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Proofs for EXTRATERRESTIALS on EARTH - Now and Before



Universe is big, never ending, very intelligent and very alive. The part of it that we are able to observe with our own eyes (on Earth) and with help of telescopes (our solar system, Milky Way and other galaxies) is so amazing and full of wonders that only fear in us can deny that life and intelligence exist on every step, wherever we look at .

Among humanity there are many people who witness contacts with various extraterrestial beings visiting Earth or appearance of various types of UFO. Many historical artifacts also show that Gods of human history indeed have extraterrestial origin and that "aliens" were helping human evolution since our existence.

Humanity still waits for any kind of material, scientific proof that extraterrestial life really does exist on another planets or parts of universe, and somehow part of us is certainly afraid of possibility that our ideas of superiority of human race would fall apart if we find out that we are not the most developed creatures in the infinite universe.

It seems we are expecting that proofs we need will arrive from the places and organisations that obviously do not intent to give us all info.









Up till now, what we officially got as scientific proof from astrobiological research is - fossils of extratterestial nano - bacteries that are found inside of martian meteorit ALH84001 (meteorit is found in Syberian ice).  These features you see on the photos on the left, are fossils of martian bacteries.





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Archelogical foundings are more realistic


Archaeological artifacts and art of ancient humanity are telling us completely other story and actually witness on very realistic way that our ancestors had regular contacts with some other developed human race.  We must be really blind if we do not see that.

In this video below, you will see rock and cave paintings of our ancestors all around the world, that obviously present non-human beings that were living with them, or just visiting them.



For humanity very untypical cone skulls that the most possible have extraterrestrial origin (or are skulls of human-extraterrestrial hybrids) are found in Peru, and in Egypt (land of the Gods).

These skulls are certainly not of (pure) human origin, are they?


5000 years old Temple of faraon Seti I






In 5000 years old temple of faraon Seti I in Abydos, Egypt  we can see hieroglyphs that present helicopter, military tank and various vehicles that certainly our ancestors did not have, but they engraved them them on the temple table. This is just one of so many proofs that I could go whole day like that.







Extraterrestrials here and now - Info that I got


In my country there are some places with intensive UFO activity, like everywhere in the world. I saw several times "strange lights and objects" high in the sky, but because of so many satellits and military activities everywhere around, I really cannot say "Yes I saw the alien´s spaceship".

Last year, I had chat with one USA pilot, who told me that while flying he saw couple ot times UFO objects that were definitely not of terrestial origin.Several Croatian and Yugoslav military and civil pilots wittnessed the same, so I was not surprised. BTW, whe you in my country say that you met aliens, you DO NOT BECOME CELEBRITY, so these people were very brave while witnessing that. Here is the part of my chat with mentioned USA pilot, that I copied from Skype, about meeting extraterrestrial flying ships:

