spicy foods/artificial drinks as they can ruin your health. It also makes you feel lazy.

Get used to them and reap lots of benefits from these study techniques.

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mathan42 (author) on January 27, 2011:

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Ingenira on January 15, 2011:

Wow, you really have very good tips and strategies. I normally use acronym, and that really helps. I could memorize the whole lectures notes and extra notes by just using acronym, and score very high marks in exam.

I bet you are top student in your school.

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Joni Douglas on November 17, 2010:

An excellent hub on memory. You presented your information very well.

Since you asked on my hub for ideas to improve your hub .....I would make one comment-

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Complete pointers to enhance memory!

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trimar7 from New York on November 11, 2010:

Well organized, very informative hub. I did not know that writing with the left hand helped with learning and memory. I will have my kiddos try this. I imagine it would work in reverse with my left handers. Thank you for sharing. I am now a fan!

mathan42 (author) on November 08, 2010:

Thank you Mr.Thinktank for your comments.

Mr. Thinktank from California on November 06, 2010:

Very interesting videos. I also liked your short lists to enhance memeory.

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