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Minibook Gallery


Bookmaking for Little Hands

Whether you're new to lapbooking and are trying to get an idea of what minibooks are or whether you're an old hand at lapbooking and want some fresh ideas, welcome to the minibook gallery!

Browse the images for some creative inspiration. Follow the links for directions and templates.

Each photo featured on this page comes from a minibook that my daughter made as part of her homeschool experience over the past seven years.

If you're looking for printable templates for these minibooks, keep scrolling down. There's a link lower on the page for Homeschool Share, your best site for templates and printables.

Layered Book

Minibook Directions

Click to view Layered Book Directions PDF. (Another option.)

Notes: A layered book is an easy but impressive minibook made with paper of various lengths, stacked and stapled together. Try different colors of paper to make a rainbow book! And remember that the layers can go up and down or side to side. A layered book is good for a list of related things.

Tabbed Book

Minibook Directions

Click for Tabbed Book Directions

Notes: A tabbed book is good for a list of similar things or a progression from small to large. It can have as few as three tabs or can have many more. The tabs can go across the top, sides, or bottom for even more versatility.

One Page Book

Minibook Directions

Click for

One Page Book Directions

Notes: With just one sheet of paper of most any size and a pair of scissors, you can make this one page book, the easiest and most versatile book there is! The larger your paper, the larger your finished book will be. Experiment with rectangles and squares of various sizes for unique books. Besides a cover and a back, this book has 6 interior pages. So it's good for three to six bits of information.

Accordion Book

Minibook Directions

Click for Accordion Book Directions.

Notes: This book can be as short or as long as you'd like. It is especially good for timelines, steps in a process, a series of events, or any sequence at all. The accordion book can unfold up, down, to the left or to the right. You can decide! Index cards, taped together, make good accordion books.