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In Pursuit of My Dream

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Please excuse my sentence structuring, it is not the best but I try, I have been chasing this dream of making money online for a while!

Going Down this Rabbit Hole

You know, in chasing this dream of mine, I've learned a lot but also came into contact with ALOT of scams. That is to be expected when dealing with the WORLD. But I am not letting that stop me and will continue to pursue my dream! But I am doing this on my own with no help, I do a lot of research, read a lot of articles and also watch classes on Udemy. I live my life frugally so most of the classes I watch are free. As well as, I tried to watch YouTube gurus claiming they want to help people.

Lessons having learned

I've learned, that folks on YouTube are either all talk and/or teach you the absolute basics. They don't add in the things you need to succeed. So they are load of bull*hit. Reading different articles has actually taught me quite a few things. I already knew about monetization and having Google run ads on you webpage or blog or whatever it may be.

Night Owl

I watch video courses every day and that often leads into the night. I don't mind because I am a night owl by nature and found that I work best at night. When I first started really chasing my dreams I would stay awake for two days and sleep six hours and then do it again. Let me tell you, that was taking a wear on me, bad! I have now quit that and trying to get back to a "normal" schedule.

Reseaching Leads to More..

Also researching the topic, learned that there are many "avenues" to go down. Or there are many ways to profit from this dream of mine and I plan to take them all. For the first three weeks I learned about a new one every time I started researching. I then started researching that and found more. Point is, I never got through doing the research that needed to be done on a certain topic. Because of this, I never got anything really accomplished.


I did join a program which taught me how to build a website using wordpress. To this day, I am still a member of that platform because of the community inside and always learning new things. They are a little pricey and I also learned that with this, you have to have patience! But I also went to a freelancer platform and hired someone to build me a website. I had them connect it to my Amazon affiliate tag. That was anything a customer deceides to buy will also give me a little profite also.


Gurus on YouTube make it sound so easy but I have to remember that if it is that easy then everyone would be doing it. Well it isn't so easy. But with the platform I joined they help so much, without question, I highly recommend them. But there is one thing that no-one likes to tell you but are kind of a required need to succeed.

What No-one Tells You

That one thing is, is traffic. Without traffic your website is useless. Its like brushing your teeth without toothpaste. It might make you feel good and that great but it doesn't make you profit. Now if your in this only to help people and provide information about something to someone. Then great, you succeeded! This platform has taught me though, you need to not only be doing this for money but to help people.

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Here Comes Homelessness... Again

Helping people is cool and all but I still have bills to pay. So of course I am in this to make money but helping people is now more in my mind than anything. Come January and I am going homeless, well my home is going to be my vehicle in parking lots... again. And I am ok with that, as long as I am chasing my dream.


Certain people think I am crazy for doing this and I am fine with that. I am chasing my dream which honestly I have heard way to many people say they stopped chasing their dreams. Why? Because they got comfortable and I've learned that comfort kills dreams. I am, more or less, choosing the homeless situation to be uncomfy. To hopefully make me work harder at attaining my goals and achieving my dream.


I currently have two websites created and able to be viewed. I am also writing articles, like such, which is making me cents. But I learned that patience HAS to be had in this industry of working on the world wide internet. With all that being said, I am going to bring this to a closing. Thanks for reading and I'll chat with you in my next article!

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