[3.9.2008 18:10:09] Jaime B. Pabros says: u wanna know something Tanya
[3.9.2008 18:10:19] Tatjana-Mihaela says: yes, please
[3.9.2008 18:10:30] Jaime B. Pabros says: in all the years i have been flying
[3.9.2008 18:10:43] Jaime B. Pabr says: since 1980 to be exact
[3.9.2008 18:10:54] Jaime B. Pabros says: i have seen a couple of UFOs
[3.9.2008 18:11:13] Jaime B. Pabros i was just waiting sometimes to get intercepted by one
[3.9.2008 18:11:23] Jaime B. Pabros says: and taken to their universe
[3.9.2008 18:11:49] Tatjana-Mihaela says: I am very courious about it. How did that happen?
[3.9.2008 18:11:52] Jaime B. Pabros says: sometimes it just happens so fast
[3.9.2008 18:12:02] Jaime B. Pabros: no time to take picture
[3.9.2008 18:12:13] Jaime B. Pabros says: but in both occasions
[3.9.2008 18:12:51] Jaime B. Pabros from the idstance, all we can see is this big - huge flying object
[3.9.2008 18:13:19] Jaime B. Pabros says: full of lights and just hoverin all the way around us
[3.9.2008 18:13:45] Jaime B. Pabrossays: im sure they were curious of us
[3.9.2008 18:14:07] Tatjana-Mihaela says: Did you feel any telepathic communications, or something like that?
[3.9.2008 18:14:16] Jaime B. Pabros says: but in cases like that
[3.9.2008 18:14:34] Jaime B. Pabros says: we were supposed to report it to authorities
[3.9.2008 18:14:39] Jaime B. Pabros says: but we never do
[3.9.2008 18:14:46] Tatjana-Mihaela says: why not
[3.9.2008 18:15:04] Jaime B. Pabros says: too much paper work and sometimes they wont believe you
[3.9.2008 18:15:18] Jaime B. Pabros says: they will say we are making it up
[3.9.2008 18:15:33] Jaime B. Pabros says: so we give up
[3.9.2008 18:15:36] Tatjana-Mihaela says: aaa.... Understand- Croatian pilots, especially military ones, also witnessed the same recently.
[3.9.2008 18:16:02] Jaime B. Pabros says: i can imagine
[3.9.2008 18:16:15] Tatjana-Mihaela says: Did you feel /sense any kind of telepathic communication?
[3.9.2008 18:16:28] Jaime B. Pabros says: as a matter of fact
[3.9.2008 18:16:31] Jaime B. Pabros says: yes i did
[3.9.2008 18:16:44] Tatjana-Mihaela says: Tell me about it
[3.9.2008 18:16:48] Jaime B. Pabros says: very weird nosie at 1st
[3.9.2008 18:17:19] Jaime B. Pabros says: and then came different tones over or radio
[3.9.2008 18:17:43] Jaime B. Pabros says: maybe they were trying to communicate with us
[3.9.2008 18:18:06] Tatjana-Mihaela says: very possible
[3.9.2008 18:18:16] Jaime B. Pabros- says: i m sure they were
[3.9.2008 18:19:00] Jaime B. Pabros says: coz that time our normal communication with ATC got cut off
[3.9.2008 18:19:05] Jaime B. Pabros says: or went dead
[3.9.2008 18:19:40] Jaime B. Pabros says: we were not haring anything from air traffic control and they cant her us either
[3.9.2008 18:19:40] Tatjana-Mihaela says: and did you feel any specific energie ..... energy field, or something like that?
[3.9.2008 18:20:15] Jaime B. Pabros says: well
[3.9.2008 18:20:26] Jaime B. Pabros says: to be honest with you
[3.9.2008 18:20:48] Jaime B. Pabros says: while i was watching outside the window
[3.9.2008 18:21:19] Jaime B. Pabros says: i felt something different and it feels like i was getting hypnotized
[3.9.2008 18:21:37] Jaime B. Pabros says: and my mind start to woder allover the place
[3.9.2008 18:22:02] Jaime B. Pabros says: thinking of wanting to go join them
[3.9.2008 18:22:34] Jaime B. Pabros says: and trying to figure out how can i get acroosed to them
[3.9.2008 18:22:49] Tatjana-Mihaela says: did you feel love...?
[3.9.2008 18:23:10] Jaime B. Pabros says: yes
[3.9.2008 18:23:13] Jaime B. Pabros says: do u know why
[3.9.2008 18:23:36] Jaime B. Pabros says: i felt that they were friendly and harmless
[3.9.2008 18:24:28] Jaime B. Pabros says: and i was willing to share whatever we or i have to them if we came to contact with them
[3.9.2008 18:24:36] Jaime B. Pabros says: meaning physically
[3.9.2008 18:25:34] Jaime B. Pabros says: yes sometimes i want to get to those places and probably the only way is thru them
[3.9.2008 18:25:43] Jaime B. Pabros says: in their ship
[3.9.2008 18:26:11] Jaime B. Pabros says: and theres no way we could have done it
[3.9.2008 18:27:00] Jaime B. Pabros says: im sure theres other beings in the universe and would love to experience it
[3.9.2008 18:27:12] Jaime B. Pabros says: like they would like to
[3.9.2008 18:27:48] Tatjana-Mihaela says: understand. They would not send love, if they were not friendly and harmless.... There is life everywhere, in all dimensions, in all universes. And we are all connected with that life.


I am sure that extraterrestrial are here visiting us.

Here I am presenting 2 persuasive videos from people who finally decided to witness the truth about extraterrestrial activities on Earth, and knowledge of our governments about that fact. I have chosen the most reliable people possible:

  • one is former Canadian Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer (bellow is his speech about that topic recorded in Washington last year)
  • The other video is recorded in 2001, when numerous ex high ranking officials including air traffic controllers, ex secret op. officers, commercial pilots, military defence specialists with top secret clearance, people who had access to very sensitive documents
    lieutenants, ex commanders in the u.s air-force, astronauts,etc... discussed what their experiences have been regarding u.f.o's.


