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Did You Know John Tyler Was a President?

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I am a Christian. I was an 8th-grade American History teacher. I am currently a freelance writer, public speaker, & homeschooling mom of 9.

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Tyler for Teachers, Students, & All Who Love to Learn

Looking for great YouTube video clips, books, and free worksheets and lapbooks for teaching and/or learning about President John Tyler? Here you will find my favorite picks we used while studying the individual Presidents of the United States. This is part of a series of lessons I posted on individual Presidents. You can find links to all the lessons at President's Day Unit Study .


Just the Facts on Our 10th President

Presidential Term: 1841 - 1845

Political Party: Whig

Vice President: None

Birthplace: Virginia

Occupation: Lawyer

Yearly Salary as President: $25,000

Height: 6'0"

First Ladies: Letitia Chrisitan Tyler (1790-1842)

& Julia Gardiner Tyler (1820-1889)

Nickname: "Accidental President"

We found these to be helpful when creating a notebook and lapbook and adding in a cooking activity. I love anything that is both edible and educational!

John Tyler for Teachers offers links to free worksheets, book suggestions, general information and trivia, interactive computer games, and more related to president John Tyler.

Tyler's Favorite Pudding Recipes provides recipes for Tyler's favorite desserts, pudding-pie and grateful pudding, and also includes a description of some of his other favorite dishes.

Presidential Statistics and Points of Interest includes an overview of John Tyler's life and some fun points of interest.

Our Favorite Books on John Tyler

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Timeline of Major Events from 1841-1845

After Tyler vetoed Whig banking bills twice, all but one of his cabinet members resigned (Daniel Webster stayed on in his position.)

Webster-Ashburton Treaty resolving Maine's boundary issuses with Canada
End of Second Seminole War
America officially recognized Hawaiian Independence

Trade treaty signed with China
First message successfully sent over Samuel Morse's telegraph

Florida admitted as 27th state
Texas annexed


No one expected John Tyler to ever be president. After Harrison died, Congress suggested that John Tyler be titled "Vice-President of the United States, acting President. Tyler refused as the Constitution laid out that he was now officially the President. He immediately rejected a number of the Whig's proposed actions. His cabinet members promptly resigned and the Whig party disowned him.


John Tyler, a firm believer is states' rights, vetoed so many bills that the House of Representatives attempted to impeach him. In 1845 he became the first president to have a veto overridden by Congress.


In 1844 while taking a cruise on the USS Princeton a gun malfunctioned. While Tyle was not hurt, many of his cabinet members and state representatives were killed by the explosion. New York Representative David Gardiner was one of the men killed. His daughter, Julia Gardiner, fainted. John Tyler immediately carried her to safety. They later married each other. John Tyler was the first president to get married while in office, and he had the most legitimate children of all presidents -- 15.


John Tyler dedicated his last two years of presidency ensuring the annexation of Texas. The tragedy on the USS Princeton postponed the statehood of Texas occurring during his presidency. Nonetheless, Texas named a city, Tyler, in John Tyler's honor.

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Good Overview of John Tyler

When searching out YouTube video clips that provided helpful information about his presidency and were completely child-friendly, these were our favorites.

  • President's Day Unit Study - I posted links to each of my lessons on individual Presidents here. In each lesson I included fun worksheets, children's books, YouTube clips, timelines, and recipe ideas. On this page I also included our favorite books and YouTube video clips that cover all of the Presidents of the United States.
  • Fun, FREE Hands-On Unit Studies - I have posted my links to over 35 hands-on unit studies (compromised of over 170 lessons) that focus primarily on science and social studies. In each lesson plan I have listed the activities that we did (and included photos), the books we read, YouTube video clips that we watched, and lapbook links that pair with the lesson.

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