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Nim's Island Unit Study, Lesson Plans, and Activities


Nim's Island-Inspired Learning

I was enchanted by Nim's Island. The adventure of the young, independent Nim is not only engaging, but opens a door to knowledge of and a connection with nature that many children aren't typically exposed to, in our modern world.

Right away, I saw the potential of weaving my daughter's homeschool lessons around it. The story offers a launchpad for learning about hurricanes, volcanoes, oceans, solar and wind energy, wilderness survival, and so much more, with great related activities.

The resources on this page are what I gathered in preparation for my own use; I was so inspireb y what I found, I thought I'd share them for other homeschoolers thinking the same.

Nim's Island

Unit Study

From Homeschool Share

Laura O'Neill's Nim's Island Unit Study on Homeschool Share provides detailed lessons in art, various sciences (many, from gardening to weather), language arts, PE, and social studies, taking us chapter by chapter and with links to related online resources. I love how thorough this is.

From Walden Media

On their official Nim's Island page, Walden Media once offered downloadable resources created in partnership with NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Program and the National Wildlife Federation. While that page has been redone without the resources, you can still obtain them at the preserved page on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine at Nim's Island.

Under the Learn tab you can find a pdf educational guide, informational poster, and learning packs in pdf form for Terrestrial vs. Aquatic Plants and Water.

Related Lesson Plans

Letter Writing

Letter Writing Lesson Plan - Featuring making paper, Flat Stanley, and recycling.


Light in the Dark: A study on bioluminescence - Including a tag game using glow-sticks.

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles - Animal Study and Lapbook from Homeschool Share.

Ocean Study Resources


Galapagos Conservation Trust Junior Zone - Photos and information about the history and the creatures of Galapagos, in a fun, concise, interactive way.

Marine Life

Marine Turtles - Video on DragonflyTV (PBS)

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How Hurricanes Work - At HowStuffWorks. With Video.

Island and Hurricane Video Resources

Galapagos Islands

Marine Iguanas

Sea Lions


How Hurricanes Work

Ocean Crafts

Fun Ocean Inspired, Kid-friendly Craft Ideas:

Beach Activities

Sifting for treasure, another take on an ocean in a box, and other ocean themed craft ideas.

Fish Weathervane

at Family Fun

Shell Jewelry Ideas:

Macrame Jewelry Instructions

I'm thinking my daughter will love creating her own jewelry out of the shells and treasures she sifts out of the sand in the sifting for treasure activity.

About The Nim's Island Movie

Behind the scenes look at the Nim's Island movie - This in-depth article on HowStuffWorks gives us a fascinating look at the making of the movie. My kids especially liked the coverage of the animal actors & the challenges of working with them, and where (and how) computer generated animation was used.


anonymous on May 01, 2012:

I'm preparing an e-book: Nim's Island: Excellent stuff for kids to do! (all proceeds going to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.) I'll be including your link - thanks again!

Kimberly Napper (author) from U.S. on June 26, 2010:

@eclecticeducati1: :) Thanks!

eclecticeducati1 on March 10, 2010:

I love Nim's Island!!! This is a great resource. I'll have to use some of the resources here when my little guy gets a bit older. Blessed by an Angel and lensrolled to my Nim's Island and Lynn's Island lenses.

Btw... That is SO cool that the author left you a comment. I'm so jealous!!! lol!!! ;)

Kimberly Napper (author) from U.S. on February 02, 2010:

@anonymous: Thank you :)

anonymous on January 30, 2010:

What a great resource list! I'm glad I happened to see it - I'll link the blog to it.

Thanks for creating it,

Wendy Orr

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