Please watch the videos: it is time that we face the truth, that we accept that are not alone in this universe and that cannot behave chlidish as we did up till now.  Accepting the truth which our governments are hidding from us with good reasons,  could have much higher meaning for positive future of humanity that anyone of us can imagine.



Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer
Exposing the truth regards to UFO /
Unidentified Flying Objects & Extraterrestrial Life Recorded at the April 2008 X-Conference at the National Press Club, Washington D.C







Time to preserve our planet and choose peace and life



ME on February 13, 2020:

I hope you guys have a good day!

paul on February 12, 2020:

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babobwoa cantanouia on January 29, 2020:

ever heard of there is no such thing as aliens and there are no ufos there is no proof

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I don't think this is true even though there is a lot of information the marking look like somebody drew them with chalk.

The critic on August 30, 2016:

This source is not the best but it told me a lot of stuff I didn't know.

Johnny on May 03, 2016:

The images look fake,but the info is real

Chosen One on April 07, 2016:

Im a young student... I will do research on this topic

liv on January 08, 2016:

when was this created

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what website did you use for all this information?

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Someone on June 03, 2015:

Hi This Is Cool

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 15, 2010:

Thank you for the comment, Max - I am familiar with the work of David Icke, personally I think he is exaggerating in presenting our governments as aliens (altough they so often behave as they really are, but when we look into history of humanity, majority of people behaved and behave on very strange and twisted ways) but his wake up call is very welcome, because of many, many reasons... More then anything, I deeply agree with him that all of this leading families are very connected through blood relationship...or bussiness relationships that can be sometimes stronger then family ties.

Max2deMAXX from Somewhere on the World's Largest Island on December 15, 2010:

Hello Tatjana.

Great article. I wonder if you ever heard of David Icke.?

If not, you should check out WWW:DAVIDICKE.COM

It will definatelly give you a new perspective regarding alien life. Bit of a warning though, once you check it out and learn the truth, there is NO going back.

I recommend you at least read a book written by David Icke, called " THE CHILDREN OF THE MATRIX " I was always facinated by the possibilities of alien life and UFO's ever since I was a little boy, back in the 80's. I've read The Children of The Matrix in 2001. Since then I realized that we the people may never know what the truth is, regarding aliens.

As far as the aliens that come here in their ships, they propably don't want to make them selves know officially, because they have nothing to gain from it, or maybe they have they have been ordered by our leaders not to. Our Leaders and Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chiefs of Staff, and countless others ARE NOT who people think they are.

I think I'll leave it at that. The truth is out there, but a lot of it, is right in front of you like you say, but we look and yet can't see.

Maybe we really don't want to see, yet we say we do.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on October 11, 2010:

Thanks for visit and comment, Rafken.

rafken from The worlds my oyster on October 10, 2010:

To me, the artifacts are proof. However a sceptic could say that De Vinci drew pictures of stuff than did not yet exist, yet they do not consider him an alien. Good, interesting hub, thanks.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on August 28, 2010:

Well, Kephira, you cannot be more right - many people see extraterrestrials everywhere because influenced by movies, their own assumptions and imagination, or so often by drugs or alcohol.

I did not search neither write about such "proofs". Please check my article again.

Thank you very much for the visit and comment.

kephrira from Birmingham on August 28, 2010:

I met a man in the street who told me that I'm an alien once.

But then he also said that he was a magic shaman and then offered to share his drugs with me.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on July 31, 2010:

Whatever, you say, Shil, this Hub is only for people who believe in that possibility.

Everyone of use believe in the things one wants to believe in and sees as truth. Nobody cannot persuade the other person that reality is something else that this person sees, beliefs and have in mind at the certain moment.

So, whatever you see or believe in, for you this represent- your truth. Whatever I see and share with the others who see the same, for us exactly that represent our truth, no matter what others say about it.

Truth is on this planet very relative...

Thank you for visit and comment.

Shil1978 on July 31, 2010:

Nice hub, Tatjana! Personally, I don't think any of the examples are very persuasive. One can look at it and offer alternative explanations. However, aliens could have visited Earth in the past and can still be doing so in the present.

