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Tools to Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Tools to Eliminate Negative Thinking

Did you know that the average person has over 68 thousand negative thoughts a day according to The Blair Institute on Thought Process in California? No worries, we all have them and often we are unaware of these thoughts occurring in our brains. And yes, negative thoughts affect your life and how unwanted scenarios ultimately manifest.

First, become aware that you are thinking a negative thought or a string of negative thoughts. Many of these thoughts come from our core belief system, learned and psychically transmitted to us through our parents, teachers, grandparents and other authority figures. One's little self, by the age of 6, has already been influenced to think in patterns that may have been a belief system impressed upon them by their parents' notion that they didn't have enough money, or that one of your parents rarely praised you, even when you took out the trash like a pro. Whether good, bad, indifferent, we were psychically dumped on by our parents and other authority figures constantly; even whilst they thought they were doing their best under their personal circumstances at the time. Who knows maybe daddy lost his job that mommy found out about? Life happens and whether we like it or not, those feelings mommy and daddy were having, hiding or expressing shaped your thought patterns.

Keep your positive affirmations and your daily mantras!


Yep! Accept compliments, affirm and write down that affirmation!

You too can be a beautiful Lily!

You too can be a beautiful Lily!

The Discard and Replace Technique!

A great way to replace negative thoughts is to discard them the instant they creep into your mind like evil little entities. Learn to recognize your negative thoughts first, what triggers them and then replace them with positive thoughts. Affirmations work well. Write positive thoughts on stickies, like what you want out of life or an affirmation like, I am beautiful or I am successful. Any positive thing you want to happen in your life, affirm! Speak it out loud, scream it out loud, write it down and imagine it. For any negative thoughts you are having, imagine burying them in some far away place where they can never haunt you again. Visualize a little cemetery where all your negative thoughts are just plain buried and with no epitaphs.


Be aware, drop your ego, shine a light on your negative thoughts and yank them from your brain like so much trash. It is necessary to be conscious of any negative thought pattern you are having. How do you recognize dirty old habits? Well, start by clearing your mind. You can do this by asking yourself this simple question: "Gee, I wonder what I will think of next?" Try it now and you'll see that this proposition to yourself instantly clears your mind. Now that you have a fresh palette, color your brain canvas with bright images, soothing colors and re-affirm those notes you pasted on the wall, refrigerator or on the bathroom mirror. Try to let go of your ego, that nagging little voice inside that says, "You're fat and stupid," or "You were never smart and you'll never be a success," and so on. These thoughts come to us like termites when they invade the wood in your house or when the mice take over your garage, but we need to destroy them before they become a huge problem. Bad thoughts really are like unwanted pests. They move in and you really have to work hard on getting rid of them, killing them off is a great idea. However, I do not know of any Orkin brain service just yet! You'll just have to be your own monitor. You really have the power to change negative thoughts into positive ones, I promise. Try these two techniques for only 2 weeks and you'll begin to see a difference, perhaps even before that time period is up. Trust me, this is for real. The Universal Mind Substance /The God Particle is a greater sponge than our brains - so send out those positive thoughts in a clear way and they will return to you in kind. Mystic Amy thinks you should not take anything too seriously, just allow it to happen, it will arrive sooner than you could guess. Your work is only to express in your mind all that you really want, not the negative jive you may be thinking about. Once you get the hang of recognizing your negative thoughts it becomes automatic, so replacing them with positive thoughts can be really easy. You are the Master, the Saint, The Sinner, the One, the All, and the only Person who orchestrates your own life, circumstances aside. Seemingly negative life circumstances are just stories when you eliminate your ego. You will shine like so many stars in the heavens every time. Don't forget to smile at people, it is the most simple gift you can give, and the universe always responds in kind.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2009 Dr Amy Soukup Frerichs


Levi Joshua Kell from Arizona on April 28, 2010:

Brilliant! Thanks.

Levi Joshua Kell from Arizona on April 28, 2010:

Brilliant! Thanks.

Dr Amy Soukup Frerichs (author) from San Diego, California on December 31, 2009:

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Hey thanks again TRT,

You are swell. Happy New Year to year and may 2010 bring you much love, peace, balance, abundance and perfection in whatever you do!

Truth From Truth from Michigan on December 29, 2009:

Thanks again, write more soon. It's great to hear from you aswell.

Dr Amy Soukup Frerichs (author) from San Diego, California on December 29, 2009:

Thanks friend, TFT. It always makes me feel good when I hear from you. I'm off to visit your new hub right now, dear. Love, Amy

Truth From Truth from Michigan on December 28, 2009:

Just stopped in to say hi, and see if you had anything new. Enjoy your new years eve.

Dr Amy Soukup Frerichs (author) from San Diego, California on November 19, 2009:

I am bowing my head in thanks and gratitude for your fantastic comments.

Dr Amy Soukup Frerichs (author) from San Diego, California on November 19, 2009:

Thank you both so very much. Oh, Truth from Truth, I am not so sure I am going to enjoy "What a Wife Should Be", but I'll check out the fun and dark humor you must have peppered it with. And, Art, if you are thinking of me, that is positive indeed. Keep up the good work men. xoxo, Mystic AMy

Truth From Truth from Michigan on November 19, 2009:

great information. a good post, thanks

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