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Hitler's Best Friend: Blondi the German Shepherd

The German shepherd Blondi


Adolf Hitler was celebrated at his birthday party on the 19th and the 20th of April, 1943. Adolf Hitler was celebrated by the Nazis and received many gifts from various parts of Germany. But the only thing Adolf Hitler wanted to talk about, was his dog Blondi. He showed the company all the tricks he had taught Blondi. He then said “sing Blondi!”. The dog then immediately began to howl. The war had begun to turn for the Germans, but Hitler was rarely seen happier.

The nazileader’s love for dogs began during WW1. Hitler was a soldier on the Western front, when a little Jack Russell-terrier suddenly jumped down in the trench, right by Adolf Hitler. He named the dog “Fuchs” and began to play with it every day, and he taught the dog different tricks. The relationship between Hitler and Fuchs was so strong, that Hitler later said:

“When I looked in its eyes I might as well have looked at another human”.

When Hitlers platoon in August 1917 was headed for Alsace, France, the dog was stolen on a train station. Hitler blamed the train conductor, as he had asked multiple times if he could buy the dog, and then got angry when Hitler refused to sell his dog. The loss of Fuchs broke the future dictators heart. Hitler stated that he was still heartbroken, even though 20 years had passed since losing his dog Fuchs.

From Puppy to the Führer's Dog

After Hitler became the leader of the Nazi party, it was especially German shepherds that he brought his love upon. He had multiple German shepherds up through the 1930’s, but at the outbreak of WW2 in 1939, Hitler had no dogs. Probably because of the death of his latest dog, “Mucks”. It was not until 1941 that Hitlers secretary, Martin Bormann, offered Blondi to Hitler as a gift, that he had a dog.

Hitler and Blondi connected straight away, and she was never far from Hitlers side – no matter where he travelled. Hitler also enjoyed taking Blondi for a walk and teaching her in different drills and exercises, even though she had a personal dog keeper. Hitler was always proud when he could showcase Blondi’s progress for the people around him. Traudl Junge, Hitlers secretary, described the Nazi leader’s happiness training with Blondi during the years of 1942 – 1943, and how pleased he was if she was able to jump a few centimeters higher than normal. Hitler even told his secretary that the working with Blondi was the best form of disconnection he knew of.

The German Shepherd Was the Perfect Race

According to Hitler, the German shepherd was an astonishing race. It was a mix of a Germanic race, whilst having physical similarities with wolves. Hitler was very pleased by this

Blondi in Hitlers company became a part of the German propaganda, as it was a way of showing Hitlers more sympathetic side to the German people. Multiple pictures of Hitler petting Blondi was published, to make Hitler look believable and fatherly.

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Blondi meant a lot to Adolf Hitler. Even though she had her own basket she was still allowed to sleep in Hitlers bed, and she was often spoiled with snacks. Hitler even continued in the ending of 1944 to look out for Blondi and spent time with her. Hitler was primarily in his bunker due to the many airstrikes, but he still found the time and courage to take Blondi outside for a walk. As the war progressed and Germany was certain of defeat, and Hitlers paranoia increased, he started to look down his beloved dog’s eyes, and said:

“Sometimes I think that you’re the only one I can trust”

Eva Braun Didn't Share Hitler's Feelings

Adolf Hitlers mistress, Eva Braun, didn’t share Hitlers love for Blondi. She often felt neglected when Hitler adored his dog, and she was jealous about how much time that Hitler spent with Blondie, Eva Braun would not accept Blondi getting near her own two dogs, Negus and Stasi. If Hitler wanted to be with both Eva and Blondi, the two dogs would be sent to a different room. Eva said during a dinner party, that: “Blondi is a calf, not a dog”. It’s even said that Eva sometimes would kick Blondi away, under the dinner table.

Blondi Ended Up as a Test Animal

The only thing Hitler needed from his favorite dog was puppies. Because of this, Hitler contacted Gerdy Troost in November 1944. Gerdy Troost had bred Blondi's litter and he delivered a special German shepherd, that later mated with Blondi. Hitler wasn’t convinced of the results: “She’s gotten fatter, but I just think that she’s gained weight because she eats more and exercises less”.

But Blondi did in fact give birth to a litter of puppies in the beginning of 1945. Blondi giving birth brought a shade of happiness into Hitlers life. Hitler kept one of the puppies and named it “Wulf."

When the Red Army had surrounded Berlin in April 1945, both Blondi and Wulf were in the bunker with Hitler. A specially designed guard room – known as the Dog Bunker – had been reserved for them.

Hitler worried very much about his dogs, when he realized that the war couldn’t be won, and that the Russians would torture him. Hitler gave his beloved dog Blondi a cyanide pill, killing her instantly. Blondi died by Hitlers side on April 29th, 1945.

The next day the Russians forces were under 500 meters away from the bunker. Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun took their own cyanide pills, whilst Hitlers dog helper shot the remaining dogs left in the bunker.

The Soviet Intelligence Agency later found dog bones in the same grave as Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

© 2018 Jakob Bach Jensen

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