Whether proof exists for that is another question though. None of the proofs thus far have been convincing. This could be either due to the fact that, in present times, aliens have not visited us OR due to the fact that the aliens have technology light years advanced than us, which prevents us from seeing the evidence.

They may be right amongst us and we may not know - yeah I know a lot of people would be dismissive of this sort of thinking, but personally I wouldn't be as dismissive of the whole thing!!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on July 31, 2010:

Thanks Cutiva.

Cutiva on July 30, 2010: i think so too...

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on July 25, 2010:

Thanj you Xx.

XxMr.TripsxX from Columbus, Ohio on July 25, 2010:

Great hub. I recommend you watch the show ancient aliens.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on January 12, 2010:

Well, Tony, I am also very careful about ET topic. There are many people who belive they were "abused by aliens" while actually being on drugs or medications.

So I have chosen only the most reliable sources .

Thank you for the visit and comment.

Love and light.

Tony McGregor from South Africa on January 12, 2010:

Fascinating read! I have yet to be convinced though, I have to be honest. I think coincidences and other things can most likely explain most of the things here. But I am open to persuasion! I am not dogmatic about it.

Thanks for all the research and the interesting pix and videos. I will come back to the vids soon.

Love and [eace


Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on January 10, 2010:

I checked your link, someonewhoknows. Well, I completely agree with Billy. Thank you for providing this link, from all my heart.

Thank you for visit, wish you happy 2010.

SALVAONEGIANNAOLCOM from south and west of canada,north of ohio on January 09, 2010:

I was curious to see if any hubpages had been written about a certain individual by the name of "billy meir"and after doing a seach just a minute ago it appears not.

Am providing a link here for information on him if ,anyone is interested.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on January 06, 2010:

Thanks, Tutemaven for visit and comment. I just used "good old proves", some "new things" are not so realiable...

Wishing you happy 2010, and 2013, of course.

tutemaven from Syracuse NY on January 06, 2010:

Good job on the hub. Nothing new for me here but I enjoyed it just the same. Most people refuse to believe any of this but that is changing. I can't wait for 2013.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 26, 2009:

Thank you very much, AIDY, wishing you very Merry Christmas and New Year, much better then ever.

Am I dead, yet? on December 26, 2009:

Tatjana, this is fantastic! I am like you--in wishing that humanity focus on preserving life rather than at war with each other. Such a very researched hub, Tatjana. I can always depend on you to write fantastically on such topics.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 21, 2009:

Thank you Meltdown for your very interesting comment. I completely understand this "energy experience", when I was in London, I was bonded to Ancient Egyptian part of British museum, due to the great energy I felt there.

I am really glad that you were able to touch the skull, feel the energy in the skull and wittness that. Thank you very much.

Meltdown on December 20, 2009:

I've always believed in alien life. I think that if you think humans are the only "intelligent" life form then your just being ignorant (my opinion anyway). I remember once on vacation i was in a museum somewhere in Virginia and they had those large Egyptian skulls preserved in a show case and one of the guys had one on a cart about to bring it in with the others. He asked me if i wanted to gently touch it and at first i was hesitant (seeing it didn't look human at all) but i touched it. Next thing i knew i had both my hands fully on it. It was an experience i cant really explain and it was like a surge of dormant energy. I swear i heard this strange frequency as we were walking away from it. I didn't want to leave it either Dunno, maybe i bonded with a skull (lol)? Almost felt like it was trying to convey a message or something.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 17, 2009:

Thank you very much, CWB. Glad to see you here.

Granny's House from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time on December 17, 2009:

I beleive they are out there.My kids and husband think I'm nuts. One night ,when my son was younger I picked him up from work. We live in the country and its very dark at night. I looked up at the sky and said; Richard wouldn't it be cool if...he didn't let me finish he said don't you say it mom.

ColdWarBaby on December 16, 2009:

Thanks for so much effort on this Tatjana. I've always found this a fascinating subject. I'm reasonably sure we're not alone and that we have been and are under observation.

I'm downloading that long video as I type this. I'll watch it later.

