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How to create healing and miracles with power of sound

How many times we asked ourselves how this world of ours is created, how to improve our own lives, how to improve the life on Earth, how to create miracles... I was searching for the answers on these questions from my early childhood, and one by one, they started to get revealed to me and I was getting the same answers while meditating, while being in the nature, while searching for scientific proofs.

Our whole universe is conscious and is consisted of various vibrations. Everything and everybody vibrates with the certain frequency. Every vibration has its sound, (majority of them are not in the range of human hearing) and sound creates material form supported with power of intention.

Our thoughts and emotions also vibrate, in the form of electromagnetic waves and they also have their own sound and image, which shapes our material reality. By knowing that facts we can always change our life, and give it more dignified and enchanting shape.

Power of sound is amazing creative force, which has been used from the ancient times, and is also the oldest way of healing.

On the beginning of creation was "word" (sound, vibration), and the same is today. We create our world all the time, consciously or subconsciously. Our life is our responsibility.

When I started to write this Hub, I found this amazing video clip from David Icke, which explains material creation, with power of vibrations and sound:

 Tiny particles of sand are strewn on a smooth disk and exposed to vibrations and  they immediately begin to take form and arrange into a multitude of geometrically perfect designs. Some variations of these vibrations create known geometric patterns such as hexagons , pentagrams, crosses, spirals, and many other infinite combinations.

The amazing patterns found on animals and insect wings are easily explained in this simple experiment. The perfection of every our cell and organs as well.

Sound and vibration give birth to the form, from the beginning of the time. 


Sounds of Earth, Jupiter, Saturn

 Planets also have their specific sound, some of them, NASA recently recorded. I wish you to enjoy listening vibrations of conscious parts of our Universe.

How Earth sounds from space (recorded by satellites)

Sounds of Jupiter, recorded by NASA

Saturn souds, NASA recorded

Temendous power of sound was known to the people from the ancient times. In hinduistic and buddhist tradition is said that "OM" (AUM; AMEN) is primeval sound of creation.

Few years ago I have found this beautiful mandala - Sri Yantra, which was image of sound OM seen by monks in deep meditation. It is said that image of Sri Yantra is known for last 6000 years.

Here is the photo of the drawing of Sri Yantra from 18th century A.D. from Rajastan, where you can see beauty of this mandala. It represents timeless creative principle of the universe (sound, vibration) and continuous evolution of all realms of existence from one central source.

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The same pattern which emerges from the sound "OM" was also electronicaly recorded. Appearance of the "OM" mantra spoken into an electronic transmitter is bellow the Rajastan image. You can see - they are the same. 


Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra

"OM" mantra spoken into electronic transmitter - Image


Water crystals - Dr. Masaru Emoto

Few years ago, Dr. Masaru Emoto brought to the world material evidence how our music, words, thoughts and ideas ifluence molecular structure of water, by showing crystals made into the frozen water after (and before) water was exposed to the certain music, prayers, words or even ideas.


Dvorak - water crystal

Healing with the sound

The healing with the power of sound is the oldest way of healing in the human history.

This video clips is about research of healing power of music in the Morristown Memorial Hospital shown on NJN Public Television. Harpist Alix Weisz has a special talent for helping the sick to heal.You can watch her perform healing melodies in an intensive care units recovery room for patients who have just undergone heart surgery...

Sri Yantra from Kashmir 12th century

Sri Yantra from Kashmir 12th century

People who meditate are consciously using the power of sound - MUSIC which help them to achieve positive thoughts and emotions to create new material reality.

With the power of many healthy vibrations I gradually transformed my life and still doing that, because this "work" is never finished, and needs to be performed every day.

It is always possible to create everything what is valuable in our lives, if we know how, if we give it a good try to if we persist in out trying.

The life is most precious miracle and we can create in our material reality the most beautiful dream of it - with the power within us. It is more then worth trying.

At the end of this Hub, wish you to enjoy beautiful healing music of Dr Stephen Halpbern, and brilliant song of Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World. Our world is our home and is really special and amazing and deserves our open hearts and vibrations of our love - every day.

Peace, Love and Gratitude to all of you.


Stephen Halpbern healing music - Inner Peace

Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World

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Leonardo Rubino on February 23, 2014:





Fatih on June 16, 2012:

I wanna know how they can record the sound of planets since the sound doesn't travel in vacuum (needs air to cary the waves). Can someone please explain???

