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Best Children's Books, Videos, & Worksheets on Maine for Teachers and Students

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I am a Christian. I was an 8th-grade American History teacher. I am currently a freelance writer, public speaker, & homeschooling mom of 9.

Portland Head Light Station, Cape Elizabeth

Portland Head Light Station, Cape Elizabeth

Are you looking for fun worksheets and lapbook pages, children's books, and YouTube video clips for teaching and/or learning about Maine? Whether you're a school teacher, homeschooling parent, involved parent, librarian, lifelong learner, or a student searching for ideas and books on Maine, look no further! This is part of a series of pages I created while teaching about the fifty states. You can find the links for my pages for each of the 50 states at Teaching the 50 States of America .

An Eastern Moose

An Eastern Moose

What Makes Maine Special: Moose

Moose are a common site in the wilds of Maine with a population of about 25,000 moose throughout the state. Moose are Maine’s state animal, and one appears on the state seal. If you are hoping to spot a moose, try to go during late spring to mid-summer. A few of the best spots to view them include Jackman, Moosehead Lake Region, Millinocket, and Baxter State Park.

West Quoddy Head Light, Lubec, Maine;

West Quoddy Head Light, Lubec, Maine;

What Makes Maine Special: Lighthouses

Maine is known for its many lighthouses along its rugged coastline. Currently there are 57 active lighthouses throughout the state. The oldest lighthouse in Maine is the Portland Head Light. It was first lit in 1791. The West Quoddy Head Light, which is pictured on the right, is located on the easternmost point of the continental U.S.

Highlights Showing Lighthouses in Maine

Maine Blueberries

Maine Blueberries

What Makes Maine Special: Blueberries

With over 60,000 acres of wild blueberries growing naturally along the coast and southwest section, Maine is the nation's leading producer of blueberries. The Native Americans of Maine have been eating the wild blueberries for hundreds of years. It was not until the mid-nineteenth century that settlers began cultivating the wild blueberries for commercial purposes.

Steamed lobster

Steamed lobster

What Makes Maine Special: Lobsters

Each year about 23 million pounds of lobsters are harvested off the coast of Maine. The Maine lobster, homarus americanus, is known for its pair of large, meat-filled claws. They are typically found in higher-end restaurants across that country. America's other variety of lobster, homarus gammarus, does not have the large claws and only has edible meat in the tail.

Going Lobstering in Maine

A Humpback breaching

A Humpback breaching

What Makes Maine Special: Whale Watching

Whale watching is a favorite activity for tourists visiting Maine. The North Atlantic Right Whale, Fin Whale, Northern Humpback Whale, and Minke Whale can all be sighted off the coast. The best time to go whale watching is mid-spring through October.

Whale Watching in Maine

Maine's State Flag

Maine's State Flag

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Maine's State Flag

Maine's state flag is blue, in honor of the blue on the American flag. The seal on the flag includes a moose and a pine tree. On the sides of the seal stand a farmer and a seaman, both of whom represent the traditional state occupations of agriculture and sea life. The North Star above the seal represents the state motto, "I lead."

Maine State Quarter

Maine State Quarter

Maine's State Quarter

Maine's state quarter features the historic Pemaquid Point Lighthouse (built in 1827) and the schooner Victory Chimes, which is the last surviving Chesapeake Ram schooner. It has a homeport in Rockland, Maine.