Thanks again.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 15, 2009:

Thank you for such beautiful and inspiring comment, Kirsten.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 15, 2009:

Thank you Carolina.

kirstenblog from London UK on December 15, 2009:

I really liked this and rated it up. I think the idea that many if not all of our religions were inspired by highly advanced beings visiting earth and who were trying to influence our development is easier to believe then anything else :). I really don't see any point in all the galaxies out there if not to make homes for life across all of space, maybe with a larger purpose of a form of life being able to survive long enough to begin to really understand the nature of existence, like we are all the universe itself trying to become aware of itself and understand itself. Sorry to go off on a tangent but your hub inspired me :)

carolina muscle from Charlotte, North Carolina on December 15, 2009:

I enjoyed your post. Thanks.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 14, 2009:

Thank you very much, Siter, waiting for the results of your research!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 14, 2009:

Thank you Itech, glad to inspire you for research.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 14, 2009:

LOL, Craig.

BTW, you have so many knowledge, I would be very happy to see some your new articles (not necessarily parts of your book), what would be certainly good marketing for your book. Add few photos and voila! People who have a lot of experience need to share it...


sytor on December 14, 2009:

I remember reading a book when I was younger that offered many different explainations of the pharoes etc. This article reminds me of that so I will go in search of it as there was so much evedence of ET in it. Will let you know! Thanks for the great post!

Krishna from Dausa, India on December 14, 2009:

I will do research in this topic,


Craig Suits from Florida on December 14, 2009:


You know what they say about all work and no play...

Any person without good quality music in their life is not living life near what they should be. As a healer, you ought to know that. Take a look at my web site and go to the "Great Sounds" tab on the main menu. You'll see a picture of me when I was 16, (400 years ago) playing one of my first gigs. I can't tell you the fun, love, and sheer joy we all had back then over the years playing our guitars, singing, crying, dancing, and just plain having a ball all because of the great music of the times. The songs I sent you are amoung'st the best Christmas songs ever. Listen to them while you work if you must or I'll get on a plane, come over there, with my boom box, and play them under your window at 2 AM...

If I had the power to build a new Tatjana, I would see to it she loved great music and played it all the time. Other than that, I think I'd keep the old Tatjana just as she is for now...Well.......Maybe I'd make her....................................................................................... :-)

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 14, 2009:

Thanks, Hussains.

Hussains from Olympia, WA on December 13, 2009:

Great Hub. Lots of interesting information.Thanks for sharing it.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Thank you very much, Anjaly. Well, I needed 2 days for this Hub, altough I used the facts I already knew I was going to use.

So happy to see you here.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Cindy I agree: human arrogance (and fear) does not allow us to perceive the truth. Thank you.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Well, Hi-jinks your theory might be very correct. Thank you so much for your visit and comment.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Thank you very much, Dohn, we are definetely not alone.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Good question Patriciarose, what next?

Thank you for the visit and comment.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Thank you, GL, I am so glad to see you here.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Thank you, Petra, Erich von Daeniken certainly helped humanity to start to see history on completely different way.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Thank you so much, Kartika for your valuable comment and hope to see you again.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Hi, Craig, completely agree with you. You have given here so interesting info, especially about work of SETI... Thank you, from all my heart.

BTW, I daily receive more than 150 private e-mails plus many comments (I write on several places) plus my clients, plus my private life....So I still did not have time to check your music. You have enough of material for so many articles you can write...

Thank you....

anjalichugh from New York on December 13, 2009:

Hats off! Incredibly detailed report. I wonder how much time did you invest in doing the research and putting together all these amazingly wonderful facts. Your hubs are a treasure of information. Thx for sharing this.

Cindy Lawson from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 13, 2009:

Excellent stuff Tatjana, a favourite subject of mine as I firmly believe we are not alone and it would be arrogant to think we were!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Thank you Gracie LInda for the visit and comment.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Thank you, myownworld, honored with your visit and comment.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Dear UL, thank you for this great answer. I suppose that your Hubs are also channeled as well. Certainly we are deeply connected with ancient Egypt and this part of history holds the keys of our evolution.

Thank you for visit and comment.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Thank you very much, Nextofjupiter, certainly WE ARE and BEHAVE like little children in anybodies eyes. I deeply agree with every word in your comment. Thank you.

Hi-Jinks from Wisconsin on December 13, 2009:

Hi there,

These people are not the extraterrestials we think they are.