She Knows on October 10, 2011:

These are the words of Suzy Kassem. See her book, Rise Up and Salute the Sun, and blog with this article dated 2008.

Karma can be cruel and humiliation is worse...when you try to steal the words of others.

Michael Adewale Olubode from Nigeria. +2347067550237. on May 07, 2011:

Can you try out this music on a sick person and let me know the effect it has on him or her. The words that derived the notes are as follow:


I broke the words down to syllable as follow: HEAL - ME - O - LORD - OF - ALL - SOULS - AND - HEA - LER - OF - ALL - DI - SEA - SES.

The solfa I got from the conversion are as follow if C = 1, D = 2, E = 3, F = 4, G = 5, A = 6, and B = 7.

All these can be in C major chord or as deemed fit:

G F C B B F D G B B B F A F C.

I am not a good musician so I leave the arrangement to your discretion. If you need more explanation you can please send me an email via my contact page.

Note: Time will come when all vegetation, climate, biochemistry of this world will change. I think this is the rapture into immortality many have been talking about or something.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on May 07, 2011:

I never tried that , micadeolu, it sounds interesting, you can make a test and inform us about your observations. Thank you very much in advance.

Michael Adewale Olubode from Nigeria. +2347067550237. on May 04, 2011:

What do you know about converting the alphabet of any language into the musical 7 tonic solfa and using it to make spiritual request which could be played on a silver trumpet after which the spirits immediately respond?

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on July 31, 2010:

Well Premi, if one knows that Divine power is in every living being and everywhere around in the universe, this person does not have problem with comprehension of how healing can work on long distance, or work at all. So your comment is very illogical.

You have right to belive in whatever somebody else told you to belive in, but please, if you want to progress, use common sense as well. On that way, your comments will not lack of logic.


Premi on July 30, 2010:

I don't believe healing from distance. I believe that it is possible but the possibility is 1 in millions. Only the person can do this who have realized that supreme power and total consciousness. I would say only God can do this. If Human being will do healing then there will not be any need of God. If human will do this, then they will increase their own Karmic load (Bad Karmas). The God is the supreme power in the form of energy and vibration everywhere in the universe.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on July 30, 2010:

Thank you for your comment, Premi.

Premi on July 30, 2010:

Jesus said

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God"

That word is nothing but the sound/vibration. Every religious have the bell at the door. Hindu Temples have the bell at the door to ring the Sound "Aum" using bell. Some of the churches have the bell at the door to ring the sound. Is this proof is not enough to prove that the first sound is "Aum" sung by the Lord? Why every atom is vibrating? The first sound made every atom vibrating with different frequencies. That first sound 'Aum' is endless . It continuously transferring vibrations to the physical world ( Atoms). The frequency of transferred vibration depends on the mass. If the mass is more the frequency of transferred vibration will be less, that is the reason why all planets are making different sounds because every planet have different mass. Everywhere that endless sound is ringing continuously. It is everywhere. If you would like to hear this sound, wake up early in the morning at 3:30 AM and try to concentrate your mind you will definitely able to heat this first and endless sound from the air.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on May 07, 2010:

Your question just CREATED reaction in my mind, Shahid, as result of that, I have created this comment.

Thank you for visit and comment.

Shahid Bukhari from My Awareness in Being. on May 07, 2010:

Sound, Is, of Creation, how can it possibly Create ?

It only Repeats, the Ordained, in Procreation.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on March 21, 2009:

Thank you very much Lgali for your comment and for stopping by.

Lgali on March 20, 2009:

another excellent hub lot of good info

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on March 10, 2009:

Ha, ha, ha, I do sleep sometimes..... It was early in the morning I answered on your questions, and yes I was very sleepy at that time.....

A lot of things we learned in the just not true. We all need to change our old mental concepts in order to understand how this world of ours is created, or our influence on it ....It is not easy. I changed my mental beliefs when I started to heal and meditate....This helped me to perceive this world on completely different ways...

Misha from DC Area on March 10, 2009:

I guess I'll have to ponder about it for a while :)

Thanks Tanechka :)

BTW, do you ever sleep? ;)

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on March 09, 2009:

A little bit more: vibration is vibration: we can perceive it as light, or as sound. With the newest discovery, sound is quicker then light: sound creates light, then?

