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Lewis & Clark Expedition

Pamela has been homeschooling her 3 children for 20 years and enjoys sharing information she and her family have learned!

Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark

Lesson Plans & Unit Materials for Teaching about Lewis and Clark

The Lewis & Clark Expedition ~ how exciting! Doesn't it send tickles down your spine? A journey on the way across a broad new land! Who knows what they will see, who they will meet, what dangers await, which obstacles they may come across?

The men and woman of the Corps of Discovery sure were brave heading into the totally unknown! Would you have wanted to join them? Part of me is saying, "Yes ~ totally!", the other part of me saying, "No way!" I'm too spoiled in our century ~ I'd want my favorite restaurant chains to eat at instead of 'unknown animal burgers' and 'fresh berries of the day'. It would be nice to find a clean restroom on the way also, not to mention to be able to give birth in a clean safe environment instead of the wilderness like the incredible Sacagawea!

Well ~ we are lucky. We have the chance to relive the events of their adventures through videos, pictures, books, journals, lessons, and interactive online tours.

Over all my years of teaching (uhm, does that make me sound old? LOL), I have collected numerous materials for study. I have some saved in computer files, some in word processing documents, some links under 'favorites', some on bookshelves and filecabinet, and others printed out and stored in binders. I decided this year to attempt to list various teaching materials that I have gathered according to subject in lenses in order to find them easier. I have used some of the resources below, and others I have not, but found them to look interesting. I don't mean for it to look overwhelming. Take a glance around, and choose what works best for you and your students. I hope my attempts at organization will be useful to others, too.

The New Nation at the Turn of the Century - Leading up to the Expedition!

Napoleon: The French Leader



Thomas Jefferson: The American Leader

  • Jefferson & the New Republic
    Several Power Point Presentations on Creating a New Government and The Era of Good Feeling, Teacher & Kids Links
  • Thomas Jefferson
    An online exhibition about President Jefferson from the Library of Congress
  • Thomas Jefferson: A Revolutionary World
    Writer of the Declaration of Independence, Influences Around the World
  • Thomas Jefferson & The West
    Jefferson's interest in the west, Acquisition of the Louisiana Territory, Concerns about Native Americans and Slavery
  • Thomas Jefferson
    Enchanted Learning - Biography, fill in the blank, printout quiz, timeline, nickel page, Mt. Rushmore
  • Thomas Jefferson
    Mini-Books & President Resources from Homeschool Share
  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson Information from Liberty's Kids
  • Jefferson on the Nickel
    *Lapbook / Notebook Idea* For my elementary student I printed out the US Nickel page with Jefferson, and a few of the addition and subtraction with nickels pages which may be folded to make into mini books. - We also made a matching card game with "M
  • Thomas Jefferson
    Who was he? Chronology, Administration, Foreign, Domestic, & Events of his Presidency.

Games & Toys

Map of the U.S. in 1803, Showing the Louisiana Purchase

Portrait of Explorer William Clark

  • *Lewis & Clark Lapbook Unit*
    Lapbook to Download ~ Pictures, Mini Fact Books & Pocket, Sacagawea, Notebooking Pages for Clark, Lewis, & Sacagawea, Botany, Geography, and Links to some cool things like a Lewis & Clark Bingo Game, Coloring Page, Online Quiz, Crafts, An
  • Lewis and Clark and Me
    Homeschool Share Lapbook ~ These materials are based around a story of Lewis' equally famous dog, Seaman! In this fictionalized narrative by Seaman, go back to 1803 to travel to the Pacific Ocean with Lewis and Clark! Excerpts of real journals have b
  • Lewis & Clark Lapbook
    Pictures and resources of a very nice lapbook.
  • Lewis & Clark Lesson Ideas & Materials
    From Guest Hollow (Our Los Banos) ~ links to online book chapters, Route Maps, Timeline ~ *Lapbook / Notebook* ~ "Who were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and what did they do?" Map, questions, and notebook pages, Lewis & Clark and Jefferson P
  • Lewis & Clark: American Explorers
    Enchanted Learning also has short to the point information and fun reinforcement activities! We like to make mini books for our lapbook out of their pages. For Lewis & Clark they have: a summary, 3 map activities for their journey, and a cloze qu
  • Lewis & Clark Expedition
    *Lapbook* ~ we like to shrink these to ½ or ¼ size to put into out lapbooks ~ contains information, comprehension questions, spelling practice, crossword and word search puzzles.
  • Adorable Clipart
    From artist Mr. Phillip Martin ~ all clipart on this lens are his designs! Meriwether Lewis, Co-Leader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by Charles Willson Peale
Lewis & Clark Trail

Lewis & Clark Trail

Diary Kept by William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, c.1804-1806

  • Lewis & Clark
    There are four major sections in this interactive journey with Lewis & Clark. Explorers. Begin by making a 'specimen box', packing for the trip, and preparing to be a reporter in the early 1800's. 1 ~ The first station is at Monticello, Virginia

More knowledge through reading!