Think of them as our brothers and sisters that left here many many thousands of years ago. They come back but cannot stay. They lived too many generations ago to live successfully here on Earth. It is a sad story. Their home worlds destroyed by polution and wars. They exist in spaceships that are old. They shared their technology with us at times in a vain hope to return to live here. There might be a lesson for us here, but like our wandering visitors, we will never learn it until it is too...

dohn121 from Hudson Valley, New York on December 13, 2009:

I read, watched, and reflected on this entire hub. I've not ever seen these videos before and thank you for sharing this with me as this only proves just about everything I've ever researched. I hope that more and more people take notice of this hub, Tatjana-Mihaela. I really love this hub.

patriciarose7 on December 13, 2009:

OMG i just am in awe of all of! Does this ever make someone think....what's next?

Thank you for posting this hub as it is really interesting.

And the pictures are out of this world too!..( no pun intended

Hillary from Atlanta, GA on December 13, 2009:

Thanks Tatjana for all your research in posting this Hub. It has always been my belief that ET's exist. It never ceases to amaze me that so many intelligent people still have the hubris to think that earth, a mere spec in the vastness of the universe, is the only planet to harbor life.

Thanks also to Craig for sharing that important info about SETI

Petra Vlah from Los Angeles on December 13, 2009:

Great hub Tatyana

Erich Von Daeniken book "Rememberibg the future" was very popular in Romania in the early '70 and I was facinated about it.

kartika damon from Fairfield, Iowa on December 13, 2009:

HI Tatyana, I have long been convinced we are being visited by beings from other planets and that the governments worldwide know this and have proof. There is just too much solid information out there that proves it. Also, I have read John Mack and others whose books report the experiences of people who have had contact with these beings. But, I have never seen these pictures of the skulls of coneheads, and this is fascinating. I don't think these were created by forcing skulls to grown this way! I really want to learn more - the Egyptians obviously had technologies superior to ours - the Pyramids for example defy our laws of physics and could not have been build by slave labor alone!

Craig Suits from Florida on December 13, 2009:

Hi Tatjana...

I'm still watching the 2 hour video but I'll finish it by tonight. Once again, you've outdone yourself with this hub. This is a subject that comes up in my book repeatidly, not only because I'm personally interested in it, but because, as stated above, the future of humanity depends on how we react to these issues in our present and very near futures assuming we have a future.

Here's a bit of personal info you might consider as one of the reasons why our governments keep their information to themselves.

For years, I worked for SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligents) by using my computer to help SETI analyze fresh data from their fixed antenna in Arizebo, Porto Rico to the tune of 44 thousand continuous hours of analysis.

During that time I got to know a lot about SETI and what particulary impressed me was the unbelievable throughness of their scientists. These guys didn't miss a trick.

I learned that they have a massive contingency plan in place in the event one of us actually received proof of life from another world right down to little villages, everywhere around the globe. They knew, and still do that in the event extraterrestrial life was discovered, which would become public knowledge by their desire, all hell would break loose globaly as a result of our religious beliefs telling us for millennia that we are the center of the universe and no other life forms exist anywhere.

Think about this for a while. You and I don't believe that claptrap but the majority of all the Catholics (as an example) in the world do. In the light of discovered extraterrestrial life, the worlds major religions would indeed collapse into a total state of caos and along with all the believers on earth. It would be a disaster of monumental proportions.

As much as I'd love to see the global religious organizations disbanded wordwide, There is no way in hell I would suggest this to happen overnight. I'm no SETI scientist for sure but knowledge of global caos such as this may just be one of the reasons why our governments keep their UFO information to themselves. I certainly would knowing what I know about the global religious caos that would ensue after learning that for thousands of years, our religious beliefs have been all wrong.

The vast bulk of the people of this world are uneducated, believers that fall down to their knees and pray every time a lighning bolt comes too close. Think about it.

I believe we were visited by ET's way back when. The global simalarities are undenighable. Also, there are explanations in respects to your above glyphs and cone heads such as cultures that through constant pressure, formed the growing heads of their babies to get a more extended skull.

Unfortunatly, solid proof about any of this eludes most of us but circumstancial proof in bulk usually ads up to solid proof before long.

Great Hub Tatjna. I have a theory involving present day, and past positive and negative actions in respect to tomorrows outcome I'd like to discuss with you some time down the road. It's very interesting and a bit scarey.

I JUST FIGURED IT OUT! Your one of them...That would explain a lot about your intellect and subject diversity...

Hey! were you able to play those two songs I emailed you? I didn't think. You may be using a laptop. Most of which have lousey sound systems if any. let me know and I'll send you a super sound system that'll blow your socks off. I got a couple new ones I'm not using that will make your computer sound as good as a super stereo system...