On the beginning, really it was word....sound is faster.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on March 09, 2009:

Good question Misha. I asked myself the same , while I was writing this Hub. Let us put the things on that way: vibration of light can be translated into the vibration af sound. And on that way: light produces sound. And vice versa. Sound can be seen and perceived as light.

BTW;thoughts are even faster then light: it happened that people actually HEARD my thoughts , while I was sending them healing energy, long-distance, when I used rock-crystal.

To answer on the question on scientific way, I have just found this newest discovery in Physics which explains the theory of sound: " For the first time, scientists have experimentally demonstrated that sound pulses can travel at velocities faster than the speed of light, c. William Robertson’s team from Middle Tennessee State University also showed that the group velocity of sound waves can become infinite, and even negative. " from

So, sound can also travel with much higher speed then humanity ever imagined: it can be faster then light. With this new knowledge is much more easier to understand that light can be sound.

Misha from DC Area on March 09, 2009:

It was my pleasure to read it Tanechka :)

I guess I did confuse you too, sorry - and I do appreciate you taking the time trying to explain this to me. Let me ask it in a different way. In a sense that you use this word in this hub, is light sound?

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on March 09, 2009:


every vibration has it´s sound, but majority of the frequencies our human ears cannot hear. It is very difficult to talk about vibrations only - in order to explain to the people great impact of vibrations: term "vibrations" is to abstract for many of people; termin "sound" is more easier to understand...  Because we perceive vibrations through our 5 senses only.

Hm...the problem is that we usually consider as sound only what our, human ears can hear. Even dogs and cats can hear the sounds we cannot hear, it does not mean that they do not exist as sounds...I will not mention now another species. Bats for instance...It is said that we can hear frequencies between 20Hz-20.000kHz. It would be very selfish from us to say that lower or higher frequencies do not produce sound just because our ears are not developed enough to hear it...What with the other ears of other species???  

Hm...sound can be transferred through the solid materials on the both ways: as transverse waves  and the longitudinal waves.  So for sound to be expressed is not important if the wave is transverse or longitudinal if medium is solid.

OK let us put things that way - if we record any vibrations (which are higher or lower then frequencies we can hear)  and translate them into 20-20000 Hz "sound-alphabet", we will hear their sounds, which are in the range of human hearing.On that way NASA recorded sounds of the planets, stars, different parts of universe: all universe is full of sounds. Plants also produce conscious sounds. Or vibrations. Does not matter.

SOUND IS JUST ONE OF THE WAYS HOW WE PERCEIVE SOME VIBRATIONS: we can perceive them on different ways: feel them, see them, smell them, some of them even taste. So we can "translate" them into any of our senses. Our senses are just mediums for vibrations to be expressed.

If it is less confusing for you, you can replace word "sound" with vibrations. Intentional movement of vibrations is building our universe... We are all creators and can use power of sound, or power of intention (etc) to change our reality, and influence our sorroundings. That was mine point.

Well, all vibrations are Divine, because "divine" is everything what exists.

Many thanks for your comment and for stopping by, Misha, and yes, this IS very serious Hub.



Misha from DC Area on March 09, 2009:

Talking about flirts Tanechka:)

j/k of course, this is a serious hub, right? ;)

I think I need some clarification. You talk about sound, a guy in the video talks about sound, everybody in comments talk about sound...

Yet sound is a very specific form of vibrations, and there are plenty of other forms that seriously differ from sound not only quantitatively (frequency) but also qualitatively(transverse vs longitudinal).

Clear my confusion please, are you using the word sound to depict all possible vibrations, just to make it easier for people not very literal in physics, or you really mean that sound is a special, divine, form of vibrations?

Thanks :)

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 26, 2009:

Thanks Shalini, I am so happy you loved them.

Shalini Kagal from India on February 25, 2009:

That was phenomenal Tatjana! Loved the hub - and the videos - thanks!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 24, 2009:

Thank you Anjali, for yours about chakras. I need the time to watch the video, he, he, cannot wait to do it.

anjalichugh from New York on February 24, 2009:

Sorry for reading this so late. Videos were awesome. I have believed in it for a long time that music (sound) is the best healer. My day starts and ends with music and that keeps my nerves relaxed.