Missouri Breaks Backcountry of the Missouri River, 1st Described by Lewis & Clark

Read more about this female leader!

Great Research and Information!

  • *Discovering Lewis & Clark*
    Main site of the following areas - good stuff!
  • Overview
    Lewis & Clark from the Air - view map and pictures of their journey! A Western Adventure - A National Epic by Harry Fritz - a step by step tale of the expedition. Day by Day with Lewis & Clark - Listen to their story with Radio Broadcasts tha
  • The Expedition
    Very well explained and detailed maps and notes of the trip - Journal Excerpts
  • American Nation
    Deserts, Flag, Connections, Other Expeditions, Louisiana Purchase, Mackenzie, Jefferson, Peace Medals, Fur Trade
  • The Corps
    Lewis, Clark, Speech, Portraits, Enlisted Men, Journals, Sacagawea, Squads, Anniversaries, Military Profile, Music, Pay Scale, Orders, Uniforms, Hunters & Hunting, and much more!
  • Geography
    Explorer's Map, Beaverhead Rock, Mapping the Unknown, River Length, Mountain Ranges, Northern Lights, Road Hazards, Various Trails
  • Issues & Values
    Bison, Black Gold, Nature, Bears, Tobacco, Trail of Tears, War Monuments, Literature, Etc.
  • Native Nations
    Bear Claw Necklace, Nebraska, Nez Pierce, Fort Mandan Winter, Dogs, Games, Lodge, Salish, Osage, Passing the Hat, Trail of Tears
  • Natural History
    Birds, Dinosaurs, Fish, Mammals, Reptiles, Northern Lights, Paleontology, Plants,
  • Technology
    Air Guns, Caches, Camera Obscura, Candle Making & Lantern, Coopers, Celestial Navigation, Chronometer, Dugout Canoe, Fish Weirs, Keelboat - Barge, Guns, Illustrations, Branding Iron, Rifle, Power Keg, Route Survey, Shoshone Comparison, Steelyard,
  • Lewis & Clark
    Find many links to great Lewis & Clark sites for research and learning!
  • Follow in the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark
    Articles, Information, and PDF downloads of: The 2 Rivers of Lewis & Clark, About the Expedition, Rivers, Forests, and Prairies, Wilderness Notebooks, Special Places in Lewis & Clark Country, Spectacular Fishing Spots, Adventures Along the Tr
  • Explorers of the Pacific Northwest Education Resource Guide
    148 PAGE free PDF download containing lesson plans, activities, worksheets, poems & songs, history, maps, everything for an excellent unit. :) Some of these pages may be used in your *notebook or lapbook*.
  • Lewis & Clark Curriculum Guide
    Great site with very useful information: Louisiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark: Researchers, Images of the West Before Lewis & Clark, The American West Today, and more lessons.
  • Lewis & Clark
    Lesson plans, resources for teachers, kid friendly links to games and activities, power point presentations, and more from Mr. Donn.
  • Lewis & Clark Materials
    Several kid friendly materials for them to explore - a webquest with followup activity suggestions.
  • Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery
    Created by Ken Burns and PBS ~ Sections of the site are: ~ Read a journal of one the explorers (You choose who and when in the search area.) ~ Inside the Corps ~ Native Americans ~ The Archive ~ Unto the Unknown ~ Interactive Trail Map! (Really cool
  • Lewis & Clark Unit
    From Easy Fun School Lesson Plans
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Inspiration from Matthew 28:19 - 20

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

More Webquests! - Internet Research!

  • The Famous Expedition
    Info page about Lewis & Clark for kids ~ Links to other pages.
  • Discover the Big Sky with Lewis & Clark
    Events, For Fun, General Info, Maps, People of the Party, Plants, Animals, Landmarks - Adorable kid drawn pictures. This would be good for younger elementary.
  • The End of the Trail
    Lewis & Clark Expedition ~ Journal Entries, Fort Clapsop, Native Americans (Food, Shelter, Families), Members of the Expedition, Hunting, and Links

Video Learning

Thank you to Mr. Phillip Martin for his creative artwork!


Map of the Lewis and Clark Route across Louisiana Territory, c.1804-1806

© 2009 JoyfulPamela2

Enjoy your expedition of learning!

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JoyfulPamela2 (author) from Pennsylvania, USA on October 10, 2012:

@shellys-space: It is a fun subject to study!

JoyfulPamela2 (author) from Pennsylvania, USA on October 10, 2012:

@shellys-space: It is a fun subject to study!

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Nice lens on the Lewis and Clark expedition. After having lived in some of that area (Montana), I can visualize the rough, but beautiful country they had to travel through! An interesting side question would be, "what if a competing team was trying to beat Lewis and Clark to the Pacific?" -- the movie "Almost Heroes"--starring Matthew Perry and Chris Farley--is a humorous look at what this "race" might have been. I've liked, favorited, thumbs-upped, and lensrolled this nifty lens! Congrats on a great job!

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