Stay cool...

GracieLinda on December 13, 2009:

Awesome hub. What you said about fear is true. Most people are fearful. They believe the movies and TV shows. Thanks for such wonderful information.

myownworld from uk on December 13, 2009:

this was fascinating....and the pics too leave you in wonder! (that ancient rock painting video was amazing!)...keep posting..!

Linda Joslin from UNIVERSE on December 13, 2009:

Great hub, I had a personal interest in finding out whether we had absolute proof here on earth about off planet beings and went on a trip to Egypt to find out. Because I have channelled two books from higher beings and continue channelling current question and answer sessions, my interest was very personal although these higher beings have evolved to the stage where I believe they do not have such physical bodies. I had always felt that the characters in the Egyptian history were from a race of off planet beings and found this to be true after searching the museum of Cairo for a statue of Akenaton that did not have the hat on! This I found and statues of one of his children on his lap without the hat but with the elongated head. It had to be Akenaton because he was the one who hated the pomp and false ceremony and during his reign changed all of this so he was happy to be without his hat!

Your hub Im sure will help people to realise some of what has been hidden from main line thought but the clues are always there.



nextstopjupiter from here, there and everywhere on December 13, 2009:

You make the point: The ETs don't want to contact us because of our childish behaviour! We have not learned to accept each other on our spaceship Earth, how can we accept more advanced cultures from the outside?

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 13, 2009:

Dear Jimm, if I would see now spaceship suddenly landing in my neibhourhood with some ET´s wawing hello, I would probably be scared to death... as well as majority of people. Maybe that is reason why. After so many stories about alien abductions, scary movies and books, and with paranoic military fighting weapons...maybe their sudden appearance would not be best decision, don`t you think?

Thanks for the visit and comment.

jimmurdoch on December 13, 2009:

Wow Tatjana. You did it again! Now I'm beginning to think you are talking to ETs. Very good Hub. You are right, we don't want to believe in conspiracy theories but you hear such people talking we must sit up and listen. My question is, why don't the ETs simply just show themselves in a way no one can deny?

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 12, 2009:

Thank you so much, Bbduyono.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 12, 2009:

Well, Mary, I warmly recommend you to watch video with former Canadian Ministry of defence, HE MADE ME shocked, altough I heard all these things before, but somehow did not want to accept "conspiracy theories". We see the proof all the time in the front of our eyes, but do not want to accept the REASON why is that so important to talk about.

Thank you so much for the visit and comment, love and peace.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 12, 2009:

I have read Erich von Daeniken when I was child (not more then 2 books, (was very courious child) and certainly they made me think. He was very brave man to investigate such "strange topic"

Thank you Cindy for visit and comment.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 12, 2009:

Thank you so much, HPR. I am honored by your visit and nice comment.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 12, 2009:

Thank you very much, Tom. I mendtioned proofs that will nobody could deny. In one of my next Hubs, will be more...

Thanks for visit and comment.

Bbudoyono on December 12, 2009:

Extraordinary. Very impressive!

VioletSun from Oregon/ Name: Marie on December 12, 2009:

Its amazing how long the ET's have been around, since the beginning of time, and yet with all the proof, most of mankind still denies their existence. I am wondering if we are too warlike for the ET's to make themselves more fully active with our planet.

Your hub had me reading with eyed wonder, LOL. Very well done hub, as usual!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on December 12, 2009:

Thank you very much, Tom. Actually we all know the truth, but is good to be reminded. I am glad you liked it. Very happy to see you here.

Cindy Vine from Cape Town on December 12, 2009:

Great article Tatijana. Have you ever read any of Eric von Dainiken's books? Some of what he said was true has been proved to be a fraud, but there's a lot there that was never disproved.

H P Roychoudhury from Guwahati, India on December 12, 2009:

Your hubs always carry information in the quest of something new. I highly appreciate this too. There are many things here full of logic and ideas to know the universe. We know since long time, here and there that extraterrestrial bodies are visiting the Earth very often. But till to the date we are in the dark. It is a question – is it that “our ideas of superiority of human race would fall apart”. Thanks for a great hub.

Tom rubenoff from United States on December 12, 2009:

There is a lot of evidence that Earth has been visited by beings from elsewhere. Much of the evidence you put here I have read before, but some was news to me! And relating that conversation with the pilot was very special. Thank you for writing such a thoughtfully prepared article.

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