Thx for coming up with a great hub

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 24, 2009:

Thanks Frank, our potencial is amazing. We just need to learn how to use it properly. Thank you for your nice words.

FrankRod on February 24, 2009:

Thanks for putting the hub together, Tatjana. We as humans have only just begun to realize the full potential/implications of the universe and its vibrations. Very informative...I look forward to exploring some of your other work...Keep it up. : )

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 24, 2009:

Thanks Foxy for commenting me. Sond has great impact on our lives - it creates them.

Kind regards.

foxility on February 24, 2009:

Great hub. Sound is always around us and it's a pleasure to be able to hear.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 24, 2009:

Yes, Quicksand with suonds IS possible to attain nirvana state: I can witness that: tat happened several times to me, while I was singing&listening mantras.and spiritual songs.....

Please, DO come back, videos are really great.

Many thanks for your comment and your support.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 24, 2009:

Thanks Jimm for your comment. I agree with you - music always has great impact on huma)s life. When we sing even more....

quicksand on February 24, 2009:

Hi Tanja, I do recall during my school days, there was a buzz about some German scientists performing experiments with computer generated sound with a view to inducing a state of Nirvan.

Well I did refer to this in an earlier hub.

Anyway, I hope to come back later and watch the videos and listen to the sounds that you have selected.

Have a nice day! :)

jimmurdoch on February 24, 2009:

Great hub Tatjana. Ours words and sounds are very important. They affect those we speak to. And our musicians heal us more than they intend. Great work.


Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 24, 2009:

VS:There is no coincidence in this world...

Healing the hearing problem is possible. There is also psychological reason involved: before the problem happened, people who have it usually did not want to listen any more voices of some people, their words, opinions, commands, nagging...etc....

Whatever is the problem, it can be improved....A lots of love.

VioletSun from Oregon/ Name: Marie on February 23, 2009:

Tatjana: Checked your hub, and wow, you described the angels you met in you NDE experience, almost the same  the way I shared mine in my comments. This is a wonderful validation for me. :)

Didn't know about the 'holes' in the frequencies. Will do a search about it.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

He, he, he, I have checked ONE of his Hubs. And it made me laugh what is great.

Your comments also make me laugh...

Thanks to the both of you for "improving Quantum theory", he, he, he....

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

Reverse psychology, Pest??? you KNOW when you tell somebody NOT TO READ, that this person will actually HAVE TO READ...your Hubs.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

Actually Dave, your Hub about miracles was also part of my inspiration to finish this one.

Thanks for your comment I really appreciate it.

Cris A from Manila, Philippines on February 23, 2009:


Trust me i have nothing to do with Pest. If he says that i bring out the worst in him, so be it. i'd have the worst in him anytime. if you don't believe me check out that poor soul's hubs and see what you think of his trailer park universe! ;D

Pest from A couch, Ionia, MI on February 23, 2009:

well, don't read any of my Hubs then! i also prctice reverse psychology! Speaking of humor, Toad is lurking around here somwhere. If he shows up all bets are off.

David from San Antonio, Texas on February 23, 2009:

Very good information, Tatjana. I knew there was a reason why most of us happen to want to hear sounds and music while we are doing whatever, but didn't know there was so much more to it. Thanks for the interesting info.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

He, he, he...a little bit of humour does not hurt. I actually enjoy it....

Pest from A couch, Ionia, MI on February 23, 2009:

LOL! Tatjana, i appologize...Chris brings out the worst in me! I knew that i couldn't stay serious for too long! Again great Hub! I will take more of these!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

I need to support Pest and quantum theory....what else to do????

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

Well, well this Hub is very interesting now....what is next? He, he, he,,,,

Cris A from Manila, Philippines on February 23, 2009:


my point exactly :D

Pest from A couch, Ionia, MI on February 23, 2009:

I am stoned.

Cris A from Manila, Philippines on February 23, 2009:

It's okay Tatjana Pest and I.... we're tight! But not that kind of tight! LOL


very well said my friend. and such deep thoughts. :D

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

I agree with you Pest. Desire creates happenings in our life...

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

 Guys, guys, he, he, he, peace and love, please....

Pest from A couch, Ionia, MI on February 23, 2009:

Chris, I have moments of clarity followed by fogged, clouded confusion. Actually, the quantum idea is something that I have believed or felt since I was a little kid. Proof to me that the universe is all intertwined. To truly believe something can make it your reality!

