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Psychology of Human Behavior

Human Behavior


Human Behavior and Psychology

Human Behavior and Psychology is one of the few topics that has received the most research and information over the years. Why does a person behave the way he does? What are the characteristics behind it? What are the perceptions? How are those perceptions formed? What are the factors influencing it? There are some things that make us feel easily or emotionally, why? In-depth research on this is being done in human behavior. But what are the purpose and use of this research? Curiosity? The welfare of mankind? - Yes and no. Because it is being used by 'market' and 'power'. The media, advertising companies, election strategy makers, stock market bigwigs, etc. hire psychologists and fund psychological research, no matter what! The purpose of this market is to create favorable customers for your goods, to create favorable voters for the 'agenda'. No one is secretly plotting. There is no need for it. This is because, over the last few years, the 'upper' people have realized that groups can be controlled if they can be manipulated by influencing people's perceptions, and they are strategizing accordingly. We are all directly involved. The point is, we don't know enough about how these effects affect us. It is believed that many decisions are made for your benefit when you do not have them. How are you grandpa If you want to understand this, you need to understand your mind as much as 'theirs'. That is the purpose of this article.

Shaping Our Perception

Human individual behavior and group behavior cannot be separated from each other. In fact, they are mutually exclusive, as if they were two sides of the same coin. (Piercing? Why it will come later.) Suppose a man sits in his room and makes a decision by thinking, or at home, talking to friends, he thinks that his behavior is 'voluntary'. In fact, the invisible influence of many of the events he saw, the things he saw/read through the media, even the movies, is constantly working on him. Together, these influences affect us and shape our perceptions and behaviors.

Science has made some journeys to find the roots of human behavior. Man is like a blank slate, his behavior can be shaped by the elements of his environment, there is a flow (behaviorism)! The theory holds that a person responds as he or she gets stimuli and that his or her behavior can be changed by 'conditioning'. It was very influential in the early twentieth century. The flaw in this is that the inner natural abilities/motivations of man are not given much importance in it.



The branches of neurology, genetics, and endocrinology study how human genes, such as their genes, the hormones secreted in the body, the sensations that travel from the body to the brain, and the brain hormones that determine their intensity, affect biological structures and chains.

Beyond this, the study of evolution is the root of human behavior. Man is an animal, and he has evolved from all other living things. Bonobo-chimpanzee is a very close relative, the rat is a little distant, birds-fish-insects-plants .. such a relative's car comes to a halt with micro-organisms. We have inherited some similar biological heritage from it. Therefore, in the study of human behavior, the study of evolution gives us a subtle vision, taking into account its similarities with some animals, knowing exactly what the differences are, and so on.

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Comprehensive Study

Sociology presents a comprehensive study of man's collective behavior, its changes, patterns, human-society interactions, its treatment, and predictions. Experiments are performed on animals to study human behavior based on their biological abilities as well as their evolutionary relationship with some other animals. Some animals are studied in their natural habitat. In such a study one has to trace how the environmental component responded, what changes occurred, what adaptations may have helped, exactly which gene set changed. Scientists often experiment with rats to study in the laboratory. There is no such thing as a 'reductionist' approach to a particular stimulus. Animals are observed in their natural habitat. Experiments are performed by focusing on a component in a specific context. But how will the observations/findings of other animals apply to man? So it is not applied to other animals = humans at all. That research is not considered appropriate without a careful study of how different factors affect each other in many contexts. Science always makes informed predictions .. according to which ‘theory’ is formed.

When studying a complex subject like human behavior, scientists have an interdisciplinary approach, realizing that the frameworks of the above subjects are intertwined; Slow, yet strictly untying the knot loosens the knot. It's as exciting to watch as a thriller movie.

Human Behavior


Human Nature

Some sociologists are not interested in studying human behavior through biological organs. Because they think that doing so is an attempt to define human behavior as 'deterministic'. But if we put this fear aside and go into deep water, the bottom will look clean and we can get both self-awareness and social consciousness from it.

Although human nature is diverse, it has many similarities and patterns. Aggression-violence, stress-anxiety, inquisitive intellect, language proficiency, novelty, companionship, love, sexuality, empathy, compassion are seen in some other animals, but man has reached a certain level.

Never before have there been so many contradictions and conflicts between different human groups and different emotions and behaviors in the human mind. The gray-shades of thought have disappeared and the mind and the group have become lonely. Finding answers to why this is happening is a sign of a thoughtful mind; But ignoring it can cost human society dearly.

Visionary Psychologist Carl Jung

About 100 years ago, psychologist Carl Jung said that the subconscious was once our refuge. But that is now the fear. Because that's what science is all about. Judging by the current application of this research, it seems that Jung was a visionary

Carl Jung


Mind and Body

The duality between mind and body, consciousness-consciousness is no longer just a subject to be studied in spirituality/philosophy, it is a very rigorous and in-depth study based on experiments in science. Although the mathematics of human nature and motivations has not been completely eliminated, the market has learned how to stimulate those motivations by recognizing special human prejudices. So if we are not careful, we will definitely be careful! What does it mean to be careful? So, by understanding the dimensions of human behavior, temperament, prejudice, we are constantly checking whether we are doing rational and intelligent thoughts and behaviors that can accommodate all human beings.

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