Our Favorite Picture Books on Maine

  • One Morning in Maine (Picture Puffins) by Robert McCloskey is a classic story book and includes playing on a rocky shore, digging for clams, taking a boat ride to get ice cream, and more! Also look for "Time of Wonder" by the same author!
  • Maine's Sights and Symbols (Kid's Guide to Drawing America) by Jenny Deinard - We loved this series that combines state geography with art. Each page contains something about the state (a state artist, the state flag, bird, tree, capitol building, areas of interest, and animals.) A photograph will be included along with a brief explanation about that item. Then the page opposite of that includes step by step directions on how to draw that symbol or site. Even my 6 year old is able to follow the drawing directions, and I've been amazed at how well my 9 year old has been drawing each of the state flags as he follows the instructions in the book. Under the Maine Worksheets Pages section, I posted a picture of some of the drawings one of my sons made while using the directions in this book.
  • Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney is the story of a woman who wanted to make an impact on the world, so she planted lupines along the coast of Maine. This story is based on a real woman named Miss Rumphius, also known as the Lupine Lady, who really did spread lupine seeds everywhere she went. This book won an American Book Award and a Caldecott medal.
  • Island Boy by Barbara Cooney is about a boy who grew up on Tibbetts Island in Maine, traveled the world, and then realized how much he missed Maine. The illustrations do a wonderful job of portraying the mid-coast Maine region and include some Maine history related to sea life.
  • Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie (On My Own History) by Connie Roop is the true story about a girl who must operate the lighthouse by herself on one stormy night in Maine. Also look for "The Stormy Adventure of Abbie Burgess, Lighthouse Keeper" by Peter Roop and "Abbie Against the Storm" by Marcia K. Vaughan about the same person.
  • The Train to Maine by Jamie Spencer is a much lighter book than the above two books by Barbara Cooney. It is a rhyming book describing a train ride from Boston up to Maine. It includes all the landmarks they pass and also includes Maine activities and foods.
  • The Ice Harbor Mittens by Robin Hansen is about a boy who wants a particular type of mittens but only receives the traditional type. The traditional mittens come in handy when they get lost at sea in a thick fog. The illustrations portray coastal Maine nicely.
  • I Met a Moose in Maine One Day by Ed Shankman is a fun picture book with simple rhymes perfect for preschoolers and early elementary aged children. It is about a boy and a moose who travel through the state visiting places including Penobscot River, Camden, Portland, and more.
  • Blueberries For Sal by Robert McCloskey is a classic picture book about a young girl who picks wild blueberries with her mother and gets mixed up with a mother bear and her cub. It's cute and perfect it you have a preschooler or younger elementary school child. We also enjoyed Maine Marmalade by Ethel Pochocki, which is a cute book on a boy who makes marmalade from the variety of wild berries he finds.
  • Going Lobstering by Jerry Pallotta is a great picture book about two children who join a man as he captures lobsters. It covers all the vocabulary a child would need to know about lobstering. Lobster's Secret - a Smithsonian Oceanic Collection Book by Kathleen M. Hollenbeck provides details about the daily evening of a typical lobster. It has a nice balance between factual information about lobsters and a storyline about an actual lobster, and it has beautiful life-like illustrations. Lobsters on the Loose by Jennifer Ginn is a fun, silly book on lobsters who are set free from a grocery store tank and try to make their way back to the sea. Lobsterman by Dahlov Ipcar is a beautifully illustrated picture book that follows a boy and his father as they prepare to catch lobsters in Maine.

The Best Board Books for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Count to Sleep Maine (Count to Sleep series) Board book by Adam Gamble uses numbers 1 to 10 to go through the landscape, beaches, villages, mountains, and more that make Maine unique. It has delightful illustrations that are perfect for the youngest of listeners.

Little Maine (Little State) Board book by Jeannie Brett uses rhymes and riddles to go through the state symbols of Maine (state flower, bird, animal, flower, tree, etc.).

Ipcar's Maine Alphabet Board book by Dahlov Ipcar uses short, rhyming phrases to go through the alphabet. Each page includes a beautiful illustration of the wildlife and landscape of Maine.

Hello Maine! Board book by Martha Zschock has beautiful illustrations and goes through some of the places and activities that make Maine special: lighthouses, tidal pools, moose, digging for clams, etc.

Counting Our Way to Maine by Maggie Smith is a fun counting picture book (not board book) that goes from numbers 1 to 20 as various items are packed for a trip the Maine's seacoast. It has a number of silly illustrations and includes some Maine type items (blueberries, seaweed, etc.)

Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy by Gary D. Schmidt (224 pages) is about a boy who is an outcast befriending a girl of a different race and watches as her community is destroyed for the sake of business. The story itself is based on real events that took place on Malaga Island, Maine in the early 1900s. This book won a Newbery Honor Award.

Calico Bush by Rachel Field (224 pages) takes place in colonial Maine and tells the story of 13 year old French immigrant girl who becomes a servant to a farming family in coastal Maine. This book won a Newbery Honor Award.

The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare (144 pages) is about a 13 year old boy who is left alone to protect his family's homestead in Maine. He is stung by bees and is helped by Penobscot Native Americans. In return he is asked to teach them to read -- and he learns to overcome prejudice. This book won a Newbery Honor Award.

One of the pages from my son's notebook on Maine

One of the pages from my son's notebook on Maine

Dramatizing whaling, which was one of the many activities we did while studying Maine and the New England states

Dramatizing whaling, which was one of the many activities we did while studying Maine and the New England states

All About Maine provides great links to printable worksheets, book suggestions, and activity ideas about Maine.

Maine Unit Study offers many helpful links and activity ideas about Maine.

Maine for Teachers includes wonderful printable worksheets, activity ideas, and book suggestions.

Lapbook for "Time of Wonder" offers free lapbook pages and activity ideas for "Time of Wonder" by Robert McCloskey, which is a classic children's book that takes place in Maine.

Lapbook for "Miss Rumphius" includes free lapbook pages and activity ideas for "Miss Rumphius" by Barbara Cooney, which takes place in Maine.

To see the activities we did when studying Maine and the other New England states, go to New England States Lesson.

Where is Augusta, the capital of Maine?

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