Cris A from Manila, Philippines on February 23, 2009:

I didn't know that about you Pest. Guess it's your name!

Sorry Tatjana, can't help myself :D

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

I agree with you Pest. It is amazing to now it and be able to use it as well. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

He, he, combination is the best.. But images also produce vibration/sound and sound produces images. Everything is connected. Thanks, Chris for your comment.

Pest from A couch, Ionia, MI on February 23, 2009:

Quantum theory/physics are fascinating.

Cris A from Manila, Philippines on February 23, 2009:

i'm more of a visual person than auditory. but this might change my mind! thanks for sharing :D

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

Well, I have heard the choir of angels as well, is in my Hub

I did not know about your problem. Usually people have "holes" in the frequencies, they hear certain range of frequencies, and certain do not, most obviously the same is with you. But maybe they wanted to give you message that you can improve your hearing???

VioletSun from Oregon/ Name: Marie on February 23, 2009:

Tatjana: Years ago,  I woke up and heard a choir of what sounded like angels- it was a beautiful rhythmic singing that was like music, and it was crystal clear as if I had normal hearing again, so I just stayed still in my bed and listened.  As most know, I have trouble with my hearing, so this was quite amazing to be able to hear music like that.  I guess the universe is musical in tone, and I happened to pick the sound on that morning. 

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

Eto mene: here I am... Dobro sam (I am fine)... Well, how did you know I just came from Andromeda, he, he, he....

Thanks for your comment and I hope you learned how to improve your life...

Love and Hugs.

Mr Nice from North America on February 23, 2009:

Kako si Tatjana,

You are some super natural human or some one from ET family.......hahaha. I have no idea because you always amaze me. I myself believe the sound or in scientific words frequency you mentioned is all around us every where.

Scientist only discovered these frequencies & magnetic fields but they are part of the nature & were always present. I must say you amazed me once again with this wonderful hub.

Lots of love......

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

Tkanks Suzanne for your kind comment!

justmesuzanne from Texas on February 23, 2009:

Lovely work! Thanks! :)

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

Ha, ha, I like your sense of humour, Shanon. The light we use is intelligent supstance who give us inspiration.

Thank you so much for your friendship and warm support!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

Thanks Funride for your comment, and for the big thumb up. I appreciate it very much. Wish you all the best!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 23, 2009:

Dear Marie, everyone of us needs reminders every now and on, thank you for your last Hub as well. I just visited it.

A lots of Love

Shannon from New York on February 23, 2009:

Tatjana: Queen of CROATIA! We all hail to Tatjana! You've GOT to be one of the smartest people I know!

CONGRADULATIONS TATJANA, on your newest hub!



Ricardo Nunes from Portugal on February 23, 2009:

Congratulations for putting together such great hub. I guess we all feel that sounds or music have an effect on us and that they can change our mood and even our health. A big thumb up.

VioletSun from Oregon/ Name: Marie on February 23, 2009:

Tatjana: Wow, what a beautiful hub! I wrote a hub when I first joined on Emoto's work with the water crystals... I love it when we can see the actual "proof", of how sound and thoughts DO influence everything around us. Thanks for this reminder!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 22, 2009:

Well, St. James, I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT!!! Thank you!

St.James from Lurking Around Florida on February 22, 2009:

Thank you... I needed to read this tonight.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 22, 2009:

Thank you very much for your comment, Tony, power os music is so amazing. We leave in the world of miracles, isn`t it great?

I am waiting for your Hub about this subject...

Love and Light

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 22, 2009:

Thanks Dean, you are ALWAYS my big support. Lots of Love...

Tony McGregor from South Africa on February 22, 2009:

What a wonderful Hub Tatjana - as a lover of music I am always interested in how music and sound generally affects us, how vibrations make things happen. I have many books on the subject and will maybe write a Hub myself on my thoughts and experiences.

Love and peace


mulder from Warnbro Western Australia on February 22, 2009:

omg I think you outdid yourself this it one truly amazing hub .Well done Tatjana-Mihaela

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 22, 2009:

Thank you very much, Tom for your kind words!

Tom Cornett from Ohio on February 22, 2009:

Wonderful hub and great work! Thank you!

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